Jeremy Goldstein: Corporate Advisory of Employee Benefits

The corporate world is a place that many don’t understand anymore. It used to be that people watched the news and understood what the business anchor was talking about. These days, the only time people hear about corporations on TV is when one of them did something wrong.

These days, that disconnect has created a trend that’s quickly swiping across the corporate world. In recent years, a lot of corporations have stopped offering stock options to employees. For whatever reasons, companies feel that stock options are no longer worth the trouble. While that may be true for some companies, Jeremy Goldstein advises that no all companies should get rid stock options.

Obviously, every company is different and all of them should talk to their accountants before making any final decision about employee benefits. Jeremy Goldstein is publicly talking about employee benefits because many of his clients are coming to him for the same reason, compensation methods.

One of the biggest problems people have with stock options is all the risk they come with. People don’t want to put their money into something that may disappear in the blink of an eye. If the company goes under, all of the employees with invested money will lose everything.

While that sounds scary, it’s also a great advantage that no other form of compensation method can offer. If employees are personally invested in the company, they may work harder to satisfy current customers and develop innovative products to impress and attract new customers.

Stock options also have more than one category. Many people don’t understand how many types of stock options there are; they’re not all the same. While one stock option may have failed for this company, it may do better for these companies. Learn more:

There are a lot of things to take into consideration before deciding which compensation is best. That’s why so many people are going to Jeremy Goldstein for advice. Jeremy Goldstein has more than 15 years experience, specializing in executive compensation and corporate governance. He knows more about the subject than almost anyone else in the nation.

When he’s not advising clients on compensation-related matters, he’s writing or speaking on the subject. He’s been all over the country to conferences and conventions talking about compensation and governance.

Jeremy Goldstein

The All Time Legal Advisor, Jeremy Goldstein

According to the article, Jeremy Goldstein a legal advisor on employee benefits, explains how knockout value help the employees. When stock value drops, employees face the problem of making choices. Secondly, most employees no longer prefer compensation by stock value because of the change in economic status which may lead to losses. Additionally, the employees do not consider such an option better because, salaries could be much higher.

As a way of minimizing costs, it is better to adapt an option called knockout which bare the same benefits and time limit. The knockout option is easy to manage in case of a drop of costs, they also are easy to manage since employers could just cancel them in case of a decrease in value. Moreover, the knockout option shows the earning accurately at the end of a financial year meaning that, it is trusted by the stakeholders.

Jeremy Goldstein is a committee and a member of legal firm that advises compensation committees known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. With his great skills in law, Jeremy Goldstein has participated in large corporate transactions such as during the acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies. He is also a participant in board of advisors for charity organizations such as that on mental illness for men and women.

In addition, Jeremy Goldstein has had several writings, some he has published while others he has not. Furthermore, he is a speaker on executive compensation and corporate governance. An example of such is at Harvard school of law where he commented on several topics such as say on pay which according to him means that, shareholders doubt the managements’ abilities. This and several others are a means of showing that Jeremy Goldstein is a dedicated person in his career. Learn more: