Nuggets of Wisdom from Jim Toner

In his interview with Ideamensch, entrepreneur/philanthropist Jim Toner offers us many golden nuggets of advice to succeed both in business and in life. Jim has had a long career in real estate investment and in consulting. Furthermore, Jim is an active philanthropist who serves in a variety of altruistic roles.

On succeeding in business, Jim tells us we should “Just Do It”, as Nike says. To clarify our idea, develop a flexible model, and test it. He suggests everyone should read books every day and also listen to podcasts. One web service Jim suggests is called ClickFunnels. Also, Jim recommends giving away 10% of every dollar you earn as a business strategy. He insists it will come back to you double. And most importantly, in business Jim tells us we don’t need to be an expert in everything. We just need to surround ourselves with others who can fill in the holes in our game, taking advantage of their talents.

Many of Jim’s suggestions don’t just apply to business. They are tips on succeeding in life in general. For example, Jim starts every day with 30 minutes of thinking, followed by a trip to the gym. There, he listens to podcasts or audiobooks while working out. He says the gym teaches you discipline, which you can also apply to business. Jim recommends we keep in mind that troubles come to everyone, and you need to remember that you are not alone and tomorrow is a new day. Furthermore, financial wipeouts are not going to kill you. Do not view money as your self worth, but rather as a tool that is very easily replaceable. No matter what you are going through, Jim says you can make it. A book that Jim recommends is “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl, a Nazi death camp survivor. In this book, he shares lessons including that we can’t avoid suffering, but we can choose how we cope with it.

That is just a recap of Jim’s interview with Ideamensch. In the full interview you will find even more gems of wisdom from Jim. He offers us excellent advice for living a worthy life and achieving success in business.

Jim’s latest book:

Jim Toner’s Assistance To Financial Freedom

Jim toner is a real-estate entrepreneur and a re-known author who has grown in his career for more than two decades. Through his experience, skills, and knowledge, he has worked as more than an entrepreneur in other fields such as being a radio show host, a speaker as well as a consultant. Therefore, he maximizes his potential for personal benefit and the benefit of others.

Through his expertise, many people especially thousands of real estate investors have benefited and grown to greater heights. The growth is influenced by the tactics Jim Toner uses which involves an outline of plan and guidance leading to financial freedom. Moreover, the impacts knowledge to many on investment tips through his talks arranged by many people which enable him to talk in different parts of the nation. Currently, he is working with a Private Client Group and coaching groups where he ventures into real estate and coaches clients occasionally on real estate and other entrepreneurial tips.

Having the opportunity to write several books, he has used this channel to express his views as well as suggestions on investment tips and other business-related issues. Through his writings, many people have gained insight into the real business world and earned a few tips which will facilitate growth. One of the books which have helped the public and is available on is that of The Consumer Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder.

In this book, he displays the real market world considering the side which many people do not know about. Jim Toner explains in details how anyone can invest in real estate and see the results according to the outlined goals. For this to be achieved, he explains the change in the market, the changing rules and at the same time the constant fundamentals available. Through this, he gets to explain how these changes help create new opportunities for the investors.

Furthermore, he not only assists in finding the new opportunities but also explains how to avoid the pitfalls and con men who might try to steal finances. The explanations made pave the way for many to acquire financial freedom and easily overcome the challenges which come with investments.

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