Drew Madden And Thoughts For 2018’s Healthcare IT

The field of healthcare has always been innovative, as new developments by physicians, researchers, and other medical professionals have paved the way to higher qualities of living, longer lifespans, and more accurate diagnoses.


Technology has effectively increased innovation in the field of healthcare by leaps and bounds and is expected to continue doing such in coming years. Here’s just a few things expected of technology in 2018 and onwards.


Increased User Empowerment Through Digital Connectivity


Telemedicine has existed for two-odd decades, although it hasn’t become commonplace until recent years. Through smartphones, tablets, and laptops, many people now receive treatment for their health problems through such devices.


As mobile technological devices become more readily available, it’s inevitable that more people will get help through the power of telemedicine. The costs of such treatment have decreased exponentially over the years, as well, and are likely to continue doing such.


Healthcare Is Continually Being Changed By The IoT


The IoT, or Internet of things, refers to all mobile devices, computers, and anything else that can connect to the Internet and how they work together towards a singular cause.


Healthcare professionals are increasingly using wearable devices and other technological devices that are easy to carry around to keep up with meaningful data and other patient-related information that would otherwise take a long time to formally record. Everybody involved with the field of healthcare knows just how pesky filling out such paperwork is, and the Internet of things isn’t doing anything but helping out this cause. Read This Article for more information.


Digital Barriers Are Likely To Strengthen Up


Cybercrime is more popular today than ever before, especially in the world of healthcare. Some physicians’ offices and hospitals are certain to avoid ramping up cybersecurity protection, although most entities involved in healthcare will do exactly this.


Criminals’ attacks on healthcare facilities through the Internet are occurring more frequently than ever before, prompting the industry to guard against such a trend.


Drew Madden is a healthcare IT professional that works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners and has been with the company since 2016. Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


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Drew Madden And Healthcare IT

Doctors, nurses, and medical assistants typically use several technological devices in their respective lines of work, each and every day. Without technology, taking temperature would be more difficult and not as safe, storing information would be even more painstaking than it is with the aid of technological devices, and countless other benefits that help physicians and their patients live better lives.

Following are several aspects of the modern healthcare-tied information technology field that every player should keep in mind:

Digital health is slated to ramp up production throughout 2018, ranging from robots that help surgeons remotely carry out procedures on willing patients, and smart hospitals that host large amounts of non-crawling crabs. Smartphones are also big players in terms of healthcare and technological devices because physicians and healthcare professionals can can now make money from their phones, diagnosing patients potentially on the other side of the world. Go Here for additional information.

Information governance is a big deal. If companies, or even governments, don’t govern what types of information can be stored and how to store them, it’s bad news for healthcare patients. As such, nations and cities alike are slated to ramp up security protocol related directly to storing patients’ information in accordance with rules, guidelines, and ethical standards that make good business – well – good.


Drew Madden Means A Lot To The Companies He’s Served Throughout The Years

Healthcare executives typically mean a lot to their respective organizations, though not to healthcare at large. The same can’t be said for Drew Madden, as the leading healthcare information technology entrepreneur has helped hundreds of consulting clients solve their issues.

Mr. Drew Madden earned a degree in industrial engineering and medical systems from the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa, then started working for small ousting company Cerner Corporation as its implementation consultant.

Madden has done great things for Nordic Consulting Partners, as well, serving as the company’s president from 2011 to 2016. Mr. Drew Madden significantly raised revenues – through the proverbial roof, actually – from $1 to $130 million – a $129 million profit since he took over in 2011.


See: https://drew-madden.com/

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Helping Women Feel Beautiful Around the World

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. She is skilled in aesthetic facial and breast surgery including: breast lifts, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. As a woman herself, Jennifer sympathizes with those looking to build their confidence. She will makes every effort to give her patients results based on well-formed decisions. Her goal is to give you the most beautiful but natural look possible. Dr. Walden takes pride in providing the highest level of safety, care and satisfaction. Her practice specializes in botox, eyelid lifts, liposuction, body contouring, breast implant removal, breast reconstruction, collagen injections, cheek implants, chemical peels, forehead lifts, lip augmentation, dermabrasion, gynecomastia, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, otoplasty, microtia, wrinkle reduction and face lifts.

Dr. Jennifer Walden received her certification in 2005 from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She graduated with the highest honors from the University of Texas at Austin and The University of Texas Medical Branch. She did her aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. She has received several awards and accolades including: the Best Scientific Exhibit Award by a Resident in 2005. This award was presented at the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery’s annual meeting in Canada. She was a junior member of the Alpha Omega Alpha National Honor Society and was elected President in 1997. In 1998 she received the Herman Barnett Memorial Award, the Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award, the Isabella H. Brackenridge Scholarship Award and the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award.


My Discovery of Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

My research for information on the financial service market in Google, gave me more information than I ever imagined. Solo Capital Markets popped up, but I knew nothing about them. Furthermore, I knew nothing about Sanjay Shah, and his passion for the industry. Needless to say, I had finally stumbled upon a different aspect of the financial markets.

