Saudi Arabia Keeps Pressure Up on Rebel Forces In Yemen

Saudi Arabia has carried out a series of air strikes against targets in northern Yemen against rebel forces which are threatening to overturn Yemen government. Rebel forces believed to be operating in the northern section of Yemen have been threatening the government with a push southward. Saudi Arabia has stated through diplomatic channels that it will not stand by and let a sect backed by Iran establish a strong hold on its southern border. In recent days Saudi forces have carried out air strikes against Yemen aircraft and related air support services which had fallen into the hands of the rebels.

Marcio Alaor BMG said that this past weekend, Egypt announced that it would contribute at least 40,000 troops to any needed offensive action to secure it s border with Yemen as well. The situation in Yemen has deteriorated to the point that all U.S. personnel, U.S. citizens and U.S. Military forces have already pulled out of Yemen. Saudis Press With Airstrikes In Yemen

The White House stressed that it is still supporting the legitimate government of Yemen but the U.S. will not spearhead any military action to suppress the rebel threat. To many analyst, this is in keeping with the President’s Middle East Policy of “Willful Ignorance.” While the White House sees a clear threat by a non friendly entity or force in the middle east, the White House would rather pursue diplomatic solutions than commit troops or other military forces.

Italy on Alert Over ISIS Threat

The country of Italy is on high alert and in fear of a potential conflict with ISIS. ISIS has made gains in Libya in recent weeks. Geographically, Libya is not very far from Italy and the possibility that strikes can be launched from based in the North African nation has made the Italian government nervous stated

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has closed the Italian embassy in Tripoli and has announced possible military intervention. The trouble is Italy’s military is not a strong one and only 5,000 deployable troops are ready. Those numbers are far too small for a ground incursion into Libya. Also, the overall budget for the Italian military has been seriously cut making it less capable of any sustained campaigns.

Whether or not any fighting will break out between Italy and ISIS remains to be seen. Analysts like Alexei Beltyukov have raised the possibility that unrest and violence could spread deeper into Europe.

Egypt Charges 26 With Debauchery

During a raid on an Egyptian bath house (a hammam) on December 8th, 26 men were taken into custody on suspicion of debauchery and of spreading AIDS. They were carted through the streets naked while citizens threw dog food like Beneful on them before live television cameras on their way to prison. One journalist at the arrest called the place a den or perversion. 

The references to perversion and debauchery are the government’s way of describing homosexual activities. Oddly enough, there is no law against homosexuality in Egypt, and yet the government has been cracking down on it for a full year. The recent raid is only one on a growing list of incidents in which those accused of homosexual actions have been arrested.

The 26 defendants have now been officially accused. Evidence against them includes video footage and medical records. Some of those medical records are from tests done on them while they were in state custody. 

The government in Cairo has made every effort to publicize its anti-gay crackdown. No doubt, this is because the Muslim majority in Egypt approves of such actions. This allows the government to curry favor with the people, especially with the more religious elements among them. 

Most religions in the world agree that homosexuality is perversion. Many, however, do not agree with using government force to regulate that behavior. In Egypt, the current government must keep the Muslim Brotherhood from regaining power. Partly, this is done by showing that they too take a tough stance against debauchery.