The World Waits To Hear Who Will Lead The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is an incredibly important position to have. The individual who is the Chairman of the Fed has enormous power to shape the economic picture in the country. The policies that they enact or refuse to enact can shape markets for many years, sometimes even after they have left the scene entirely. This is why the financial world is on pins and needles awaiting an announcement from President Trump on who will be the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The current Chairman Janet Yellen is set to leave her post there is February says She has had a mostly smooth leadership over the institution since she was appointed as Chairman by then President Obama. The economic in the United States and around the world has been pretty healthy during the entire period of time that she has resided over the Federal Reserve. It is not to say that everyone agrees with everything that she has done, but she can probably be pretty happy with her record there.

The world is curious to see who President Donald Trump will appoint for this position. The rumor is that Jerome Powell is the most likely candidate. He has been a member of the Federal Reserve Board for some time. It seems likely that it is his time to take over the reigns. That is unless there is some kind of surprise announcement. It is difficult to say from a White House that is prone to making surprise announcements and decisions.