HGGC Sells Minority Stake in Davies Group

HGGC is a leading middle-market private equity company. It recently announced that it has arrived at a definitive agreement to trade a monitory share in Davies Group Ltd., a United Kingdom tech-enabled company that deals in operations management, digital solutions, as well as consulting, to Alberta Investment Management Corporation, on behalf of the latter’s clients. The investment will diversify as well as strengthen the firm’s shareholding base since Davies is seeking to drive progressive growth in the corporation. As such, HGGC will hold the majority share of the Company. Davies is the leading go-to specialist operation and digital solutions partner for companies in regulated markets, such as financial services, utilities, regulated markets, and digital solutions partner. The company provides claims solutions, insurance services, in addition to customer experience programs to over 300 customers in the United Kingdom, Bermuda, and Ireland.


Initially, HGGC invested in Davies in 2017. It has since taken a partnership approach to ownership that has offered Davies with financial as well as strategic resourced to continue its robust organic growth path. From the moment it invested, Davies has acquired as well as integrated 11 businesses to grow its platform. It has also invested in emerging technology to improve its customer value proposition as well as operational efficiencies. HGGC has doubled its yearly revenues in two years. From the onset, the company’s investment in Davies has reflected its philosophy of acquiring attractive platforms and offering them resources and value-added talent to drive growth. As such, the company is proud to have collaborated with Davies Group.


Davies Group’s progress indicates that Dan and his staff have managed to crack the code regarding what it entails to be an award-winning corporation in complex markets. Rich Lawson CEO of HGGC added that his company was thrilled to have the chance to utilize Davies’ success to bring back capital to investors. HGGC has been making leveraged buyout and growth equity investments in primary, middle market companies. It looks to offer investment opportunities to companies involved in cutting into end markets that are in outdated technology. The firm is looking for individuals utilizing technology to create change.

CCMP Capital: Understanding Private Equity Investments

If you are in search on institutuionalinvestor.com of a reputable private equity investment firm, look no further than CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital, a New York-based private equity investment firm, has been around for many years.

CCMP Capital is a renowned private equity investment firm providing services to clients around the world. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital specializes in buyouts and growth equity transactions, and the firm has a team of dedicated financial advisors. If you are truly interested in learning about this investment model, it is advisable to consult with the professionals at this company. The firm invests in retail, consumer, and services; industrial; energy; media and telecom; financial services; and healthcare infrastructure.

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CCMP Capital believes in honesty and transparency in all of financial dealings and investment transactions and can address your concerns appropriately. The company will let you know what is going on at every stage of the process, including the performance of the management and target deliverables. Their professionals provide access to each investor or partner to contact the management team at anytime they feel the need to do so.

It is recommended that you have a look at the website of CCMP Capital to learn more about the benefits of having the company on your side. With CCMP Capital’s financial experts advising and guiding you through the investment process, you will certainly be able to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Stephen Murray was one of the most respected professionals in the private equity investment arena. Many clients were able to achieve tremendous success due to the quality service they received from Stephen and his team. Stephen was well educated and knowledgeable in all aspects of financial management and investments and contributed tremendously to the growth and huge success of CCMP Capital. Mr Murray earned great reputation in the industry, and among his clients. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.