Glen Wakeman: Sharing the Secrets to Success

LaunchPad Holdings LLC was co-founded by a hardworking American businessman and entrepreneur named Glen Wakeman. It was back in the year 2015 when he thought of establishing his own company which would cater to small business owners. He wanted to mentor these new entrepreneurs and encourage them to strive for greater heights. His skills in mentoring would really help these people, and with the way he speaks with the public, Glen Wakeman is pretty sure that the business owners would do what he would instruct them, and following these instructions religiously would give them a better result.


About the LaunchPad Company

As the chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, it is the responsibility of Glen Wakeman to oversee the success of the company, and how it becomes an instrument for changing the lives of others. His colleagues inside the LaunchPad Holdings LLC have also described how he is constantly asking everyone working for the company to show their respect towards each other and their dedication to help the company grow. Glen Wakeman is also described as someone who possesses great leadership skill, which is rare to find these days. They have also stated that Glen Wakeman is one of a kind, and that they are lucky to have him around the office.

Glen Wakeman, through the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, is also helping a lot of people who have experienced the worst in managing a business. Every year, Glen Wakeman visits several entrepreneurs who have already left their dreams and pursued another career. He would sometimes plead and persuade those who have already done business in the past to reconsider their decisions. According to Glen Wakeman, being a business owner is the best occupation in the world, because there would be no need for them to study based on schedules and other burdens left on the backs of the working class.

Many people who have left their careers being an entrepreneur are somewhat persuaded by the words of Glen Wakeman. Some of them have started to trust LaunchPad Holdings LLC, and they began investing and doing business once again. Glen Wakeman is delighted that he has become a part in the transformation of the lives of other people.



Successful Businessman Sahm Adrangi

Businessman Sahm Adangi Career History & Background

Considering how competitive and demanding the business industry is to all that is in it, it is almost shocking to hear that there are a few success stories such as Sahm Andrangi’s story. As a successful businessman, it took lots of time, money, and sacrifice for Sahm to be where he is today. Having earned a reputation as one of the most highly-regarded professionals in his field, Sahm truly made the most of his career.

As a prominent figurehead in all of business today, Sahm had to endure some of the toughest disadvantages of being a starting businessman. That said, Sahm is as deserving of all of the recognition he receives today. In addition, Sahm has more than outperformed his peers on his way to the top. However, Sahm was able to achieve this by establishing many trusted and honest relationships with professionals along the way. It goes without saying that Sahm has been extremely beneficial to all those he has been in business with or, has had the opportunity to work under. Having said all of that, there are many examples of Sahm that illustrate how good he is at what he does. So, to get a better understanding of how he has managed to make the most of his career, let’s discuss his career in more detail.

More On The Career Of The Accomplished Sahm Adrangi

If we had to describe the career of Sahm in a couple of sentences, we would come to find that no amount of words would do his career justice. In other words, any description of Sahm or his career would be considered an understatement. In reality, Sahm Adrangi is too involved in what he does.

An article by on Sahm Adrangi does a great job explaining this fact. The article goes on to explain how Sahm involvement with the company Eastman Kodak Company, has influenced other professionals working with him. In one way or another, Sahm Adrangi’s efforts in this situation have affected those around him. This just goes to show how amazing Sahm Adrangi is at what he does. All in all, it is worth repeating that Sahm Adrangi is more than deserving of everything he has accomplished in his career.

Lessons on How to make it as a Businesswoman from the Success Story of Susan McGalla

The business industry in virtually every nation across word is dominated by men. Some time back, it was very rare to find a woman engaged in a meaningful business activity let alone competing with her male counterparts in the for the prestigious executive positions in companies and industries. Their roles were confined to just taking care of their families and other household engagements.
In the recent wake of campaigns championing equality, however, a lot of women have thronged institutions of higher learning, acquired certifications, and are now competing, almost equally with men, for leadership positions. These are highly motivated by the achievement of other women that preceded them and contributed marvelously in their respective areas of occupation. One such individual whose achievements in the business industry are a motivation to very many American women is Susan McGalla.
Susan P. McGalla has had a long standing career marked with success of every department and organization she led. Susan McGalla is currently the Director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the founder and Owner of P3 executive consulting, a private consultancy firm for retail and financial investment industries. Susan has also been the CEO of several multinational companies including the West Seal Inc. and the American Eagle Outfitters.
Apart from her many achievements, Susan’s life is nothing extraordinary but typical of any other American woman. Brought up in some little known town in Ohio and went through the normal school like any other American girl. However, what most women should learn from her is that; it is the decision she made in life that have made her the prominent figure she is today. She decided not to just sit around but go out for looking for employment and once she did gave it her all.
Another lesson budding business women should lean if they are to make it in the industry is that corporations and employers are only interested in results. When Susan joined American eagle outfitters, she worked around the clock to improve company sales and even led the introduction of a new brand in the market. This worked out for her; she was promoted to lead the subsidiary and this was a great career head start.
Patience is another virtue that business women should strive to posses if they are to realize their dreams. It took Susan more than eight years working with Joseph Horne Company to build herself working in various low-level marketing and managerial positions before eagle outfitters spotted her. She was patient enough to watch her career grow. She is a lesson that success does not happen overnight, it is cultivated over time. For any aspiring businesswoman, a peep into the life of the success story of Susan McGalla should be motivation enough to wake and start their empire building.