The Allure Of AI-Multi-Variate Testing

The fact remains that the allure of mobile marketing is growing. This is because marketers are increasingly looking for multi-variate testing that can help to satisfy the desires of a customer effectively.

Mobile marketing automation is primarily in three areas. This is because people are well aware of how to use their app. This helps them to make decisions that are based on data. Besides, multi-variate testing helps the marketers to get a 360° view of their customer real-time. This will be across various devices, channels as well as geographies.

In this way, marketers are able to construct personalized journeys of their customers. These help in boosting long term engagement with them. This way contextual campaigns are created that are based on customer behavior, location, profile and any other kind of inputs. And all these would be set in real time. All these must have connectivity to CRMs and such other tools. Only then it can be termed as truly multi-variate testing.

This helps in making decisions that are supported by data. This way the right messages reach the right users. In this way, machine learning is being used. This way guess work comes out of testing, and the campaigns become optimized.

Mobile Marketing Automation can be used for re-engagement. It would require making use of good analytics. Next, analysis of the funnel has to be done. Smart segmentation has to be done in order to identify groups. Re-engagement campaigns are being designed to bring those segments back into the fold that may have gone quiet. The campaign has to include CRM data, besides behavioral info, as well as preferences, besides demographics, and so on. This helps to create personalized journeys which are able to convey the message to each customer in the best possible way. This is because each customer is an individual. Once automation is done well, it becomes possible to approach them in that manner.

Next, optimization tools have to be used. These help in testing the marketing campaigns and continuing to improve these.

Campaigning can be transactional. This can be like system messages. Once an action happens, there is a confirmation. Another is contextual campaigning. This helps in creating personalized journeys for customers. This helps to build great communication that is based on variables. Such campaigns do much better as they are personal, relevant as well as contextual. This is where geolocation can help to determine context and make it more relevant.

Handy Will Be Able To Go Further

A lot of companies struggle to find their footing in competitive markets. Therefore, many expected that Handy would struggle when it made its debut. Handy is a home cleaning service and that’s not a new idea by any means. A quick search of the internet or a quick skim through a phone book would turn up many results of companies offering to do the same.

Handy knew it needed to set itself apart from the competition. They’ve been doing quite well at doing that after hitting over one million bookings just this July. Handy is different because it’s a safer alternative to cleaners that you find randomly. Those ones often have horror stories associated with poor cleaning jobs and being scammed out of money. A customer of Handy does not have to worry about that. That’s because everything from finding a cleaner and paying for one is done through Handy’s secure app. The cleaners from Handy are also certified to be safe. They are a team of professionals that have been scrutinized. They’ve all undergone background checks and reference checks. Only those that pass are accepted to the Handy cleaning team.

Of course, Handy can always look for ways to do better. It strives to do that in the competitive market. Handy wants to be the leader when it comes to innovative technology such as this. That’s why the $50 million in funding they’ve received will help them to do more. With this money, Handy will be able to branch out and offer even more services. Right now they offer cleaning, plumbing, and more. With the funding, they can try even more routes to make clients lives easier. Handy will also be able to branch out into more markets! Right now, Handy isn’t available in all of the states. With this money, Handy can test the waters in new markets. Handy will also be able to branch out and go even further internationally! There is such a market for this cleaning service and Handy just needs to get its name out there.

Overall, Handy has been doing great as a company and now they can do even better. This funding will further all the dreams they have as well as improve upon all of the things they’re already doing.

Freedompop: the Future of Wireless?

FreedomPop is a wireless internet service provider that is changing the way people use wireless internet. Many cell phone users and users of other wireless devices use wireless hotspots to access the internet when they are on the go. What Freedompop does is change the way users access those wireless hotspots. Traditionally cafes, restaurants, libraries, schools, and certain business have offered access to their employees, customers, or students that allows them to access these networks with a password or by agreeing to certain terms and conditions.

Instead of giving it’s customers access to a single network in a single place, Freedompop gives it’s users access to a network of hotspots all over the country and the world they can locate with the app available on iTunes and GooglePlay. Freedom pop offers more than just wireless to its customers. They also offer wireless only phones, and a data plan that is cheaper than any other data plan on the market. Freedompop’s pay as you go data plan and wireless only phones have already revolutionized the market. Traditional cell phone networks use cell towers to make calls, but Freedompop’s wireless only plans make and send calls using wireless internet.

The WiFi phones allow users to make calls using Freedompop’s WiFi network, which is much more affordable than traditional cellular service. By using WiFi networks to make calls, subscribers are able to cut their cell phone bills significantly. And because they are subscribers to the WiFi network, they don’t have to log in with a password each time they need move to a new location. Subscribers to the network receive a phone number and are able to make unlimited calls and text messages, and can use an unlimited amount of data as long as they are in range of one of the network’s 10 million wireless hotspots.

The WiFi network is also great for tablet users. Tablet users can also get a phone number and access to the network by becoming subscribers. The service is available through an app that is available for Android devices, and they are working on making an
app for IOS devices which will allow iPhone and iPad users to subscribe to the network.

Freedompop has created an alternative to traditional cellphone service and wireless networks that many customers greatly appreciate. It is the perfect low cost solution for millions of people who have a limited income and are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their cell phone and wireless plans, without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

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