Joseph Bismarck Holds The Magic of Personal Achievement

Curiosity drew my attention to an article on “We Don’t Love These Hogues” and the spiritual leader, Joseph Bismark, in the business world. I asked myself, who is this man? The more I read about him the more impressed I got, then one line stood out for me – it is that our true happiness in life is not found in our physical world and what others see and form as an opinion, it is understanding and focusing on what our talents and strengths are as individuals gains us true identity in the spirit. Joseph respects everyone he meets and interacts with to bring this out in them, and shows them a new way of using their abilities that can elevate them to achieve greater possibilities for themselves.

Our first reaction to change our way of doing something I find is resistance, as we get comfortable doing things our way and hope they will over time catch on. Some are lucky and have a natural knack at doing things there way, but the rest of us we need proof to understand and move forward in a new way. Bismark is one of those with that natural knack of reaching inside to find his spiritual talents, and using that to achieve a one-on-one approach to bring out the same abilities in others who did not have the education background that he lacked to make a global impact in the marketing world. Joseph Bismark is truly a great leader that others should follow.