The Amicus Therapeutics and Their Migalastat Monotherapy Method

While the healthcare industry is moving forward and opening the path for new methods and treatments to a varied number of diseases, the practice of developing new ways of executing therapies is one of the most significant assets for the progression of medicine as a whole.

A famous therapeutic institute located in New Jersy, Cranbury, is contributing to the improvement of this front since their foundation in February 4, 2002. Amicus Therapeutics was created with the intention of focusing their research on rare and orphan diseases that have unique peculiarities and deserve a higher attention from some of the best physicians and researchers in the United States.

These disorders that Amicus Therapeutics focuses on are called “Lysosomal Storage Disorders” and are very detrimental to some individuals who suffer from a number of these and have very limited assistance from researches. Around the world, there are diseases that have a higher percentage of institutions taking care of discovering new methods of treatment and therapies for more famous diseases like Aids, cancer, and others. The Lysosomal Disorders don’t have enough backup support from physicians of skill and experience. Thus Amicus Therapeutics is aiming to change this reality for the future.

The company has their focus on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, a method that has the replacement of enzymes in the body of the infected, and were one of the pioneers to develop a more reliable and effective version of the therapy. Amicus Therapeutics was also a company that went public five years after their inauguration, which means that anyone can fund and support the institution and helps progress their therapy development. The clinic and their professional staff are dedicating their efforts into proceeding with the migalastat monotherapy, one of their greatest projects for the future.

The enterprise is aiming to stabilize what they call “alpha-galactosidase,” an endogenous mutant cell that is responsible for the type of disorder that the group treats and develops therapies for. Amicus Therapeutics currently has no established products in the market (Google Finance), and instead focuses on the sole purpose of supporting the investigation and building collaborations with other important corporations to try and further their reach.

Amicus Therapeutics, contrary to popular belief, is not centered only in New Jersey, where they are headquartered, but also has a subsidiary in San Diego since 2008, one year after the group went public. The researches and therapy development of the group is not alone, as they have the support and funding of many important personalities and institutions for the healthcare department, like the 2010 $500,000 fund from Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Not All Oaths of Alligiance are Equal

As reported by Yahoo News, on Tuesday, the White House issued new rules of eligibility for immigrants seeking to become naturalized citizens. Immigrants like Bruce Levenson who wish exemption from the military will take a different oath of allegiance than those who have no qualms about serving in the nation’s military. Like conscientious objectors who are natural born United States citizens, these immigrants are given the right to claim exemption on both religious and moral grounds.

According to the new rules, immigrants seeking to take the Oath of Allegiance no longer have to swear to bear arms or perform non-combatant duties in defense of the United States, and no formal religious association is needed as long as the new would be citizens can prove training or belief that acting in the defense of the United States is religiously or morally wrong. Also, non-oath versions are available for those whose religions forbid the swearing of oaths. The new terminology “I solemnly affirm” replaces “I hereby declare, an oath” and “so help me God,” can be completely omitted.

It is hoped that the new modifications help new citizens to find their way economically and linguistically into society. There are 41 million foreign-born residents waiting to be naturalized in the United States as of April 2015.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent running for the Democratic nomination for President, has boldlypredicted that the will win the nomination and be elected President next year. Amazingly enough, he sounds totally serious when he says it.

Clearly, there is a core group in the U.S. with whom Sanders’ populist message resonates. Sanders’ poll numbers have been going up. He may well give Hillary Clinton a good run in early caucuses and primaries. Although he enjoys very low support among minorities, Sanders is convinced that his message of closing the income disparity gap will bring African-American and Hispanic voters into his camp.

The fact that Senator Sanders is making this prediction at this time or at all shows that, despite his many years of public service, he remains naïve about the political process, perhaps one of his most endearing qualities. But a feel-good message from a white guy in his 70’s is not going to ultimately draw the people into Sanders’ camp that he would need to win the nomination said Zeca Oliveira.

