Charles Koch and the Myths that Surround Him

Charles Koch was born on November 1st, 1935. He has survived WWII, and the latter half of the Great Depression. Charles Koch and his brother, David, run Koch Industries. After inheriting the business from their father, who kept it strictly involved in oil, the brothers decided to expand the company’s horizons. Now, they have holds on the Dixie Cup, Quilted Northern, and Lyrca.

Charles Koch has now expanded his influence beyond the products that are bought on a day to day basis. Since 2003, he has spread his influence through the world of American politics. This is already a very hard thing to navigate, since it seems like the only people who have any influence have the money.

This network that he has set up has come under fire recently from the media. When once they were able to operate in the shadows, now they must live with the media’s ability to make rumors spread like wildfire. No one is truly free from this, no matter how much good they are doing.

One such rumor is that the Koch network operates completely separately of the Republican GOP. Along those same lines, the media also believes the network is meant to work like an entirely separate third party. This is not true. For that much influence to be given to one network, the network has to be a parasite. A parasite is any creature that cannot survive without a host.

Without the GOP, there is no Koch network. That is a very bad thing for the Republicans, since many are now agreeing with the extreme stances that the Koch family is trying to push through. They want to cut back government involvement in day to day activities of the American people.

Another thing on their agenda is to block or destroy any environmental protective measures. As mentioned earlier, Charles Koch is well known for their work in the oil industry. When measures are taken to protect the environment, it makes it harder for the Koch family to do their work.

However, with all the money the network gathers, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are many who are receiving that money. What shouldn’t surprise anyone, as well, is that the money is given out in small amounts, and is usually a one time thing.

No matter what the Koch network does, its influence sure won’t go away any time soon.

The bump is showing.

Obama’s rise in the polls has not been a recent event. He regularly polls slightly below the 50 percent threshold in most credible polls and aggregation of polls since last year. However, in none of these polls has he been above the 50 percent marker in the same time period. Additionally, before the incline began, he was polling very low. This prompted pundits and republicans to affix the lame duck tag and begin exit exaltations. However, with the freedom that Obama has been given with the acquisition of his second and final term, he began to engage in efforts that had previously been deemed taboo by the administration.

This willingness to engage came to a head with the recent eulogy that he performed in the wake of some recent tragedies in America stated Kevin Seawright. The rest of the bump was hand-gifted from republicans in the form of Supreme Court decisions that were rendered in his favor in dramatic fashion. These lawsuits were frivolous, and the only hope for republicans to upend Obamacare would be for all the conservative justices to simply make a partisan decision and further erode the respect of a Supreme Court that has no illusion of impartiality remaining. Marriage equality had very little to do with Obama, but he has greatly benefited from the ruling because he changed his position soon enough to be credible with that community.

Powerful Senate Democrat Raises Threat of Government Shutdown if GOP Does Not Relent on Sequestration Relief

Ever since President Obama’s proposal for budget sequestration was accepted by the GOP-controlled House in 2011, both parties have expressed a willingness to modify the agreement. In fact, a $63 billion package of targeted budget increases, collectively called sequester relief, was adopted for the 2013 and 2014 fiscal year budgets. That agreement will soon end invoking a new round of budget cuts as Igor Cornelson recently stated. The GOP would like to shield the Defense Department’s budget from sequestration. Thus far, Senate Democrats have been unwilling to accept the proposal unless the budgets for other departments and agencies are similarly given relief.

Now, Washington Senator Patty Murray, the 4th highest ranking Democrat in the chamber, raised the specter that the GOP may force another government shutdown this fall unless they adopt Democrat demands for new round of negotiated sequester relief. For the time being, Republicans are trying to enact an end-run on the budget cuts for the Defense Department by creating a special budgetary account with funds they claim will be used exclusively for the military. President Obama has already made it clear he will not sign the defense appropriation bill if it includes the budgetary gimmick.

