Adam Milstein is a known entrepreneur and philanthropist who is both an American and Israelite. He was born in South America but later moved to Israel where he had the chance to enter the defense forces as a mandatory responsibility. He was well educated which paved the way for better opportunities. After graduation, he started to work as a sales agent in real estate. The job made him grow his interest in entrepreneurship which he invested later in the commercial real estate.

Through his ambition and determination, he got the opportunity to work with several real estate commercials companies.

One of the companies he worked for is specialized in repositioning, rehabilitating office and other properties. Therefore, Adam Milstein got a lot of experience which enabled him to be a managing partner of Hager Properties. The company has been able to help many people in the society as it has invested in many structures that have benefited many people for different reasons.

The achievements of Adam Milstein have been a motivator for him to be of direct help to the people. He, therefore, uses his successes as a pillar of help to the society.

He conjoined with his wife at the start of the twenty-first century to start a foundation named, Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation touches on the funding of education for students. Students and young professionals get sponsored t identify with their Jewish roots. They are assisted in connecting with the State of Israel through the provision of knowledge to make them appreciate their culture and beliefs.

He has also ventured into several philanthropic organizations whose aim is to reach out to the people. Most of the organizations reach to the Jewish-American people located in the United States so that they can relate to their Jewish Culture. They also get informed on issues concerning the Jews. Therefore, they get the channel to know the problems present as a way of thinking of possible solutions. Being a writer and blogger, Adam Milstein, he started his blog which informs the Jews. He partners with other bloggers who contribute to the writings. Just like other writers, he recently wrote about how the Jews present in the Diaspora hold the salvation of Israel.

The Human Rights Foundation and the Movement for Freedom

Thor Halvorssen is an Advocate and Much More
Thor Halvorssen has been called a the Venezuelan Advocate of Human rights. He is a well-known individual who is a firm believer in freedom. He is a also a film producer. He is also known for his lectures on the following subjects:
* human rights
* dictatorships
* education
* freedom from tyranny
* human trafficking
* more
He is a passionate man who is 100 percent committed to individual rights and civil liberties. He also is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. This is in New York.

The Human Rights Foundation in the News
The headlines are wondering if there is a new face along with a new global rights movement. The thought and the news seems to portray the idea that there are new faces bringing sensibility to this 21st century. There are forums being held that are involving politics and rules of the cultures. Agendas are being planned and the Human Rights Foundation appears to be in the center of sensibility in a world filled with chaos. Dinners, conferences, and much activity is the current happenings that seem to be focusing on a freedom movement throughout the globe.

The Intimate Side of Thor Halvorssen
There is a very intimate side of Mr. Halvorssen. This side may be found at the core of his passionate nature. This intimate information about Thor may be the driving force of passion that has enabled he to be a powerful advocate for many. Mr. Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. His own father had served as a Venezuelan Ambassador. This was for anti-Narcotic Affairs. His entire family seemed to be powerful in their beliefs and standing firm in them appears to be a way of life. His dad had been imprisoned in the year 1993. He had been tortured and beaten during this time. His father had to live with the fear of possibly being murdered while he was incarcerated. His mother was participating in a peaceful protest when she was shot. The protest was for the Venezuelan recall referendum. Standing up for beliefs is a strong trait in the Halvorssen family, it appears.