IBM Tells Louisiana’s Governor The Pending Religious Freedom Bill Will Create A Hostile Work Environment

IBM Vice President James Driesse Told Governor Bobby Jindal That It Will Hard To Find Talented Tech Workers To Fill Louisiana Jobs

The pending religious freedom bill in Louisiana is starting to disturb companies that have offices in Louisiana. The uproar over same-sex marriages has divided this country. We now have a distinct bigoted religious right and a forward thinking new age group of understanding adults.

Once again, religion is dividing families, and that has to stop. It’s time for these Christian followers to practice what they preach. This is a free country or at least it was meant to be. Religion has no business telling people who they should love. Religion is based on unconditional love. This group of Christian gay and lesbian haters have added conditions to their unconditional love, and those conditions are deeply rooted in bigotry.

Sam Tabar is glad to know big companies around the country are rallying around the LGBT community. IBM is one of those companies. IBM didn’t waste any time telling the governor of Louisiana what the company thought of their religious freedom bill. The governor says the bill is about liberty. He’s right. It is about liberty. The state wants to take liberty away from one group in order to appease the narrow-minded religious bigots that hide behind the word liberty.