Omar Boraie – A Man With A Vision

Four decades ago Omar Boraie had a vision. He wanted to rebuild New Brunswick and turn it into a vibrant community people would be proud to be a part of. And while many thought his idea was crazy, he didn’t let that stop him. He pushed forward and now his vision has become a reality.

In 1972, when Omar and his crew first started working on this project, New Brunswick was a ghost town. While people would come into the city to work, they would immediately leave at the end of the day. After 4pm there was literally no one on the streets.

To get the ball rolling Omar started buying dilapidated buildings one after the other. By the time it was all said and done, he owned over 20 buildings including Albany Street Plaza Tower One.

After Tower One was renovated it provided the city with over 200,000 square feet of class A office space. By 2003 Tower Two, which is located right next to Tower One, was completed and provided even more office space.

While this gave the city a huge boost, Omar knew he needed to provide top of the line residential units if he really wanted to take things to the next level. So that’s exactly what he did.

He took one of the old dilapidated buildings on One Spring Street and turned it into 121 residential units along with office space, retail space, a parking garage and functional outdoor space.

It was a New York Style high rise building right in the center of downtown New Brunswick. It was such a hit in the community that is old out in 2 months.

Its safe to say what Omar Boraie has been able to do in New Brunswick is nothing short of amazing. Though it took 10 years, his dream of revitalizing New Brunswick has now come to pass.

And the best part is he’s not done yet! Just imagine what New Brunswick will look like in another 10 years. I think its safe to say Omar has turned all of us into believers.

Changes called for after economic study into Olympic Valley


The Sierra Sun is reporting the latest economic study into the economic feasibility of incorporating Olympic Valley has become a major source of controversy. The study has been challenged by the Incorporate Olympic Valley group as they search for the best path forward in achieving their goal, which has included stating the company responsible for the study has not made the correct adjustments in its calculations. Incorporate Olympic Valley state the study should offer options for the level of services provided, including the reserve fund, law enforcement department and levels of services.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has been one of the leaders in opposing the incorporation option through its CEO and President Andy Wirth. The German born philanthropist has backed the report into economic feasibility after financial experts from Squaw Valley Ski Resort gave it their seal of approval. Wirth works within the Lake Tahoe community in a bid to make sure the economic and environmental future of the area is secured and the best decision available is made about the future of Olympic Valley in terms of incorporation.

The battle over incorporation looks set to continue as the Incorporate Olympic Valley group is set to fund more areas of study about incorporation,, including an economic impact study that must be submitted before any decision can be made. The process of investigating the best way forward for Olympic Valley began in December 2013 with the initial application for incorporation made by the Incorporate Olympic Valley group, according to The Sierra Sun. Service levels and the continuance of services offered to the community at a similar level to those offered by Placer County are a major source of debate for those interested in the incorporation battle.