Michael Burwell Takes His Financial And Business Expertise To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell takes his financial and business expertise to Willis Towers Watson.


Michael Burwell joined Willis Towers Watson to work as the Chief Financial Officer for the company. Michael Burwell was very honored to have the opportunity to work with the firm. Willis Towers Watson has its focus on clients an also has a culture of collaboratives and inclusiveness, and Michael was impressed by this. Michael Burwell before joining Willis Towers Watson was working for PWC. During his time in his former company, Michael Burwell served in various leadership positions.


Michael Burwell was the head of Global transformation and also served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operation Officer for the United States. The Willis Towers Watson team was very thrilled to have Michael Burwell on board. Indeed, his reputation precedes him having dealt with audit and transaction services advisory for over two decades. Michael Burwell also has extensive experience with pre-merger due diligence and valuation. The Chief Executive Officer for Willis Towers Watson John Haley stated that Michael Burwell would be a great asset to the team as he understands managing and leading a global company such as Willis Towers Watson.


He also added that the experience Michael has regarding transactions, finance and transformation would help the company achieve their long-term growth and success. Indeed, with an asset like Michael Burwell Willis Towers Watson would realize its full potential. Michael Burwell studied at the Michigan State University and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. Willis Towers Watson has its history dating back to 1828 and is an organization focused on offering global advisory, solutions and broking services. The dedicated team of Willis Towers Watson helps their clients turn what is seen as risk into a path for profits and growth.


The firm has its operations in over 140 countries and has employed over 40,000 employees. The firm has for a long time now worked to provide solutions which mitigate risks, maximize on benefits and build talent. These efforts are aimed at enhancing the power of capital. By improving the ability of the capital, individuals and institutions would have increased strength and protection over their assets. The organization has a one of a kind perspective that has enabled them to understand vital relations between assets, talents, and ideas. This understanding is what drives the performance of a business, and Willis Towers Watson is determined to unlock the potential all across the world. Find Related Information Here.

Willis Tower Watson Leadership Transition Announces A New Chief Operating Officer Michael Burwell

Willis Tower Watson (WLTW) is a top global broking, advisory, and solutions firm that assists clients globally to turn their risks into a path for growth. Willis Tower Watson has been in the industry since the year 1828. The firm is proudly composed of over 40,000 employees who serve in over 140 countries. Willis Tower Watson delivers and design solutions that optimize benefits, manage risks, cultivate talents, and spread out the power of capital to strengthen and protect individuals and institutions. The firm’s distinctive perspective allows the company to view vital intercessions between assets, talents, and ideas. The great intercession is the utmost dynamic formula that drives performance in business.


Willis Tower Watson is glad to declare Michael J. Burwell as the Principal Operating Officer. Mr. Burwell will take up the position from his predecessor Roger Millay who will voluntarily retire on 2nd October 2017. Mr. Michael possess 31 years’ experience in providing professional services and financial services from PWC. Mr. Michael Burwell held various leadership positions at PWC as being the Chief Operations Officer, Head of Transactional Services in the U.S, Head of Global Transformation, and Chief Financial Officer. Still, Burwell possess over 11 years in the audit areas and over 12 years’ experience working on pre-merger, valuation, and due diligence.


The Chief Executive Officer of WLTW, John Haley, recently commented on news that they are excited about having Mike in their company’s leadership team. John Haley openly says that the company is in a serious evolution process and Mike will come in handy since he understands well how to manage, lead, and drive excellent results in a complex work environment. John Haley is also confident that Michael’s expertise in transactions, finance, and transformation is best suited to guide Willis Towers Watson to have a robust integrated system and help them in their long-term growth. John Haley is also keen to appreciate the huge contributions made by Rodger as he leaves the company.


Michael Burwell is keen to appreciate the enormous opportunity he has been offered at Willis Towers Watson. Michael notes that he is hugely impressed by the strong leadership, inclusive and collaborative business culture, and the strong commitment to clients at Willis Towers Watson. Michael also says that he looks forward to being part of the success story of Willis Towers Watson.


Michael is a Certified Public Accountant and also holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the Michigan State University in Business Administration.Get More Information Here.

Michael Burwell Named New CFO of Global Insurance, Reinsurance and Broking Experts Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, a company that is known as a leader in global advisory, insurance and reinsurance. Willis Towers Watson has a rich history dating back to the 19th century, and they have over 40,000 employees in 140 different countries. The company specializes in managing risks, optimizing benefits and cultivating talent for businesses and institutions. Mr. Burwell was selected to fill the role of the company’s CFO in August of 2017 to replace former CFO Roger Millay after the former retired voluntarily last October.


Before he was chosen to become Willis Towers Watson’s new CFO, Michael Burwell worked for 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC, where he served in a variety of leadership positions including CFO and Chief Operating Officer for the United States and Head of Global Transformation. Aside from his leadership expertise, he also brings more than a decade of audit experience and transaction services advisory experience to Willis Towers Watson.


John Haley, Willis Towers Watson’s CEO, expressed his excitement at bringing Mr. Burwell into the fold, saying that Michael Burwell “understands managing, leading and driving results,” and, “is well-suited to guiding our long-term growth.” Michael Burwell likewise is extremely excited by the opportunity to work at a company with Willis Towers Watson’s reputation. He had previously interacted with the company in business settings and said that he was always impressed with their leadership and their dedication to their clients. Click Here for more information.


Michael Burwell is a CPA and was educated at Michigan State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Business Administration in 1986. In addition to his time at PwC, he has led several ‘buy and sell’ side projects for multinational companies and smaller, private companies alike, and has also served as the leader of teams analyzing business models and the profitability of individual products in a variety of fields. Mr. Burwell has been the Chairman of the Automotive Suppliers M&A (mergers & acquisitions) Institute Conference for the last 6 years, and he frequently serves as a speaker on topics related to M&A’s in the automotive industry.


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