Three Changes That Can Help Enhance Your Leadership Style

According to James River Capital Corp, leadership is actually a science and an art. It takes proper skills to lead and also manage a team effectively. In addition to applying the right effort, a person needs to take time and proceed with caution in order to be a great leader. Furthermore, there are a number of changes one needs to make in life in order to make the right difference. According to researchers, making simple changes discussed below can help enhance your leadership style.


Supporting your team and not leading them


This is an important strategy applied by top officials at Facebook when making important mentality shift. Managers at Facebook rarely or do not lead their teams. Instead, they actually support them. Shifting from lead to support can actually change how you see your responsibility as a leader. It can also alter the manner in which you approach your conversations with your team. At times, negligible alterations can actually result in a huge effect even by altering one word.


Encouraging and welcoming escalation


Studies done recently, showed that around 85% of employed people withhold important feedback from their employers. If workers suspect that they are likely to get into problems when they come to you for the guidance, they are unlikely to do that. With little or no transparent and open communication, there won’t be space for collaboration, innovation, and interaction with your employees.


Sometimes back, Google did a research on this area. They discovered that psychological safety is one of the things that leaders should focus on during their day to day activities. This crystal clearly means the way you operate will make people feel safe or unsafe when coming to you with challenges, improvements, and problems. Some of the best ways of creating psychological safety are actually by promoting and welcoming escalation as well as concerns by simply showing your appreciation in case it happens. Another good way is by ensuring that every person gets an opportunity to talk during team meetings.


Everyone’s Opinion Matters


Being a leader of a team, you should be willing and ready to remove some of the obstacles that may affect their general performance. Giving every team member a chance to speak will let you know what is actually affecting them. However, you should make sure that everyone feels comfortable by not being too pushy. Take the opinion of every person seriously. Learn more:


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Angela Koch and Her Role in The U.S. Money Reserve

Angela Koch, the only female head of a precious metals industry company, the U.S. Money Reserve, overseas the operation of the commercialization of U.S. government issued gold, silver and platinum coins.

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The U.S. Money Reserve is today the largest distributor of U.S. government issued gold and silver coins, offering the most unparalleled coins on the market.

The Reserve helps people invest in gold, silver and platinum and succesfully serves more than 500,000 clients to date. CEO, Angela Koch says, “Basically we are in sales.” But unlike other companies, we teach our team members to excell at what the do.

We teach customer service and sales reps to run a system, to learn about the precious metals and to learn about customer needs, so they can better serve clients.

Koch takes her job as CEO seriously and she believes that by taking care of employees, by helping them with professional development, it will benefit the company and ultimately the customer.

Early Career

Angela Koch’s quest to become CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve did not come easy. Her rise up the ladder was unique. Koch dropped out of college for personal reasons. A mother at an early age, Koch had to learn to juggle work, pay expenses and manage family responsibilities.

Like many go getter women, Angela worked two to three jobs. Wherever she worked she learned the ins and outs of the company. She worked at pharmacies, electrical companies and even religious institutions.

She learned to be flexible and to adapt to whatever the position required. While working for a company called KLA-Tencor, she learned process control, to use inspection tools and metrology systems. Here she was also asked to certify a ranch as a non-hormone treated cattle ranch.

The work of managing processes, setting up a system and writing out the process showed her that this organizational work was what she enjoyed; make a process, define it and use technology to present it to the related department.

Angela Koch’s Role at The U.S. Money Reserve

After completing the process for the ranch, Ms Koch moved to the U.S. Money Reserve. Here she worked her way up the corporate ladder to become the CEO.

Over the years, she has helped build a system for the supply and demand of gold, platinum and silver coins. She and her team have integrated the ERP system with sales and marketing. The company takes data and builds processes for improved customer service.

Her Modern Role

Koch continues to grow the company and focuses on certain personal values to help the company grow. She believes in making decisions and pushing forward on a decision made. She also believes in life work balance and believes that she and her team must know their own strengths and maximize on these abilities.

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Angela Koch knows that success for the U.S. Money Reserve is of the essence. She and her team strive for success and to meet the needs of every customer. She is on a mission to build one of the strongest precious metal trading companies in the world.

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US Money Reserve Thrives Under the Leadership of CEO Angela Koch

Over the past few years, US Reserve has distinguished itself as a top company in the retail and financial sector. One of the main reasons for its recent success has been the leadership of its chief executive officer Angela Koch.

She has led US Money Reserve into the most successful era of its 18 year history. Angela has helped the company become a leading organization with her approach to management.

As the CEO of the company Angela has made it a priority to make US Money Reserve a sales oriented organization as well as one that focuses on success at all times. She has also focused on professional development in order to help the company’s employees become significant contributors to its overall success.

Angela Koch has been able to become a successful executive due to her knowledge, expertise and work ethic. She has always made it a priority to learn everything about a business and a company.

When she first began her career, she worked multiple jobs at the same time. While working up to three jobs at a time, Angela focused on not only working long hours but also getting a firm grasp on how a business operates and a thorough understanding of its products and services.

When it comes to building a successful career, Angela Koch has said that it is important to be yourself and focus on your strengths. She has also made it a point to improve on your weaknesses so that you can become a more valuable employee. Angela has used this approach in her professional development.

Since taking over as the CEO of US Money Reserve, Angela has been heavily involved in developing the staff of professionals who work at the company. She has developed her staff by promoting them as well as assigning them additional tasks. This has made employees at the company better leaders and more proficient at completing important tasks.

As the leading executive of US Money Reserve, Angela Koch has looked to make the company an organization that is always focused on making as many sales as possible.

This approach has resulted in the company increasing its sales figures every year during her stint as CEO. As a sales organization, US Money Reserve has made it a top priority to inform customers about the precious metals market and how these products will benefit their financial situation.

US Money Reserve was founded in Texas in the year 2001. For nearly two decades, US Money Reserve has provided consumers and investors with some of the most valuable products that one can purchase.

The company sells a selection of precious metals such as coins. These coins are made out of either gold or silver that is official currency in the United States and the rest of the world. During the past several years, US Money Reserve has expanded its product line which included commemorative coins of former presidents.

The company has established itself as the leading precious metals retailer by offering educational resources and support for its customers. With the education and support, customers have been able to increase their wealth by investing in the company’s products.

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