Solo Capital, based out of London, England, focuses on the areas of propriety trading, but it also focuses on investments in sports and consulting. In 2015, the firm reached millions in revenue, making 2015 a sweet success. This stems from the success of Solo Capital, as well as three dozen companies across the world that Shah owns.

I find Shah’s accomplishments amazing, considering that he wasn’t involved in the financial markets when he first started. When he first attempted a field in medicine Shah knew that it wasn’t for him, but working as an accountant gave him a fresh view of what working with finances would be like. This was his first glimpse at how profitable banking could be.

Once the economy began to collapse and his employment seemed to be in jeopardy, Shah decided to launch his own brokerage firm. What I love most about Shah isn’t just his determination that made him a success, but his founding of Autism Rocks. It is my opinion that those entrepreneurs that push for success are often the quickest to launch their efforts in philanthropy too.

I did learn that Shah had been making contributions to children in India for many years, but he wasn’t sure what else he could do to contribute. When Shah’s son was diagnosed with Autism, his desire to do more was founded in what he could do for his son. Autism Rocks finally got it’s own website in 2015 when Shah forked out six figures to buy the domain name for this website.

As a trustee for the Autism Research Trust, I’m sure that Shah will be able to help many families that have children with autism as well as researchers in the future.

Autism Rocks: A New Kind Of Charity

They raised 200,000 pounds for Autism Research in their first month of operation. They had Prince perform at a private event to raise money for the Autism Research Trust. Autism Rocks has found a new way of generating a large amount of charitable donations.

The charity, formed by Sanjay Shah, is focused on raising money for autism research, rather than support services for those effected by autism. Shah felt that more money needs to be directed toward finding out more about the disease and, in turn, this would only improve the support services that could be provided.

Autism Rocks puts on small concerts by the most famous musicians and asks for large donations from the attendees. They have had concerts with both Prince and Lenny Kravitz in London. Each concert on had a few hundred people in attendance but they managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shah has said he would like to try out different types of events and not just hold small concerts for the very wealthy. He wants to have contests where competition winners can attend concerts and he wants to create a compilation CD where the proceeds benefit the charity.

This is not the first time Sanjay Shah has seen success. From his time at King’s College, he has worked in the financial world for companies like Merrill Lynch and Rabobank and then he formed his own brokerage firm, which made him hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to the success of his firm, Shah is now semi-retired and looking for a hobby. So he decided to start a charity that was close to his heart.

Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and ever since he has been laser focused on helping institutes and charities that support the cause. Shah combined his passion for helping his son and other with autism with his interest in concert promotion and Autism Rocks was born. Shah is thrilled with the success it has seen thus far and is looking forward to projects in the future.

Source: Global-Citizen

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Understanding Dr. Sergio Cortes from Brazil

Dengue, zika and chikungunya viruses have been found to be transmitted by same mosquito Aedes aegypti, according to research conducted by scientists. Sergio Cortes, a Brazilian medical expert said that three viruses have similar signs although they vary slightly depending on specific disease. Patients suffering from these viruses experience symptoms like eyes and muscle pains, high fever, and reddish spot on the skin. Majority of people are aware of dengue virus, but zika and chikungunya viruses are not very common. Those affected by dengue virus experience intense pains in the back of their eyes and also on muscles.
Bruno Del Guerra, a nurse who has been researching on these viruses said that zika and chikungunya each has predominant signs that differentiate them. Patients with zika experience itching and redness of the eyes as the predominant signs, while joint pains is intense in chikungunya. Medical practitioners are conducting further studies to note the severity level in new born babies. Bruno asked people to be vigilant and seek medical attention whenever some of these signs are experienced. He acknowledged the fact that Dr. Sergio Cortes is doing further research to establish if there are possibilities of patients suffering from two virus at the same time.
Today, no scientist has managed to manufacture a drug that can treat or prevent the viruses. Sergio Cortes said that scientists are working on a research that would establish a viable treatment for the viruses. Hydration is the only treatment that is relied up on, but does not cure the virus. Patients who use this option are asked to rest for not less than five days so as to retain physical vigor, attributes Dr. Sergio. In Sao Paulo, one institute is working on a drug which is meant to suppress the virus, although they are planning to move to the second stage of the process. After the second stage is through, they will wait for approval before they start production.

1.Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian practitioner who has worked in the healthcare industry for many years. He has been educating people on ways of improving their health, and he asks them to take caution in order to keep fit. You should follow Sergio Cortes on his Twitter account and also on LinkedIn. You can find additional information on these viruses on Noticias R7.

Do You Own Your Medical Records?

