Troy McQuagge’sUSHealth Program for Charity

Troy McQuagge US Health is at the epicenter of building a vision for the USHEALTH group, in which he is the CEO. His company has experienced strong growth, with USHEALTH being over 10 times the he started with. USHEALTH created a HOPE banner that exemplifies the practices of giving and charity that transformed the local community. USHEALTH primarily works in high risk scenarios, in particular working in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) initiative was influential in becoming a strong anchor and buffer against the tragedy and havoc of Katrina. With donations, many rallied around the cause and were able to make a positive contribution to relief efforts. The lower mid- city of New Orleans was ensured safe and sound housing because of HOPE’s ability to gather and commit thousands of volunteers to the cause. Their efforts expanded in 2011 when the organization provided useful food, shoes, and necessities to the crisis nursery in the Phoenix branch of NOLA.

HOPE began as a small organization and grew substantially over time to become a systemic defining force in the area. A year after 2011, HOPE was back on the map and ready to deliver on it’s promise of giving back to the community in the form of donating 25,000 dollars to children with cancer, then, again a year later by awarding 45,000 dollars to a charity in North, Texas. Over time the support and financial backing of USHA grew to new heights. Inspired by giving to the people who were struggling in the area, HOPE has become a life-changing model for charity and activism.

Currently, the homes warrior project provides housing mortgage free to army vets, and more specifically, veterans in need. Following this, the wounded warrior project was set up to provide essential services to military families. These programs provide a active engaging role to the communities as well as the organizations.

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Troy McQuagges role in funding, operating, and pushing the company towards where it is currently is commendable. His dedication to having a strong conscience and ethic towards giving back to his community and the neighboring states has spread towards other people and organizations. From Arizona to Louisiana, and all the way towards Florida, USHA continues to expand and make positive contributions to this day.


George Soros is the World’s Philanthropist

Money is power. There is no need to deny it. All of us know that there is truth to the adage that money makes the world go round. In America, this is true because, ultimately, candidates and politicians need vast amounts of money to get elected or re-elected. This requires them to ally themselves with the wealthy. Once this alliance occurs, the rich become influencers. Perhaps nobody understands this more than George Soros.

George Soros is a dedicated enemy of the right and has been an ever-present pain in the neck to the GOP. This is because he is one of the richest men in the world with a net worth, which he accumulated from the Soros Fund Management, of $25.2 billion, and he uses that money to push for extreme leftist agendas.

George Soros looks to affect policies by employing his army of lobbyists. His lobbyists have advocated for things such as gay marriage, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, job equality, and safe places. His lobbyists can be found aiding in almost every single Democrat’s campaign and headquarters. Follow him on Twitter:

In addition to using his money to affect policy change, he also uses his money to put people who are close to him in power. In the year 2004, George Bush had the presidency and was running for re-election, and as anyone who follows politics at all knows, the incumbent holds the advantage. Bush had already led us into a war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Soros saw this and many more right policies being implemented and knew he had to get George out of the White House. Soros then committed a record-breaking amount of money. Soros gave to the DNC and in turn the Kerry campaign, $27 million. Unfortunately, Soros found out that George Bush had the advantage and Kerry lost that election.

Another time when Soros tried to influence who was in office was in the year 2008. At this time both Obama and Clinton were running for the Primary, and they were neck in neck. They both approached Soros for a donation. Soros was stuck in a hard place. He was a longtime friend to the Clintons but he also saw that Obama had the people in the palm of his hand. He decided to back Obama, and with this considerable fund behind him, he won the presidency.

In addition to politics, George Soros uses his money to spread leftist ideals throughout the world through his life-changing non-profit Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation exists to build flourishing democracies that are known for their tolerance and openness. This tolerance is shown in respect for human rights, especially for minorities and women, as well as to ensure that policies are fair for all people involved.

Here in America, Open Society Foundation has been behind groups such as Black Lives Matter, the Women’s Rights March the day after Trump’s inauguration, and also

George Soros has influenced this world so that the left’s ideal would spread.