Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line Profitting From Overseas Labor

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, his administration has promoted the consumption of products made in the United States of America. As he ran for president, he promised to restore manufacturing jobs in the United States, and to take actions that would lead to the opening of more factories.

This promise caught the attention of many Americans. Ever since the middle to late 20th century, manufacturing jobs have been moving overseas to places where production is cheaper. This phenomenon lead to the economic destruction of towns and cities all across the United States. When people refer to “the Rust Belt,” they are talking about cities that were once bustling manufacturing centers, but are now economically depressed regions. Having more manufacturing jobs would give more opportunities to Americans, and perhaps lift many people out of poverty.

When looking at this fact and what Trump’s administration promised, it is easy to see why Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is being questioned. Her clothing line is manufactured in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.

Ivanka Trump traveled to Hyperbad, India, for an annual, three day conference about women’s empowerment. However, some people question her commitment to women’s empowerment, considering the fact that in the countries where her brand is manufactured, most garment workers are female, and most are paid extremely low wages.

For example, Ivanka Trump was criticized for the fact that there was a factory in China that produced her clothing line where the employees were only paid about a dollar for each hour of work.

The situation with her clothing line is just another example of what is going on today in the world’s economy.