Saudi Prince Offers Bentleys to Saudi Bomber Pilots

In a show of pride for the actions of the Saudi military forces, a Saudi prince recently tweeted that he would offer a Bentley to each of the 100 Saudi bomber pilots who took part in the bombing campaign in Yemen against Shiite forces. After Saudi Arabia announced that it had just completed the first phase of its military operation called “Decisive Storm,” Saudi royal family member and businessman, HRH, Prince Al-Waleed bin Tala, sent a tweet indicating that the Bentleys would be offered to each of the pilots for a successful completion of their military operation. The Bentley is a luxury car which can cast as much as $200,000.00 or more. There is no report of a response from the Saudi pilots or the Saudi military. It is not even known if the Saudi prince was serious with his offer but it is unlikely that the military will allow such gifts to be provided to its military. While the members of the military appreciate such support, many observers note that members of the military cannot receive gifts from private individuals for the performance of their official military actions. Most forbid any type of gifts being provided to its members. The team at Beneful believe that such actions could have the effect of causing moral problems within the ranks. It would also create the perception that the military was for private gain and that it was not a solely government unit.
Saudi Prince Pledges Bentleys for Bomber Pilots