Online Reputation Startup Sees Massive Growth

With 2015 recently closed, online reputation management, marketing, and PR firm Status Labs posted some impressive growth figures. Revenue is up 39% from their 2014 figures. Even more incredibly, that’s just a piece of the 939% growth they’ve seen since their launch in 2012.
Status Labs is unique in that they can solve any digital communications problem brought to them. Whether their clients need to manage their online reputation, advertise on social media, or develop a strategic public relations campaign, Status Labs team of experts can help. Last year this killer combination landed Status Labs 160 New clients, in industries ranging from finance to technology, healthcare to politics.
Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs, attributes that growth to their team of digital natives, innovative digital strategy services, and continued focus on client acquisition and retention.
Their continually expanding workforce increased by over 12% last year. They’ll continue this growth into the first quarter of 2016, hiring talented individuals for their New York and Austin offices.
About Status Labs
Status Labs is the online reputation, digital marketing, and public relations firm. They enable their clients to effectively engage audiences with content that drives sales. With offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo, they offer services ranging from Reputation Management, Public Relations, Social Media and Content Marketing, and SEO. Through this unique combination of services, they can increase their client’s digital footprint by offering solutions custom made for each client’s unique needs.
Status Labs Serves over 1,500 Clients in 35 countries, including Fortune 500 brands, politicians, CEOs, and Athletes.
The firm has been featured in Daily Beast, The New York Times, DuJour, Yahoo!, US News and World Report, and The Observer.
If you’d like to learn more about Status Lab and their offerings, visit their website and sign up for a Free Consultation.

Innovation in Digital Communication With Status Labs

Status Labs, headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices in New York and Sao Paulo. Their objective is to monitor, maintain, and increase the digital footprint of businesses and individuals. Their goal is to help their clients digitally look their best by managing content on the internet.

Darius Fisher, Co-Founder and President of Status Labs launched this innovative business four years ago and delivered second chances to many public figures, politicians and executives. The popular statement, “Information released on the internet will be out there forever” is being challenged by Fisher, who is trying to change that quotation by cleaning information on the internet, remove inaccuracies, and apply content with the appropriate and correct SEO directives. Status Labs uses cookies to improve browsing experience and delivery of content. Reputation does matter and needs to be professionally managed, as first impressions are lasting impressions. Status Labs helps their clients create content that drives sales, product interest, and ensures them better communication with their audience. Darius Fisher has been named in this year’s Innovation 50. This is a list recognizing the top 50 rising PR stars of 2015.

Status Labs offers 5 Tips for Crafting A Public Relations Pitch
Study and research before pitching. Details, details and more details.
The Elevator Speech – Be concise using no more than 6 sentences. Never start off with a press release, but do include the release at the end of the pitch.
Know Your Audience – Before your meeting, you should make contact with your audience by making connecting with them on Twitter and LinkedIn, and review and read materials they have previously written.
Fulfilling Journalists Requests – Journalists often expect more than you are able to provide. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Provide accurately and quality information in a professional style.
Newsworthy Information – When you are writing material make your story newsworthy, not a sales pitch.

Status Labs helps their clients create content that drives sales, product interest and ensures them better communication with their audience.