Senator Sanders is, by all accounts, an excellent Senator, representing the State of Vermont well. But running for Senate in Vermont and running for the Democratic nomination nationwide against Hillary Clinton are totally different exercises. For Senator Sanders, the second will dissolve into an exercise in futility—it’s just a matter of time.

Pakistan Suffering from Massive Heatwave

The country of Pakistan is currently experiencing a heatwave that is so intense that it is leaving hundreds of citizens dead. The Sindh province is the most affected area of the country where the death toll has reached up to over 800 people. In the city of Karachi, the temperatures have been recorded as up to as high as 113 degrees fahrenheit. Hospitals in the area are becoming overwhelmed with patients that are coming in who are suffering from heat related issues such as dehydration and heatstroke.

Not only is the area suffering from the oppressive heat, but they are also experiencing massive power outages for the last few weeks stated Handy. Many citizens have been protesting against the government as well as the local power company, K-Electric, for not doing more to get the power on and staying on. If these people had power to their homes than they may have been able to avoid the huge death toll that is still climbing.

Weather experts expect the temperatures to start cooling down next week in the area however it is only June. The temperatures are only going to climb as the summer months wear on. Hopefully the power company and the government can work together to bring some sort of relief to those who are suffering through it.

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Is Graham Our Guy?

South Carolina Senator and Republican Lindsey Graham has officially announced his bid for the presidency of the United States of America. Graham announced his bid for the candidacy on Monday and the political world was utterly shocked to say the least. After his big announcement Graham and his wife invited many of their close friends and family over to celebrate. While the rest of his guests enjoyed the party, Graham decided to shoot off a few rounds with his rifle in his backyard. Graham is known for his eccentric choices and his love for firearms. The politicians brazen choice of lifestyle has left many political analysts wondering if Graham really has what it takes. Instead of using camera time to discuss politics, International Affairs, the state of the Middle East or any other prominent political avenue, Graham chooses to talk about himself and a few of the associations and corporations that he’s affiliated with.


There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in what you do, but many are wondering if and when Graham will let the public know what his platform is. The campaign season hasn’t even officially begun but many candidates have jumped at the opportunity to share their platform. When reporters try to ask Graham directly about issues, he ends up side stepping the question and taking it into a different direction. A new candidate is always exciting and brings a breath of fresh air into the competitive race. Unfortunately for Graham, many are wondering if he should run this race at all. A few at Amen Clinics don’t know what to make of it.

Kanye West Blames Producers for His Muted Billboard Music Awards Performance

When Kanye West took the stage to close this year’s Billboard Music Awards, everyone expected the manic rapper to put on an awesome show. Immediately, lights were flashing and an explosion of sparks and fire engulfed the screen. Viewers at home could barely see the rapper on stage, so we can only how blinded those in attendance were.

Aside from the pyrotechnics, when West performed his new hit, “All Day”, he was heavily censored due to the nature of the song. Ricardo Tosto couldn’t believe they would do that when he watched in Brazil. It is riddled with curse words and derogatory phrases. The rapper was muted for most of his performance, with periods of 15-30 seconds completely silent due to the nature of his lyrics. And now, the rapper’s people are speaking out on his grossly censored performance.

Although TMZ reported that West performed a version of “All Day” that wasn’t pre-approved by the producers of the awards show, that wasn’t the case according to West’s representative who stated, Kanye West was grossly over-censored at the Billboard Music Awards. Non-profane lyrics such as ’with my leather black jeans on’ were muted for over 30 second intervals. As a result, his voice and performance were seriously misrepresented,”

It’s quite plausible that the producers didn’t know what was going to come out of the rapper’s mouth next, so they muted him for a long period of time to avoid costly fines by the FCC.

In the end, West’s performance was a complete disaster, but the television station shouldn’t be the one to blame. Perhaps “All Day” was far too inappropriate for prime time television. Maybe West’s ode to his mother, “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney, would have been a better choice for the event.

