The Amazing Story of George Soros

Even people who are not familiar with the financial world have probably heard the name George Soros before. This is because he is currently one of the wealthiest and most powerful men on the planet. He did not earn his wealth quickly in a short period of time. In fact, just the opposite it true. It was a long and hard climb to the top of the financial mountain for George Soros. His story is the type that they make movies about. His life began in Budapest, Hungry. The Nazi army invaded and took over his country when he was still a boy. He was forced to grow up very quickly under these circumstances. For the next year, all of George’s time was spent hiding to avoid being captured by the Nazis. George came from a Jewish family. They knew it meant certain death if any of them were captured.

The Nazi occupation ended in 1945 when the Russian army finally conquered them and freed Hungary. George’s life could finally start to regain some sense of normalcy. He began to plan his future. He enrolled as a student at the prestigious London School of Economics. George was good with numbers. He knew that he wanted to make his living by working in the financial markets. This was a very wise decision on his part. He was employed by a merchant bank called Singer and Friedlander while he was still in school. He acted as an apprentice and learned all he could about investing and trading financial commodities. It was in this job that George started to hone his skills as a financial speculator. This is a talent that would literally make him billions of dollars in the future.

Upon graduating from college, George was disappointed to find that the overall job market was not very good. He unsuccessfully tried to find further employment working at a merchant bank or some other type of financial institution. Desperate for money, George had to take a job as a traveling salesman in England. This was a job he hated. However, it made him even more determined to succeed than he was before. Eventually, George was able to get a job that he actually cared about. He was hired as an arbitrage trader at the NYC offices of F.M. Mayer. He thrived in this new role.

George eventually left F.M. Mayer after a few years. He worked for a couple of other financial institutions as he made preparations to go into business for himself. George had the same dream as most people. He wanted to be his own boss and run his own company. He was finally able to do this after 15 years of working his way up the ladder. George had many years worth of financial connections that would now prove to be very useful for him. He called many of his former investors and asked them to be a part of Soros Fund Management. This would go on to become an enormously successful hedge fund as he became one of Forbes’ Highest Earning HEdge Fund Managers and Traders.

Doe Deere Is Not Afraid Of Being Unique

Moving from one country to another when one is almost an adult has to be a hard adjustment to make, but Doe Deere seemed to have made it flawlessly. She joined up with a band in New York City and enjoyed her time with it. She loved rocking out on the stage and seeing her fans happy because of the music that was being played, but she realized that that was not all that she wanted to do with her life. There were so many more challenges that she wanted to take on, so she eventually quit the band and went on to tackle them.
Doe Deere had not become rich from performing in the band, and when she wanted to start up her makeup brand she didn’t have very much money to do that with. She only had a few hundred dollars, but she made it work. She took her talent and love for makeup and made the brand a success despite all of the odds against it. Not too many people may have believed that she would be able to have all of the success that she has had with the brand after the humble beginnings that it had, but she has proved them wrong. She has proved that she can do anything that she sets her mind to.
Doe Deere’s makeup brand on ideamensch is something different and fun, and it has attracted the attention of many because of that. People see how colorful the makeup that Doe Deere has created is and they start to get excited. They realize that this woman is not afraid of doing anything out of the ordinary, and they respect her for that. And they want to be a bit like her, so that they can be braver in all of the decisions that they are making.
There are many people who are afraid of stepping out of the box and trying something that is completely different, but Doe Deere is not one of those people. She has proved again and again through the way that she lives her life that she is not afraid of anything. She has proved that she loves life, and that she believes that the best way to live life is to be oneself. She is an individual who believes that being unique is a good thing, and she is not afraid to share her unique ideas and products with the world.