Eric Pulier-The Saint of Sand Hill Road

With his enormous string of successes, Eric Pulier is a hurricane to be reckoned with on the Silicon Valley tech scene. All within the period of 20 years, he has founded or cofounded nearly 16 businesses, in addition to angel investing into a profoundly successful string of startup companies. He has even worked for three of the most cutting edge boutique venture capital firms before he made the very conscious decision to dedicate his entire life to giving back to the world through philanthropy.

Eric is definitely considered to be one of the world’s most successful Silicon Valley investors as he has the uncanny ability to find a very specific, unguarded niche and take it over, then sell the services of his company with a Steve Jobs-like charisma that is only found in the keenest investors. This technique has enabled him to succeed as a tech startup founder, earning him millions of dollars in net worth and respect amongst the community of startup companies that inhabit the world of Silicon Valley.

The time he’s dedicated to the world of venture capital earned his companies and himself hundreds of millions of dollars, causing the smaller boutique firms that he worked for to develop into mega firms seemingly overnight, which was great for him because he owned such a significant share of every venture capital firm that he worked for.

With his profound work ethic as a philanthropist, he is definitely a busy man. Famously, he is a board member for The Painted Turtle, an organization that seeks to emotionally rehabilitate children who are diagnosed as terminally ill via naturesque summer camp activities.

His ability to touch the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with is quite evident in the profound way that the masses tend to respond to his writing. As a writer for the Harvard Crimson as well as frequent guest writer at Forbes Magazine, he has established his ability to provoke thought, feeling and ideas to all who come in contact with his brilliance.

When someone is as brilliant as Eric Pulier is, it is often times difficult for them to accurately convey their feelings because their status and intellect tend to make some uncomfortable. Eric has a way of reaching out to people and making them feel very warm and at home. This is why so many startup company founders and venture capital firms treat Eric Pulier as the go to guy for investment guidance and mentoring on a fairly consistent basis. This excellent set of skills also makes him an excellent public speaker, which he does in his free time, promoting the ideas of freethinking, hard work and philanthropy.

Eric Pulier has quickly revolutionized the world of investing including enterprise software and for this he will obviously be marked down in the history books as one of Sand Hill Road’s most prolific investors.

Dan Newlin Highlights Service And Success

Attorney Dan Newlin is one of those rare people who has proven himself a success in the business world and in the community he works within. Newlin has been a high profile personal injury attorney for a number of years in the Orlando area of Florida and recently expanded his practice to his hometown of Chicago. For Newlin the measure of success is not just measured by the courtroom victories he achieves, but also by the impact he can have on the community around him. The former firefighter has developed a number of charitable projects and foundations in Florida designed to help children in need achieve their dreams irregardless of low incomes or illness.

The Dan Newlin Miracle Project has been one of the top projects the legal expert can rightly feel proud of. In the area of personal injury law Dan Newlin has proved a success, but he has also done his part in inspiring children and young people to fight back against circumstances that leave them in difficult situations. Newlin worked with former World Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield in providing inspiration to a number of young cancer patients from the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital who heard the difficult story of Holyfield’s life and learned how he overcame the poverty of his youth to achieve success.

In his working life Dan Newlin has achieved a high level of success in the way he has moved through different careers, but remained focus on assisting those in need. The career of the attorney began with law enforcement and moved through the fire department before he became a qualified attorney and specialized in personal injury law. Dan Newlin has worked on difficult cases across a wide range of fields, including medical malpractice, personal injury and worker’s compensation. Now able to assist those in need in both Chicago and Florida, Dan Newlin is looking to extend the reach of his practice to help as many people in both communities as possible.

Stock Market Health

It’s probably best to avoid reading news about today’s stock market. With stocks plummeting to all time lows since 2011, the financial experts have been searching for answers as to why such a thing could happen when many believe the economy has been at its strongest. Many point to public fear of the Chinese stock market. with so much focus on the Chinese economy, it’s no wonder fear has arisen with the economy in China stumbling. The Chinese Government is even searching for their own answers as questions are directed toward their way.

The American economy is still strong. The stock market isn’t the only indication of its health. People like Brian Bonar are the indication due to their roles as CEO’s in the companies that make up the stock market. Currently the CEO of TRUCEPT, and has been since 2010, Mr. Bonar also serves multiples roles in various other companies, his most important being TRUCEPT. His business focus has always been targeting a certain audience that best fits his company’s needs. He has grown his businesses this way and has found much success. Mr. Bronar’s based pay is $360,000. This is lower than some other CEO’s of similar companies.

If CEO’s of other companies also used this approach, there may be less volatility with profits, which could mean a stronger economy. I mentioned earlier that the stock market is not a direct indication of the economy’s health, but it is a part of it. If all companies found a specific business plan that helped grown and increase profits, there would be many more successful companies. This would, in turn, lead to more confidence in the stock market. The market is highly based on consumer opinion and confidence. It’s time to restore that.

In order to restore faith in the stock market, businesses need to take a more focused approach to increase faith in the the economy. The business model employed in certain company’s do this and will eventually restore the economy.