Sen. Murray said the GOP does have a choice in the matter: accept their position on budget spending increases or risk a shutdown. However, one House GOP aide pointed out the irony in Murray’s comments. He noted that prior government shutdowns were the result of GOP attempts to alter sequester cuts unilaterally. The aide said if the GOP merely goes along with the cuts as established by law, it will be the Democrat Party that gets blamed for a government shutdown.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Enters the GOP 2016 Primary Race

Yesterday, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson revealed that he will enter the 2016 Republican Presidential primary race. During an interview with a news reporter in Ohio on Sunday evening, he stated:”I’m willing to be part of the equation and therefore, I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States of America.” Jason Halpern, who you can find a was surprised to hear this announcement.

Dr. Carson has never held a public office previously. He spent his childhood living in poverty in Detroit, where he studied to pursue his education and eventually obtain admission to a medical school. He became one of the premiere neurosurgeons in the United States, working for some 29 years as the head of the Neurosurgery Department at Johns Hopkins Childrens Center, where he specialized in caring for children requiring neurosurgery.

In 2009, the movie Gifted Hands documented his early career. It starred Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr. During the time that he worked at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Carson oversaw the first effort by surgeons to separate twins who had been connected since birth at the back of the head. The complex surgery created national headlines.

Dr. Carson wrote a book entitled America The Beautiful, which appeared in 2012. He spoke at the annual National Prayer Breakfast the following year, criticizing the modern federal approach to welfare.

Dr. Carson recently has been a vocal critic of federal health care policies. He joins several Senators seeking the GOP nomination.

Kansas Legislators Wants To Change The Constitution

Kansas And Several Other States Are Sick Of Washington Politics

What’s wrong with changing the U.S. Constitution? Kansas and states like Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma think it’s time to change how the political game is played. They are sick of Obamacare, environment protection acts, immigration, excessive government spending, judges that respect human rights, and people that want to marry someone from the same sex. It’s not the same world they say, and the rules must change in order to protect our freedom. Guess what, boys? Freedom has a different meaning to y’all.

The chance of rewriting the words of the founding fathers is greater than winning the lottery and for a good reason. Politicians in the ruling party of the moment, want to say they conform to the old way. That’s sacred history. They want it the way the founding fathers wanted it. But some people say the founding fathers were as much in the dark as the Republicans and Democrats are today.

As Brian Torchin is aware, talk of a new constitutional convention has been in the wind for decades. Talk of rewriting parts or the entire framework of the constitution gives politicians egotistical power. It gives them a sense of purpose. But like any other purpose they support, nothing happens. But maybe it is time to tweak the foundation of law. We all know the law is crumbling under the strain of idiotic behavior and ineptness.

Ted Cruz is Running For President

Senator Ted Cruz was expected to formally announce his candidacy for President of the United States Monday, but instead decided to do the honors late Sunday night on Twitter. In a tweet, the senator announced that he was running for president and asked for the support of his followers in that pursuit. The tweet also included a small proportion video suggesting that people should rise to the challenge and encouraging a new generation of “courageous conservatives” to help make America great again.

Cruz has a long fight ahead of him in his quest for the presidency. He’ll first have to beat out a number of republican hopefuls in the primary and then if he wins face off agains the democratic hopeful which at this point looks like it will more than likely be former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The race to the 2016 White House is officially underway which can be seen on Vimeo. It will be interesting to see how the race pans out on both sides of the aisle. Cruz is just the first of many announcements we’re likely to see over the coming days and weeks.

Mean Tweets: President Obama Edition

When Jimmy Kimmel called President Obama “the most intentionally funny president” of his lifetime, he wasn’t lying. There have been many instances when the President had people gasping for air and holding on to their sides. Not a lot of people might know that President Obama is the 1st sitting President who has made appearances on late night talk shows. He has appeared in “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, and also on talk shows hosted by David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon. Even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have had the honor of having the President on their shows. Finally, Jimmy Kimmel joined that list.

The President was scheduled to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last year but had to cancel that visit because there were a lot of international problems happening in that time and it seemed inappropriate for the President of the US to appear on a comedy show. This time, however, fans were treated to Obama at his funniest.

