Real Estate is Coming Back In Los Angeles

Everyone remembers that shocking day in October of 2008 when the US economy teetered on the edge after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Yes, those were shaky times and as the real estate market bubble burst, it looked as though a real recovery might never happen. Flash forward seven years, however, and things are looking up a big way in the US economy and in real estate, too. Things are looking especially good these days for real estate in Los Angeles, which is great news for realtors in this sunny city.

Tech Startups Light Up The Los Angeles Real Estate

One of the very positive aspects of the return of the real estate market in Los Angeles is the boom going on in the jobs market. The tech industry is seeing many startup companies launching in Los Angeles, especially in the beach area now referred to as “Silicon Beach.” This very vital industry is making a big difference in the recovery, as many families move to the area to take jobs and yes, find housing.

The Real Estate Professional in Los Angeles

Real estate is a solid profession and in a top market like Los Angeles, it can be a lucrative one. Top agents in Los Angeles can make about $110,000 annually. Realtors who are hired by top firms here usually have a background in finance, economics or law and they also have a solid knowledge of the market here, as well as a wide social networking base. All of those attributes are very positive for realtors. What’s also needed is a good sensitivity to people, as home buying is and always was an emotional decision. A good realtor knows very well how to navigate through the sometimes intense emotional issues that present themselves during the house search.

New Kinds Of Training

As the real estate profession evolves in this new economy, we’re seeing more realtors going for job coaching classes to help them learn new approaches to marketing and selling. One of the top companies now offering these classes is Real Estate Mavericks, which can be found at

The classes from Real Estate Mavericks take a bold and very proactive approach to the business of selling real estate, and the classes they offer are getting solid results and great word of mouth. There’s obviously a place for new ideas in this profession as the market evolves and new techniques are shown to be really valid.

When it’s time to consider a different kind of approach to selling real estate, take a look at the training offered by Real Estate Mavericks. As the market continues to heat up, it’s important to have every skill honed and ready for those sales.