“Paul Saunders Of James River Capital Possesses A Wealth Of Information That Can Help Employers To Deal With The Issue Of Employee Burnout: “

Paul Saunders is an entrepreneur who is most well known in the business world for his founding of James River Capital Corp. He is currently serving in the role of CEO and Chairman with James River Capital and also serves in these roles for the affiliated firms that are linked to JRC. Paul Saunders holds several academic degrees from the University of Virginia as well as the prestigious University of Chicago. Paul pursued a career in the field of investment banking after graduating from college and a large part of the reason he was drawn to the field is due to the fact that it is one that focuses on the concept of merit as the primary method for advancement. Paul’s success in the business world has, of course, made him a figure that people often seek out for advice and he does indeed have sound advice on a great number of things. One of the things he has recently given his advice about is how employers can keep their employees from getting mired down with feelings of burnout.


On the topic of employee burnout, Paul Saunders recommends that the major things an employer needs to watch out for are an observable change in attitude, reduction of confidence and a general lacking in motivation. These factors are critical for an employer to recognize when they occur. Throughout his long career, Paul has done a great in recognizing these patterns in business. He has certainly become adept at recognizing and working to eliminate the phenomenon at James River Capital. At the end of the day, burnout in employees is caused when they become either emotionally or physically exhausted or both. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1266783D:US-james-river-capital-corp


Helping employees in their stress management is one of the major recommendations that Paul Saunders makes in terms of helping to avoid and deal with employee burnout. It is important to remember that burnout is usually the result of the stress that the employee has been experiencing over a long period of time. One thing that an employer can consider in this case is to offer things such as workshops that can help employees learn how to manage and deal with the stressors that occur in the work environment. Employers should also encourage their employees to find ways to unwind outside of work in ways that are completely detached from subjects that would come up at work.


Beginning in 1986 as a branch of Kidder, Peabody and Co., today, James River Capital is a vibrant firm that has been operating independently since the 1995 calendar year. This is when Paul Saunders was able to acquire the full rights to the business. The company is now known for its impressive investment strategy that involves a process of broad diversification.


James River Capital Outlines the Attributes of a Good Leader

Some people think that they can wake up one day and become leaders. That is impossible because to lead and manage a team takes time, significant development and skill because leadership is both a science and an art. According to James River Capital, one must make some adjustments to achieve the goal of becoming a successful leader. The truth of the matter is that it takes concerted effort and time to make a good leader. However, James River Capital points out that many companies have engaged themselves in the research concerning the attributes of a good leader. The studies done by the companies have come up with three crucial adjustments that one needs to observe to become a good leader and adopt fabulous leadership style. Learn more: http:// https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/

Firstly, as a leader of any given team, one should not lead in the real sense but rather should be supportive. An example of a strategy used by team leaders at Facebook is through creating a mentality shift. By extension, it means that these managers support their teams instead of leading them. As a good leader, one is supposed to shift from leading to supporting, and the process would dramatically change the relationship and interaction process between the leader and the team. James River Capital admits that sometimes the impacts of the smallest change as far as leadership is concerned can have a huge impact.

The second thing that one needs to do as a leader is to open up communication. By doing this, the engagement among the team would bring more participation, collaboration, and innovation. Through encouraging escalations and making sure every team member gets an opportunity to speak in a meeting develops psychological safety, an essential point to note as a good leader. It ensures that the team members feel safe reporting challenges, improvements, and problems to you as the leader. The last point is to embrace every point raised by a team member. By giving every member a chance to speak, a good leader engages even those who rarely speak during meetings to get their views also and thus becoming a supporter, not a leader.

James River Capital is an investment advisory company based in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. Paul Saunders, the Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer started the company in 1986 and leads it in investment management, commodity trading, advisory services among other related services.

The Greece Debt Situation Is Taking A Toll On Wall Street

Wall Street Prices Drop Because Greece Might Leave The European Union

Greece has been going through a financial crisis for a few years. The European Union saved them from going bankrupt once, but the chances of giving them another lifeline looks doubtful unless the Greek government makes some radical changes. The European Central Bank is not supporting Greek banks anymore, and that means more financial problems for Greek citizens.

Folks at Boraie Development (njbiz) know that the immediate problem is Greece can’t make its 2.6 billion euro loan payment to the International Monetary Fund. That payment is due immediately unless Greek negotiators pull a last minute rabbit out their Phrygian hats. Meanwhile, stocks around the globe are feeling the effects of the Greek debacle. Some Americans don’t realize the severity of a Greek default. If Greece does default, the aftershock will be felt in financial institutions around the world.

Greece is not the only country experiencing debt issues. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico recently said it cannot make its loan payment, and the Chinese stock market is taking a beating, but it will recover at some point. The meltdown of 2008 is still fresh in everyone’s mind. A meltdown in Europe could spread around the world if all the financial ingredients are in place to make that happen.