President Obama read many mean tweets about himself from Twitter users and said that the Senate was still meaner than these tweets. Christian Broda recalls that  Obama’s quick wit was there for all to witness when he had funny responses to almost every tweet read by him. In a show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, it seemed like Kimmel was trying to keep up with the President.

He also addressed various issues and rumors about his Presidency in his appearance, taking time to talk about problems in Ferguson as well.

Immigrants Now Allowed to Collect Billions in Tax Credits

The executive amnesty by President Obama allow millions of illegal immigrants collect billions in tax credits.

Currently illegal immigrants already collected more than $ 4 billion in tax credit payments each year.

A report by the IRS Inspectors General in 2011 found that “people who were not authorized to work in the United States” collected $ 4,200 million in payments of additional tax credit (ACTC) for their children in 2010.

Even before the latest amnesty program Obama, millions of illegal immigrants already paid taxes to the federal government using Personal Identification Numbers. These are the numbers that illegal immigrants used to claim billions each year for their government checks.

However, thanks to a 1996 law, the IRS is not authorized to give Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) to anyone who does not have a Social Security number. But many illegal immigrants can now get a Social Security number through the Obama’s amnesty program .

And how many billions in tax credit payments are we talking about?

About $ 62 billion was spent on the EITC in 2012, and the average refundable EITC payment is $ 3,000.

That means that while the federal government currently pays illegal immigrants approximately $ 4 billion through an ACTC program, is likely to pay almost double the amount to illegal immigrants through the EITC program.

Anastasia Date employees have learned that there are many illegal immigrants who are not paying taxes under the amnesty program, but they can still file and collect EITC payments, as long as they have a SSN number.

Hillary Clinton Tries to Get Ahead of Email Scandal by Requesting They Go Public

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attempting to get in front of the media coverage on the ongoing email scandal by requesting the State Department make public her personal emails. She tweeted her decision to do so late Wednesday night. Clearly Mrs. Clinton does not want to see the email scandal become protracted. While this might not derail her looming presidential candidacy, it would likely encourage other Democrats to enter the race. Mrs. Clinton, who by some accounts has not improved her personal appeal since her last campaign, is wanting to avoid the resurgence of a candidate that can seize the momentum much as Barrack Obama did in 2008. Jason Halpern said he went from a long shot candidate to snatch the party’s nomination out of her hands and TheRealDeal could see that happening again.

Earlier on Wednesday, the House select committee investigating Benghazi announced it would be requesting the emails. Rep. Trey Gowdy, the select committee’s chairman, pointed out that all prior investigations were unaware of the existence of the private emails. As such, their findings were not comprehensive, and this warranted the request for the emails. It should then come as no surprise that the ever politically conscious Clintons would decide it was better to release them of their own volition.

Still, the move is unlikely to quell other investigations. The AP is considering suing the State Department to obtain information essential to their investigation on campaign finance violations by Mrs. Clinton. As for her party, they have adopted a unified front of withholding comment due to their lack of understanding of the email scandal.

The Political Mud Is Already Hitting Hillary Clinton Where It Might Hurt

Clinton Is Considered The Democratic Frontrunner In The Next Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton, the Former U.S. Secretary of State and Democratic Frontrunner in the next election, is under the political microscope again. The New York Times recently ran a story that said she may have used her personal email to send her work messages while she was in office. Funny how that story is just coming to the surface now. Clinton has no real Democratic competition at the moment, so the Republicans want to make sure she is dragged through the mud a little before she announces her candidacy.

As Marcio Alaor BMG knows, federal law does say emails and letters written by government officials must be retained, and at the time Hillary served as secretary of state the rule was personal emails had to be preserved as well. Clinton recently turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department.

Some state officials say personal email accounts should only be used when there is a government emergency, but using personal emails is accepted by the State Department as long as they are not destroyed.

Political insiders believe the story broke in the Times because Clinton may announce her plans to run in April or May rather than this summer. Aids say the report is a political ploy. The timing of the story does make muddy political sense when you think about it.