Jeff Herman supports Victims of Sexual Abuse

The state Senate bill for sexual abuse has recently been the primary topic of discussion. It is clear that the legislation revives civil actions for specific sex offenses that are against children under the age of eighteen. In light of this bill, Corey Feldman has joined Sarah Powers, the Team USA volleyball player to support the passing of this bill.

Background Data

According to Feldman, a team of New Yorkers has come forward to pursue the passing of this bill. Surprisingly, this group has received tremendous support from different parts of the city. Therefore, Corey Feldman, the actor is hopeful that the endorsement will push senators to cross over the floor to the right side of the matter. He also added that he was lucky to be part of the coalition that is fighting for justice. Corey hopes that his presence in this matter will bring forth new opportunities to the ordinary citizen whose grievances are rarely heard when justice is supposed to prevail.

Explaining the Bill

Further, into the Senate bill, it is projected that one Brad Hoylman of Manhattan will sponsor the bill. Besides, this bill would work on eliminating the criminal and civil clauses that limit the chances of getting justice in cases of child sexual abuse. Moreover, the law is also a clear pathway to fifty years allowance for lawsuits to be heard. The window offered is sufficient for justice to be delivered.

Additional Information

Concerning this Senate bill, Jeff Herman, an American lawyer is a specialist representing sexual abuse victims. Born in 1959, Jeffrey Herman is prominent for exposing a clergy who allegedly abused children in the Diocese of Miami. Jeff is also remembered for making a verdict that was compensated at $100 million where Rev. Neil Doherty was the assailant.


The father of four grew up in Ohio. He attended Arizona University and Case Western Reserve School of Law for his Juris Doctorate. From school, he first gained prominence when he represented sexual victims abused by the clergy. He worked on more than 100 cases. That was a sad life-threatening situation that transformed his career for the good of the society.