Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Enters the GOP 2016 Primary Race

Yesterday, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson revealed that he will enter the 2016 Republican Presidential primary race. During an interview with a news reporter in Ohio on Sunday evening, he stated:”I’m willing to be part of the equation and therefore, I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States of America.” Jason Halpern, who you can find a was surprised to hear this announcement.

Dr. Carson has never held a public office previously. He spent his childhood living in poverty in Detroit, where he studied to pursue his education and eventually obtain admission to a medical school. He became one of the premiere neurosurgeons in the United States, working for some 29 years as the head of the Neurosurgery Department at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center, where he specialized in caring for children requiring neurosurgery.

In 2009, the movie Gifted Hands documented his early career. It starred Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr. During the time that he worked at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Carson oversaw the first effort by surgeons to separate twins who had been connected since birth at the back of the head. The complex surgery created national headlines.

Dr. Carson wrote a book entitled America The Beautiful, which appeared in 2012. He spoke at the annual National Prayer Breakfast the following year, criticizing the modern federal approach to welfare.

Dr. Carson recently has been a vocal critic of federal health care policies. He joins several Senators seeking the GOP nomination.

Americans are against republicans…again.

Americans by a large margin are opposed to Congress’ interference to the Iranian nuclear deal that is being spearheaded by President Obama. This is recognized by multiple authorities on the issue as a deal that gained much more than expected by a large margin. However, the media gave credence to republican complaints as if they are legitimately against the deal and not motivated by their blind obsession with opposing everything Obama does. However, folks at STX Entertainment ( have learned that this deal is being brokered by multiple countries that have a large influence.

The only opposition comes from Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. Netanyahu wants war with Iran, and republicans and a few democrats are on board. Newly elected republican senator that has been trying every legal and illegal option to destroy the deal, Tom Cotton, has insisted that Iran could be brought to their knees by a few days of bombing. Cotton is set on war as are many people in the Republican Party. According to the poll, approximately three-quarters of Americans do not agree with republicans and would like President Obama’s hard fought deal to stand without this interference. However, republicans are beholding to businesses whose interest is war and the financial windfall that comes with sacrificing our children.

Volunteer Supporters for Elizabeth Warren Believe Support Truly Exists for Her Presidential Campaign

The support to draft Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is far from the fervor produced by the grassroots efforts of the early 1950s which finally compelled the reluctant former Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president. That said, it appears that the support for a Warren campaign is both tangible and real. The volunteers manning the Iowa campaign headquarters for the Draft Warren movement claim to be finding Democrats receptive to a Warren candidacy. Thus far, the volunteers are training locals to man the phone booths, attend local political meetings to push for a Warren candidacy, and learn the tactics of modern day politics.

Admittedly, no one is claiming that Warren has offered even the slightest indication she would consider a presidential run. The Massachusetts junior senator is well aware that even the slightest favorable word would reverberate through the party ranks. While Warren herself has been more of a political “woofer” than a Ted Cruz-like rebel, her words are powerful enough to inspire an intra-party revolt. Still, her would-be minions continue to plod forward with an Iowa strategy in the hopes that something evolves in the Democrat primary that would cause Warren to recant her words and launch a campaign. The movement is modestly funded with $1.25 million from the ultra-left wing PACs Democracy for American and Ironically, the latter was founded during the Monica Lewinsky Scandal of Bill Clinton’s presidency. The group was a surrogate arm of the Clintons to wage a media war against the GOP’s impeachment efforts. Folks at Anastasia Date know that the group is now squarely trying to detail Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations in favor of Warren.

Immigrants Now Allowed to Collect Billions in Tax Credits

The executive amnesty by President Obama allow millions of illegal immigrants collect billions in tax credits.

Currently illegal immigrants already collected more than $ 4 billion in tax credit payments each year.

A report by the IRS Inspectors General in 2011 found that “people who were not authorized to work in the United States” collected $ 4,200 million in payments of additional tax credit (ACTC) for their children in 2010.

Even before the latest amnesty program Obama, millions of illegal immigrants already paid taxes to the federal government using Personal Identification Numbers. These are the numbers that illegal immigrants used to claim billions each year for their government checks.

However, thanks to a 1996 law, the IRS is not authorized to give Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) to anyone who does not have a Social Security number. But many illegal immigrants can now get a Social Security number through the Obama’s amnesty program .

And how many billions in tax credit payments are we talking about?

About $ 62 billion was spent on the EITC in 2012, and the average refundable EITC payment is $ 3,000.

That means that while the federal government currently pays illegal immigrants approximately $ 4 billion through an ACTC program, is likely to pay almost double the amount to illegal immigrants through the EITC program.

Anastasia Date employees have learned that there are many illegal immigrants who are not paying taxes under the amnesty program, but they can still file and collect EITC payments, as long as they have a SSN number.

Mitt Romney States The Obvious

Mitt Romney has recently stated that the world is a mess. I tend to disagree with Romney on most things, but I do agree with his most recent statement. So it begs the question, what are we going to do about it? The world is in a mess, but can the average person really do anything about it?

