US Calls Out China for Strong-arming American Companies

As trade tensions continue to simmer between the United States and China over tariff threats by both countries, a new controversy is erupting regarding China’s decision to instruct foreign airlines to remove information that insinuates that Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong are not part of their country. Not happy with this perceived act of coercion by China, the White House is publicly speaking out about China’s strong-arming. The issue stems from The Civil Aviation Administration of China recent’s directive to 30 international airlines, including those owned and operated by US companies.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the act “Orwellian nonsense”, stating that China was imposing its Communist views on the rest of the global economy. Chinese government officials consider Taiwan to be a territory, while Macau and Hong Kong are widely recognized as special administrative regions. Sanders and other US officials believe this force of power by China is a reflection of that country’s desire to impress its Communist philosophies on American companies.

This is not the first act of hostile action directed toward US companies by China in relation to this issue. Early this year, China blocked Marriott’s websites and apps in its country for one week after the hotel chain recognized Taiwan, Macau, Tibet, and Hong Kong as individual countries. Delta Airlines also raised the ire of China after it listed Tibet and Taiwan as distinct countries.