ISIS Continues to Move

The terrorist organization ISIS continues to spread through Iraq and looks to take control of the town of Ramadi by the end of the day. There have been firefights taking place around the city, which is a crucial strongpoint just 70 miles outside of Baghdad, the largest city in Iraq. Ramadi is also the capital of the Anbar province. Sam Tabar has learned that, currently, government troops have been fighting to hold back the city, But ISIS has grown so large that it is spreading through and is set to take control of the city.

The deputy head of the city said in an recent interview that he had warned the government that this would happen if the country did not send more troops to the region, as the ultimate goal is to spread throughout the Middle East, and taking control of Iraq remains a large step.

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi met with United States President Barack Obama in the US to ask for assistance in the fight against ISIS. The United States has been leading air attacks against ISIS and helped assist Iraqi forces defeat ISI in the city of Tikrit. However, with US troops out of Iraq and pulling out of Afghanistan, the U.S. president does not want to start sending out more ground troops to another conflict inside of the Middle East, especially one that is currently not directly affecting the United States.