The world has always been run by corporations, and this will never change. The entire globe is in the palms of the rich. Most people have heard about secret societies and other conspiracies, but will it ever can change? An average person has to worry about the cost of living. There is no time to think about global revolution. That’s why we vote for senators and representatives to handle our political representation. However, the people that we vote into office, are rarely the people that they pretend to be.

I don’t think that a working class citizen has any idea of what’s really going on in the world. Mitt Romney knows exactly what takes behind closed doors. He almost became president of the United States, and surely he has been privileged to classified information.

Igor Cornelsen believes that an ordinary person must live in their own world. There are things above our heads that we can never change. Mitt Romney can state the obvious, and he can fool many people into following him, but what the world needs is another John F. Kennedy.

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GOP legislators thwart bids to expand Medicaid

Governors in all the political range are stumbling on an obstacle when it comes to their bids that are aimed at expanding Medicaid using federal finances-Legislators of the Republican Party who adamantly go against “Obamacare”. 

Whilst several of such governors themselves are known to have criticized the health care statute raised by the president in general, they have come to a point of seeing one component- Medicaid expansion- since it is too liberal to reject. However, they are fighting conservative legislators who say it is better to reject billions of federal cash rather than expanding Medicaid under the law of 2010. 

Adherent politics have led the Medicaid decisions of the state since the time the Supreme Court made a ruling in 2012 that it was optional to expand, not compulsory, under the recent law. Within months, each and every Democratic governor decided to make an expansion on Medicaid (even though Republican lawmakers blocked few efforts that had been made). 

Just nine states that had Republican governors accepted this offer. 

Medicaid, the medical insurance program designed for low-income as well as disabled people, offer cover to approximately 65million Americans, which is actually at least one person for every five– that’s more than patients that go to see Dr Rod Rohrich. The federal administration is in a position of paying the entire cost of expansion for the initial three years, and steadily reduce the financial support to 90%. That is more compared to the conventional Medicaid federal equivalent to states.

Eric Garner Controversy

The Eric Garner case may be one of the most controversial and tragic events of the year. When watching the video of the police restraining Eric Garner, I was appalled. The police definitely abused their power. It seems like Police brutality is happening more often than not. 

Things need to change in the world according to Bernardo Chua. Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions. Eric Garner was killed for absolutely no reason. What makes it worse is the fact that the whole world witnessed the event. 

Recently a trial was held over the death of Eric Garner. The police officers that were involved in the incident, were found innocent. A huge out-roar over the verdict of the trial has continued to consume America. The American people are angered about the recent rise in Police brutality. 

The NBA league has taken notice of the trial as well. NBA players have been tributing Eric Garner for the last several weeks. Many high school students have noticed their favorite NBA stars wearing shirts that say ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ those were the last words spoken by Eric Garner. High school basketball students followed their favorite NBA stars, and students wore the same shirts. In California the shirt was banned from being worn. The Eric Garner case has taken over the world. The citizens are uniting to put an end to police brutality. 

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The Four Day Congressional Work Week

Some are angered by a recent report showing that members of Congress on average only work four days out of the week. The Washington Post makes the point that the United States Congress is typically only in session at most four days out of the week. The other days are frequently used for traveling back to one’s district and for fundraising events.

According to the recently released Congressional calendar, the only full month of voting on the whole thing is in January. Otherwise, the months have some kind of break scheduled into them. This means plenty of time for members of Congress to do the other types of things that they do. This of course often includes raising money for their political campaigns. 

Andrew Heiberger says that a lot of people understandably grumble at the idea of a Congress that only goes to work about four days a week most weeks. However, there are some reasons why the Congress has a schedule that is set up to be this lax. For one thing, members of Congress have a busy media schedule and frequently have to set aside time to deal with the various duties that they must deal with. 

All in all though, it is certainly a good job to be a member of Congress. They frequently parlay the work that they do on Capital Hill into some kind of high paying lobbying work down the road.

Scary for Perry

A federal judge in Texas refused to throw out charges against Rick Perry on technicalities involved in the case. A Texas grand jury indicted Perry on abuse of official power and also on coercion of a public servant. Perry who has been king of Texas for more than a decade decided to use his office to deny an official the budget that she needed to properly manage her office. Perry did this in response to this official being arrested for DWI and also opposing his will. Her arrest appeared on video and Perry used this for an excuse to break the law in getting her to relinquish her role in government. Rick suggested that he asked nicely and when she rebuked him, he decided to find the creative methods for her ouster.

Rick adamantly stands by his controversial veto of her budget and insists it was within his authority. However, a prosecutor and subsequent grand jury disagrees with Perry very vehemently. This attempt to get the charges dropped due to technicalities suggests that Perry has decided that he is in enough trouble to try using procedural tricks to protect his very precious hide. Rick has also been taking advice from former Texas congressman Ken Lay. Lay was convicted for his underhanded dealings in Texas redistricting matters. Just how much of his advice Perry will be listening to is not known, but because Lay was actually convicted, this should mean that Perry will at least use different attorneys. Thanks to friend of the site Andrew Heiberger for sharing this news story from Texas.