Immigrants Now Allowed to Collect Billions in Tax Credits

The executive amnesty by President Obama allow millions of illegal immigrants collect billions in tax credits.

Currently illegal immigrants already collected more than $ 4 billion in tax credit payments each year.

A report by the IRS Inspectors General in 2011 found that “people who were not authorized to work in the United States” collected $ 4,200 million in payments of additional tax credit (ACTC) for their children in 2010.

Even before the latest amnesty program Obama, millions of illegal immigrants already paid taxes to the federal government using Personal Identification Numbers. These are the numbers that illegal immigrants used to claim billions each year for their government checks.

However, thanks to a 1996 law, the IRS is not authorized to give Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) to anyone who does not have a Social Security number. But many illegal immigrants can now get a Social Security number through the Obama’s amnesty program .

And how many billions in tax credit payments are we talking about?

About $ 62 billion was spent on the EITC in 2012, and the average refundable EITC payment is $ 3,000.

That means that while the federal government currently pays illegal immigrants approximately $ 4 billion through an ACTC program, is likely to pay almost double the amount to illegal immigrants through the EITC program.

Anastasia Date employees have learned that there are many illegal immigrants who are not paying taxes under the amnesty program, but they can still file and collect EITC payments, as long as they have a SSN number.

Norwegians Watch Mountain on T.V., Wait for It to Tumble

In the nation that once saw half the country watch a 134-hour journey of a ship that was broadcast on television, there are now numerous live-streaming web cams offering the very patient public a glimpse at the side of a mountain. Everyone, they say, is watching and waiting for its predicted collapse.

After heavy rains in a mountainous western region of Norway, geologists began to predict that very soon 12,000 truckloads of rock would come flying off the side of the mountain. They weren’t sure when it would happen, so Norway just tuned in and stared at the rock cliff to make sure they would witness the event when it did happen. Mt. Mannen, with the aid of aerial photography, can be seen developing cracks. That would seem to indicate the experts were right, but now other experts are questioning whether the mountain may have re-stabilized. In that case, Norwegians could grow old and gray watching for a rock fall that never will come.

The sparsely-populated region just below has had 10 residents evacuated in anticipation of the collapse. Laurene and I are sure that they are watching that mountain more intensely than all the others- for it may be that it will fall on their houses just below. As for the other loyal viewers, it is difficult to understand their great patience and interest in falling rock.