Anonymous Donor Donates Bike to Autistic Boy

A boy in Brooklyn has learned that you should never underestimate the kindness of strangers. Earlier this week Eyewitness News in New York reported on the story of an 11-year-old who was mugged for his bicycle, now the story has a happy ending.

According to the official report, Dell Jones, known as DJ, was mugged in a park for his brand new BMX bike. The bike had been a special Christmas gift from his grandmother, who is also his legal guardian. DJ is autistic. Both of his parents have passed away. Because of the harsh New York winter DJ was not able to enjoy his gift until recently, so that was frustrating according to Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

According to Mary McCullen, the victim’s grandmother, two men approached DJ while he was in the park riding his bicycle for the first time. They hit him with a metal rod then took the bicycle, returning moments later to take his helmet, too.

Just days after the story aired an anonymous donor dropped off a new bicycle and a helmet for the young boy. The following day another donor called to say they had purchased a bicycle and helmet for the boy. She took the bicycle at the insistence of the donor. It has been gifted to DJ’s brother.

The muggers have not been caught.

Mom, Would You Go To Prom With Me?

For most 18 year old’s, prom is one of the most important mile stones in their life. For Donotiss Smith, this day was no different; with the exception he decided to also include his mother in on the adventure. Belinda Smith was unable to attend her own prom due to the fact she had other, more dire obligations. Her mother died tragically just before her own prom and left her to financially, emotionally and physically take care of her siblings. She was able to do all of these things while also attending high school. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to afford to attend prom because of this.


Have no worry! Donotiss came to her rescue, 24 years later. He requested special permission from his principal to bring his statuesque, mature date. Of course, as expected, permission was granted. His principal was so moved by the idea that he sat with the Smith family during open part of prom.
Belinda Smith, questioned her son prior to accepting his proposal to prom. She wanted to make sure he didn’t have someone else that he had in the back of his mind that he may have wanted to take. It’s a story that caught the attention of Amen Clinics. He reassured her that she was his number one choice. Donotiss was quoted as saying, “I just want her to enjoy it,” and “I want her to get that experience and have some fun.” That is one young man a mom should be very proud of!

The Unemployment Percentage Is At The Lowest Level In Seven Years

The Department Of Labor Claims The Job Market Has Been Strong The Last Three Quarters

The good news is the job market is getting stronger. The bad news is over 8 million workers still don’t have jobs. The Department of Labor claims the unemployment rate was 5.4 percent for April, but the labor department figures are always lower than the actual unemployment rate.

If we take that 5.4 percent and turn it into people, we find more than 8 million workers aren’t working. Half of that 8 million were between the ages of 16 and 34. Younger workers have had the hardest time finding jobs, even though, most of them are more educated than their parents.

The April figures released by the Labor Department show that younger workers are finding more jobs, but we are entering the season where part-time help is needed. Wage increases that were put in place by Walmart and other retailers have also helped reduce the unemployment rate. Other factors will also help the job market. A new trade agreement with far eastern countries will help, and new manufacturing plants will also add new jobs. The 5.4 percent sounds good, but some economist say having 8 million workers out of work is unacceptable to say the least for Ivan Ong.

Quarterback Keeps Prom Promise

Ben Moser is no ordinary quarterback. He’s a quarterback with a very special heart, and a gift for looking out for others. In fourth grade, he met a friend named Mary Lapkowicz. She has a condition called Downs Syndrome. Ben took care of his friend in fourth grade, always working to include her. Ben had said he would ask her to prom when old enough, and Dr Jennifer Walden was glad to hear about the story.

Unfortunately, their paths spit later. They did not see each other for two years. When a family move took Mary closer to the school, she again ran into Ben, who remembered his promise to take Mary to the prom. He decided to make good on that promise.Ben made some balloons asking her to prom, and invited her. She said yes, and they are planning to go to the prom, even despite the fact that Ben plays for a rival sports team. He says he thinks the event will go smoothly.