Your restorative records don’t have a place with you, they are possessed by your specialist. In the event that you figure out how to get your hands all alone therapeutic records, it is because of the security tenet of 2000 which obliges restorative suppliers to let patients have a duplicate of their records at a “sensible expense.” Although the principle does not specify a particular charge, it attests that it ought not be an intends to “hinder the capacity of patients to duplicate their medicinal records” but instead to empower medicinal suppliers to “recover their sensible expenses for duplicating of ensured wellbeing data.” CLICK HERE

Patients’ entrance to therapeutic information helps patients

Exploration demonstrates that when patients like Adam Sender are given access to their restorative records, they turn out to be more occupied with their treatment and experience better care results. Steven Keating’s disclosure of a cerebrum tumor through careful accumulation he could call his own patient information is an illustration of how patient engagement in restorative medications can enhance care results.

The Wonderful Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

As a pet owner I have always found it beneficial to know about the different types of dog food on the market. There are a multitude of dog food brands on the market, but I have always felt that my dogs have connected best with Beneful. This is a brand that is highlighted by wholesome nutrients for pets.

The Beneful brand has both wet and dry dog foods. This is a brand that is known for high quality protein and Omega fatty acids. The producers of this food have made great strides in making dog food that is rich in vitamins. In some instances the dog food will help pets with skin issues. This type of good can also be great for dogs with allergies. That is why I originally purchased some the Benefit dog food in the first place. I can personally testify that my dogs look much healthier after eating this food on a regular basis.

Beneful also has some wet dog food with accents of vegetables. This is something that ensures me that my dogs are getting some of the same nutrients that I am getting. That is why I feel safe with this brand. I have patronized the Beneful brand for a long time because Beneful even makes food for puppies. It doesn’t matter if you have a small puppy or a full sized large dog. Beneful makes dog food to accommodate your needs.

I would seriously recommend this type of food to anyone that has a dog. This food is going to promote strong muscles and some of the foods also provide energy. That is one of the great things about using Beneful. The brand has a lot of special types of food available. There is a Beneful type called Healthy Weight that provides nutrients that help the dogs stay lean. There is another special type from the Beneful dog food family called Healthy Radiance. This type promotes some wholesome grains for energy. The keyword is health.

Many pet owners may assume that all of the dog food on the market is the same. It is not though. Beneful is a company that has become very well known because this company has made great strides to become the organization that promotes healthy dog food. That is the reason that I patronize this brand. That is why consumers with pets will benefit from Beneful dog food.

North American Spine: A Unique Approach To Back Care

The Doctors and care givers at North America Spine have a unique approach to back care. Their approach to care in actually considered conservative, but their conservative approach is making a lot of people pain free.

The first things that the caregivers at North America Spine do is meet with their patients and evaluate their problem. The patients are then educated to help them do not only understand what their problem is but so they can be involved in making the decision as to what the course of treatment will be. Each patient is given a treatment course that is individualized to their needs. It is recommended that patients try a variety of treatment options to relieve their pain before surgery is considered as an option.

When surgery is considered the last option or when needed to be used as a diagnostic tool, North American Spine uses their own specialized procedure called Accura Scope. The Accura Scope procedure is done by creating a small incision and a scope is inserted so the Doctors can easily see what is causing the problems. Once the problem is diagnosed, they can usually fix it right away. Most procedures take under an hour to complete.

There are many benefits to this procedure such as a rapid recovery, less pain. There is minimal damage to the vital parts of the spine, such as the muscles, bone. The structure of the disk is never manipulated. Another great benefit to the Accura Scope is that the Doctors have the capability of taking care of multiple problems during a single procedure which is much better for the patient. There is also less chance of the problem returning once the procedure is complete.

When these doctors say that they treat back and neck problems with a minimal invasive procedure, that is exactly what they do. The Accura Scope has an over 80 percent success rate and is able to treat a wide range of back alignments from herniated disk to foraminal stenosis.

GOP legislators thwart bids to expand Medicaid

Governors in all the political range are stumbling on an obstacle when it comes to their bids that are aimed at expanding Medicaid using federal finances-Legislators of the Republican Party who adamantly go against “Obamacare”. 

Whilst several of such governors themselves are known to have criticized the health care statute raised by the president in general, they have come to a point of seeing one component- Medicaid expansion- since it is too liberal to reject. However, they are fighting conservative legislators who say it is better to reject billions of federal cash rather than expanding Medicaid under the law of 2010. 

Adherent politics have led the Medicaid decisions of the state since the time the Supreme Court made a ruling in 2012 that it was optional to expand, not compulsory, under the recent law. Within months, each and every Democratic governor decided to make an expansion on Medicaid (even though Republican lawmakers blocked few efforts that had been made). 

Just nine states that had Republican governors accepted this offer. 

Medicaid, the medical insurance program designed for low-income as well as disabled people, offer cover to approximately 65million Americans, which is actually at least one person for every five– that’s more than patients that go to see Dr Rod Rohrich. The federal administration is in a position of paying the entire cost of expansion for the initial three years, and steadily reduce the financial support to 90%. That is more compared to the conventional Medicaid federal equivalent to states.