Marc Beer: Encouraging the Business Sector to Invest in Renovia Inc.

According to official reports, there are 250 million women who are suffering from the pelvic floor disorder. The huge number of people affected by this condition has always been regarded as a low estimate because according to scientists, there might be more people who are suffering from the disease. Because of what he learned from the researchers, Marc Beer decided to set up his own business employing scientists and other people who have a strong background in science. His company, called Renovia Inc., became one of the most popular firms when people are talking about synthetic ways on how to live forever.


The founder of Renovia Inc. was able to secure a lot of funding from their business partners. A few months ago, Marc Beer decided to showcase his plans to the experts, telling them that his business is only a few steps away from realizing its goal. Many businesses worked together to give him a $32 million worth of pledges, and an additional $10 million to create awareness about the pelvic floor disorder A lot of women’s groups have praised the private corporations all over the world that are trying to bring change to the society. Learn more:


Marc Beer stated that one of the inspirations for his decision to open up Renovia Inc. is to help the less fortunate families who have a female family member that suffers from the same condition. Marc Beer is aware that the condition could become fatal, and he explained that he is trying to do his best to avoid any other deaths especially to women who are giving birth. For him, the best solution to eradicate the condition is to provide additional medical facilities to places which are greatly affected. According to Marc Beer, the $42 million that they received from different sectors of the society will be used to improve the medical industry in the country, and he assured their followers that the company would continue with their experiments to see which type of new medicine could they introduce.


Marc Beer’s leadership with Renovia Inc. is widely supported by a lot of people who have already tried their treatment product called the Leva. The Leva has the ability to treat the pelvic floor disorder, especially if they will be following all of the instructions stated on the product that the company created. Scientists are also impressed as to how Renovia Inc. was able to secure huge funding to continue their operations. Marc Beer said that a lot of companies are really interested with the projects that they have on hand, and he will be doing everything to turn these ideas into reality, so that one day, fewer women will die because of diseases and conditions that can be addressed.


Marc Beer, an Ambitious Entrepreneur, Gives Back to the Society.

Marc beer is married to Jennifer Beer with Scott Beer and Michael Beer as his children. Marc Beer has managed to generate his wealth through his investments in his various foundations. He is a role model for many entrepreneurs.


Marc beer is a graduate from Miami University (Ohio) where he attained a B.S. Marc Beer`s education enabled him to secure jobs in various companies. Marc Beer has acquired skills and leadership qualities which allows him to be persistent to improve the health industry. He previously worked at Ova science (Nasdaq: OVAS) as a consultant. Marc Beer had worked at Genzyme (Genz) in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions in the company’s laboratories where he marketed various product. In 2000, Mr. Beer served as the CEO of ViaCell (VIAC) a biotechnology company which developed with more than 300 employees.


In addition, Marc Beer held top positions in various boards which aims at improving the health industry including:

  • Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
  • Good start Genetics
  • Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth.
  • Graduate studies and Research Advisory Council of Notre Dame University.


The wealthy people are always in a hurry to invest in businesses which top up their wealth but forgets that they should use their already acquired wealth to give back to the society this is not the case with Marc Beer. Marc Beer dedicates himself to make a world a better place by establishing medical centers. He founded pharmaceutical companies and MedTech company in Boston which strives to provide a cure for various pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence.


The statistics show that almost 250 million women are affected by the pelvic floor disorders for this reason Marc Beer decided to launch Leva product which is researched and approved by the FDA. Marc Beer funds the pharmaceuticals to aid the process of their experts to come up with new products which they will test and improve to be a remedy for many women. He has raised approximately $42 million for the women health startup in Boston.


Marc Beer cooperates with other health care investors to combine their ideas and sensor technologies to give all the clients better treatment services at affordable prices. The products made are always tested and approved by FDA to be fit as a diagnosis to women with the pelvic floor Disorders.


Marc Beer`s philanthropic activities have changed the lives of many women all over the world. Learn more:


Marc Beer – Women HealthCare by Renovia

One of the Companies that is focusing on women health is Renovia Inc. This company was founded by Marc Beer and aims at coming up with various products that are geared towards the treatment of women. Currently, they have new products that are all that different development levels that are aimed at helping women with pelvic floor disorders. This is excellent news for more than 250 million women who are affected by this condition all over the world.


In recent funding, Renovia was able to raise an impressive $32 million in August 2018 in one of their Series B round of fundraising. On top of this amount, the med tech firm also raised $10 million in venture debt. The products that will receive this funding are intended for diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorders with the major problem resulting from this condition is urinary incontinence. They already have one product that has been approved by FDA having completed the process of approval earlier this year in April.


Among the investors who recognize the potential of Renovia include Longwood Fund and has been one of longest investors in the Renovia Series B funding round. The company aims at helping healthcare companies whereby it’s led by the Perceptive Advisers and Ascension Ventura which are based in New York and Missouri. This money will help at least four different products including an improved version of the already approved Leva.


With so many leading investors joining the company’s vision to help and improve the high number of people living with this crippling disorder Marc Beer is very excited. The innovative products include sensory technology and will also have a digital platform through which customers will derive information on the various treatment options as well as give them more information concerning their condition.


Renovia was started in 2016 by Marc Beer who is its current chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company is devoted to finding and delivering the best digital diagnostic and therapeutic products to the millions of women whose lives are affected by pelvic floor disorders. With strong leaders such as Marc Beer who has more than 25 years of extensive experience knowledge in the industry Renovia is headed for great heights.


Marc Beer is a great figure and have made significant achievements in his life. He has managed to create himself a big name due to his confident and consistent reputation. He has also brought substantial development in the world of medicine. He is a mentor and a role model to many. Among the key things that we can learn from Mark Beer are that successful healthcare starts with talent acquisition. The other lesson is that we have to think about cash flow when establishing a business. We learn that innovative firms are trying to be disruptive and cannot think in a convention wisdom mindset. Lastly, you should never rest on strategy. Learn more: