Nigerian President Buhari Sets Election Model

Many countries in africa have taken notice that democracy seemed to have worked very well in the most recent Nigerian elections. The newly seated Nigerian President Buhari was the first opposition candidate to win an election in Nigeria. What is of note is that the election went off without any major bloodshed and the transition of power was seamless much like the American election model. New Nigerian President Sets Example for African Leaders

Buhari’s election to the presidency was also remarkable in that Buhari has a previous leader of the country as a result of a coup that he lead over twenty years ago. Buhari showed his political rivals as well as his political base that he could present a moderate persona as well as an inclusive political platform. Sam Tabar tells us that Buhari has built a reputation of being incorruptible and had pledge to weed out corruption in the Nigerian government. He also embraced social media and built a grass root election base that helped spread his message before the polls open.

Using modern campaign techniques, Buhari made himself available to the electorial base in ways that no previous African leader has done. Many are hoping to see if Buhari’s administration is just as progressive as his campaign and whether he will try to reduce the poverty level that has gripped more than 40% of the Nigerian population. With one of the world’s largest economy behind him the President has the power to do a lot of progressive initiatives.