Eucatex Is A Socio-Environmental Company

Eucatex, the Brazilian-based building material manufacturer, is no ordinary company. The 60-year-old eucalyptus tree saver and user is an international supplier that doesn’t ravage the forests of Brazil in order to get their raw materials. Thanks to President Flavio Maluf and his executive team, Eucatex earned the Green Seal from the Forest Stewardship Council. That award is only given to companies that manage and maintain a balance between usage and regrowth in Brazil. Maluf has made it his mission to keep Brazil green, and Eucatex has several initiatives in place to keep it that way.

One of those initiatives is the use of renewable energy throughout the company. The company tries to avoid using fossil fuel. Brazil has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but Eucatex chooses to generate energy in other ways to keep their four factories and their many offices functioning daily.

Another company initiative is taking environmental responsibility for their actions by not throwing waste residue in landfills. Eucatex has also formed partnerships with cooperatives and with APAE. APAE receives benefits based on the volume of waste residue collected. Recycling also plays an important role in the Eucatex environmental initiative. The company recycles old and new Pallets, pieces of wood from production runs and building material rubble.

For more than ten years, the company has been developing an Environmental Education Program. The program is called “House of Nature.” The program has received more than 22 thousand visitors. Program activities originate in a visiting center located at Fazenda Santa Terezinha, in São Paulo State. The program is part of a partnership that includes five Brazilian town halls in the state. Most of the visitors are students that are interested in conservation and the green initiative. Some of them eventually go to work for Eucatex.

Keeping the company green is not easy, especially when you employ more than 2,200 people in several different locations, but Maluf does a masterful job maintaining high environmental standards for all offices and factories.