Take Control Of Your Health With Herbalife

We’ve reached a time where busyness is praised. The more packed full a schedule is, the better. The problem with this is that we lose time for things like caring for basic needs. Health and wellness is not an area that we can afford to ignore, and Herbalife is a company that makes it easy to get healthy and stays healthy. They have products for healthy hair and skin, healthy weight, and energy and fitness. They even have specialized nutritional products for things like aging, heart health, immune health, and their bundle of core products.


Before we get into the specifics of the products, let’s look at what other people have to say. Herbalife products are constantly getting good reviews. Here is one from the Vanilla Protein Drink Mix: “I’ve tried many other brands and flavors of protein powder. This is by far my favorite”. Another reviewer discussing the Cell Activator supplement wrote: “I’ve been using for 2 months and have lost 10lbs. I have no stomach problems or issues using this product.”

Now, why use Herbalife? What are these products for? The core products are made up of the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, and the Cell Activator. These three products are meant to be used together to jump start fitness goals. Then, based on specific health and nutrition needs the other specialized products are meant to be added on. For example, if you need stress management help the Relax Now or Sleep Now supplements can be added. If you need digestive help there are eight more products to chose from, or if you need heart support you’ve got six more options.


In case watching what you put in your body is of concern, there’s no need to worry. Each product is made with quality ingredients that are included for a purpose. In many of their products, you’ll find antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, and probiotics. If you are ready to take care of your health, Herbalife is it!





Drew Madden A Leader In Medical Recording And More

There are many areas in today’s healthcare system that could use improving. Drew Madden has been using his technology skills and training to enhance the medical field. Educated at the University of Iowa, Drew Madden received his BSE in Industrial Engineering. Previously he has been employed at Nordic Consulting and Ingenix.

One area that needs to be addressed is the end of life care. It is a difficult subject, but it can be approached with education and understanding. Often family members are left to make choices, but there are programs in the works that help people set up their wishes ahead of time. The areas it will address are advance directives. Advance directives spell out a patient’s wishes concerning life-extending medical treatments such as resuscitation and feeding tubes.

Doctors perform life-saving treatments, but sometimes these treatments extend the life but take away the quality of living. The system and Medicare are looking at ways to improve the process. Some of the companies working on this task are Grace and Everplans.

Finances are always a concern. Caregivers are now required to show proof of hours worked before they get paid for them in the state of Texas. Healthcare is provided in the home for many patients, and traveling caregivers are needed. The system tracks their location, tasks completed, and time spent at each site. It should eliminate any fraud or overpayment if a person is late or needs to leave early.

The system used to monitor the caregivers is called Electronic Visit Verification or EVV. All 50 states will most likely incorporate a tracking and payment system into their medical business models. Some of the companies developing the monitoring devices and tools are CareWatch and MyGeoTracking.

Copays are a topic that frustrations doctors, pharmacists, and patients. The copay system is all over the map. What is covered and what is not is often a mystery. Technology is trying to make it so that a doctor can look up a patient’s copay while the patient is still at the office. Refer to This Article for related information.

Drew Madden has focused his passions on the medical field and notably medical recording using technology. He has spent decades developing and perfecting systems and tools to keep progressing the healthcare systems.


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The History of Dr. Shinto

Richard A. Shinto is a well-accomplished man. Better known as Rick Shinto M.D., Dr. Shinto is the current President and CEO of InnovaCare Inc. He’s also the CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans subsidiary in Puerto Rico. He earned this title after making InnovaCare Puerto Rico’s number one provider of healthcare management.


While serving as CEO of InnovaCare Health, he’s also serving as CEO of MMM Healthcare Inc. He has several degrees; one being his medical degree, which he earned from the State University of New York. He also has a Bachelor’s in Sciences and an M.B.A.


Like all medical professionals, Dr. Shinto worked at numerous companies before finally settling at one; or in his case, two. Dr. Shinto’s career began in the early 90s, where he worked at Pulmonary and Internal Medicine. To this day, he’s a practicing pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. He also maintains medical tenure in California.


Eventually, Dr. Shinto set his sights of running companies rather than just working at them. In 1996, he became Corporate VP of Medical Management for MedPartners. He then began serving Chief Medical Officer for a number of companies, including Cal Optima Health Plan and NAMM.


Along with his great accomplishment in Puerto Rico, Dr. Shinto also proved himself to be a brilliant business strategist. In 2004, he acquired MMC Healthcare 27,000 beneficiaries and $166 million revenue. He did this by acquiring First Medical Health Plan’s advantage contracts for the InnovaCare subsidiary. Go Here for additional information.


Unlike other CEOs, Dr. Shinto strategic moves were for the benefit of the company. It wasn’t about making more money or getting his name in the papers. It was about growing the company and expanding the company’s influence.


As mentioned before, Dr. Shinto works at InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare is the leader of healthcare management revision. For years, the healthcare environment has gotten more complicated. Now, with so much focus on healthcare and managed care, companies like InnovaCare are more important than ever. That’s why people like Dr. Shinto are answering the call to action.


Along with Dr. Shinto, InnovaCare believes in putting patients first. When working in the healthcare industry, the patients’ overall health is the most important agenda. That’s why InnovaCare places so much focus on building stronger patient-provider relationships. Using relationships, InnovaCare staff and physician can provide quality medical care.


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