Dick DeVos a Major Force in Grand Rapids Growth and Prosperity

Dick DeVos is now and has been throughout his brilliant career an extremely successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and even aspiring politician (he ran for Governor in Michigan in 2006, but lost the race to incumbent Jennifer Granholm). Perhaps above and beyond everything else, he is most passionate about watching over the welfare of his beloved hometown in Michigan, Grand Rapids. So when an issue arose in 1991 that he didn’t agree with, he took immediate action.


That year, as Mr. DeVos was on his way to becoming CEO in his family-owned Amway Corporation, he learned of plans some local business people in Grand Rapids had of the potential of building a multi-purpose sports and convention arena north of the city. Fearing that such a move would parallel what happened in Detroit in the ’70s when both the Pistons and Lions moved outside of Detroit’s downtown, devastating the city’s business economy, he made some important and significant phone calls.


His campaign against the move led to the formation of a group of influential business leaders, and Grand Action was born. This successful venture became the driving force behind such significant construction within Grand Rapids as the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, Michigan State University’s medical school, and the Grand Rapids City Market. These moves helped to staunch suburban sprawl and greatly improve the Grand Rapids city skyline.


Dick and his wife Betsy, now U.S. Education Secretary, have been active in attempting to change policies and institutions for decades. As both are heirs to family fortunes, and GOP mega-donors, their influence in the political arena has affected major changes in state laws affecting labor and education. Their impact here is well known, but less known is their contributions in philanthropy.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, between 1989-2015, gave away $138.7 million to arts and culture, leadership programs, churches, health and human services, and policy initiatives centering on scholarships for private schools and education reform. Their significant, leading $12.5 million donation helped in the construction of a $103 million children’s hospital in the Spectrum Health System in Grand Rapids.


More recently, Mr. DeVos, with his experience and passion in aviation, was appointed in September 2017 to the top civilian panel that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As one of seven new members on the 13-member Management Advisory Council, he helps advise the FAA’s senior management on spending, policy, regulatory matters and long-range planning.


Appointees to this volunteer position serve 3-year terms. They are expected to retain their private and public sector positions while serving in this capacity. Mr. DeVos has moved on from the Amway Corporation and is CEO of his own Grand Rapids-based company, The Windquest Group. Again, his passion in aviation has led to him playing a major role in turning around Grand Rapids’ Gerald R. Ford International Airport. His efforts have led to spurred passenger growth and lowered airfares, as well as convincing Southwest to offer flights out of his hometown airport.


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Max Salk Looks for Feedback

Max Salk Realizes That Everyone Can Improve

One of the key aspects that have helped Max Salk get from one level to the next is that of his capacity to understand that he can improve and get better. The fact that he realizes that he is not perfect is what helps him get from one level to the next. This is how he landed himself a job at Blackstone. He knows that he isn’t perfect and strives to get better and better every single day.

As such, Max Salk is always looking for feedback when he gets a chance so that he can improve and become a better leader each and every single day. He knows that being a good leader is about having the right hard skills and having the right soft skills. But it is the right soft skills that would help people move forward in a more rapid fashion because this is what helps individuals to manage resources and get to the end destination. They meet goals on a daily basis.

Great Leaders Are Interested Developing And Adding to Success of Their Team

The role of a manager, as Max Salk knows is to elevate the team. The manager has to have the right knowledge, the right skill set, the proper experience, and the drive to help the team and have them grow to meet the end results needed.

In this manner, feedback, regular communication, dealing with team members, proper respect and treatment of the team and other regards are more important. Being able to create an environment around purpose and drive is what makes a good leader a great one.

Max Salk knows that it is important to have the right skill sets but without understanding how to use it properly, individuals won’t be able to make a significant difference in their lives. He knows that engagement and satisfaction is key to retaining and developing others, as such, he will strive on a regular basis to make a difference and a positive impact.

He knows that it is important to provide individuals with space so that they can do the right thing, not because he told them what the right thing is, but because they are good enough to know what to do, or they will figure it out.


Ryan Seacrest and His Ventures

Ryan Seacrest is a prominent TV and Radio presenter. He has served on various TV and Radio stations both local, national and international. His career is one of the most competitive in the globe, but Ryan scales up regardless of the competition stiffness. Recently, Ryan joined Kelly Ripa who is his co-host presenter in Live. Ryan was hired as a permanent host of the show.

Ryan’s career has seen him work as a host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest show in 102.7 KIIS FM for iHeart Media. He also hosts Top 40 radio Show that is nationally-syndicated. Ryan is the ABC’s Annual New Year’s Eve official producer.

His passion and interest in entrepreneurship have driven him to get involved in several companies in the entertainment industry. Ryan focuses on programs that are youth-oriented. Youth initiatives are among the most significant issues that have a global impact.

Ryan J. Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974. He is popular for his radio and TV presentation shows. He is also a producer. Ryan won consecutive award nominations for Emmy Awards from 2004 to 2013. He also appeared in the nominations of the same award in 2016. Ryan Seacrest received the Emmy Award in 2010 for his production of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. In 2012, Seacrest received a nomination of the same award.

Ryan was born into a wealthy family. His father was a real estate Lawyer, and his mother was a homemaker. His mother once revealed that Ryan used to pick up a microphone and pretend to be holding shows in the house when he was a child. His mother hinted that Ryan’s career is an inborn talent and a childhood dream.

Ryan went to Dunwoody High School at 14. He received an internship at WSTR FM while still studying in High School. After High School, Seacrest joined the University of Georgia where he studied Journalism. He started his career at a local radio station. Ryan left the University of Georgia at 19.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest)  was among the fellows who were honored by the University of Georgia where he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters degree. He gave one of the most celebrated speeches during the graduation.

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