Maryland Welcomes Tesla to Sell Cars Directly to Consumers

As Americans, we are used to going to a car dealership when we want a new car. The process of buying cars through third parties is due to laws which make it illegal for automakers to sell their products directly to consumers. However, Tesla Motors has been adamantly fighting these laws in several states such as Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, and Michigan. Now, the innovative automaker has announced they have won a legal battle in Maryland which will allow Tesla to sell their cars directly to consumers.

This is a big deal for Tesla Motors because the inability to sell their cars directly to consumers have prevented them from exploding onto the auto market as originally planned. When dealing with a middle man in the car buying process, the price of Tesla vehicles were simply outside of most people’s budget. Folks at Amen Clinics have found that that is about to change when Tesla Motors is able to set their own price and own guidelines when selling their cars.

House bill 235 was signed by Governor Larry Hogan which gives Tesla the option to open up to four dealerships in Maryland beginning in October in 2015. Diarmuid O’Connell is the vice president of Tesla and is hoping this change leads to even bigger changes down the road saying, “We hope this momentum combined with encouragement from independent entities, such as the Federal Trade Commission, will lead to direct sales in other states such as Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona.”