Some Art Collectors Need Art Advisors

The 21st century is filled with the creative works of art. Beauty is all around us, but most of us have to be walking in a garden to notice it. But that is not the case with art collectors. They know and appreciate beauty and are willing to pay big bucks to own that beauty. Art has become a solid investment over the last 30 years. Not that art wasn’t worth collecting before that time. But artists like Picasso, Matisse, Peter Max, Paul Harmon and others have changed the direction of art collecting. People collector art now because it speaks to them in colors, form and expression. The old classics were for the educated art collectors that studied the masters and understood their mindset. The new artists, the contemporary artists, appeal to the uneducated art collectors that want to act like educated collectors.

There is nothing wrong with being an uneducated art collector. There is help waiting for those uneducated collectors that are willing to pay for it. A relatively new professional has risen from the art boom and that professional is the art advisor. Art advisors offer their services to anyone willing to pay a commissions on works they purchase under their guidance. Art advisors are easy to find. Art gallery owners act as advisors, and there is usually dozens of art advisors walking around art shows all over the world.

Good art advisors can help people turn their collection into money at some point in time. Hedge fund manager, Adam Sender, did just that with the help of his advisor, Todd Levin. Sender was able to collect more than 800 pieces of expensive art work with Levin’s help. When Sender decided to get out of the hedge fund industry, he wanted to sell some of his art in order to recoup his original investment. What happened next surprised Sender, his wife, and Levin.

When Sender gave Sotheby’s the green light to sell works from his collection, he thought he would get some of his original investment of $20 million back, but the sale exceeded everyone’s expectations. Sender pocketed a cool $70 million from the sale and Levin pick up millions from the transactions. Art advisors like Todd Levin aren’t for every art collector, but some collectors need someone who can help them build a collection that will appreciate while it is showering them with its beauty.

Why Qnet Is So Popular In The Network Marketing Industry

Qnet is one of the most reputable network marketing companies in the industry. Qnet has locations in many parts of the world, with distributors, also known as sales representatives, from all walks of life. The company has an established record of providing top notch products, and consumers who have purchased their products are always posting raving reviews about the company.

Every day many people all over the world go online looking for profitable business opportunities and ways to make money at home. There are many ways to make extra money or earn a full time income, including home based businesses and Internet money making opportunities. One way to earn money or commissions selling products, is network marketing.

Network marketing is a business model that has been in existence for many decades, and many people have achieved great success using this proven marketing model. Network marketing allows individuals who want to achieve financial independence, to start their own business selling a company’s products and services to the end user. As an independent sales representative, you receive a commission when consumers buy a product that you are promoting.

If you are considering joining a network marketing opportunity, look no further than Qnet. Qnet encourages team support, and ensures that their sponsors are able to provide proper guidance to new members. Their training is well structured and allows for convenient interaction among team members. Sponsors are provided with the resources they need to address the needs and concerns of new members, or those in their downline.

When considering a network marketing opportunity or direct sales opportunity, carefully look at what you are promoting. Don’t just rely on how profitable you think the opportunity might be, try to see things from the consumer’s viewpoint. Consider the good reasons to purchase these items.

Finally, it’s important to do your research on the financial stability of your potential company. You need to make sure the company is debt free and is operated by trusted names in the industry. You don’t want to deal with a company that is not reliable or that doesn’t have a good reputation. Also, do thorough research on the company’s compensation plan and business opportunity.

If you want to achieve success and reach your goal in the network marketing industry, you have to know what works and how to go about running this business. Follow the training outlined by the company, and ask your sponsor for help as you learn how they work. Great information like that presented by Qnet in their training program can be extremely helpful. Their training and support can help you reach your goal of financial independence.

The Role Of The US Money Reserve In Personal Financial Planning

The US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of silver gold and platinum coins in the world, and was founded by a group of long time trusted and experienced traders in the gold market. They felt the need to provide their expertise in the market, outstanding customer service and guidance for individuals seeking to purchase precious metals. The group’s trustworthy experience and guidance has attracted to them a clientele of thousands who seek the financial benefits of owning these U.S. Government issued precious coins.

The US Money Reserve has received a triple AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and is certified as a seller of graded U.S. Government gold, platinum and silver coins. They offer the assistance of their senior specialists to their clients to help them research and see the need for gold in their financial portfolio. Specialist assists their clients navigate the choices between gold bullion, gold coins, or a mix of the two.

Specialists in the reserve advise their clients of the role precious metals play in safeguarding the value of money in a declining economy. They teach how platinum, silver and gold have, particularly over the past decade, out performed all other types of assets. Experts have emphasized this fact to the point they predict that not too long from now, the price of gold could reach a record high of over $5,000 per ounce.

More and more investors are now convinced that because of the declining U.S. Dollar as well as the political explosive situations across the world, investing portions of their portfolio in the precious metals, especially gold, is a wise move to make. Whenever the U.S. Dollar weakens, the value of gold experiences record highs such as $1,900 oz, as occurred in 2011 for the first time.

The recent volatility of the stock market, and America’s downgraded credit rating has resulted in record high prices of gold. The lowering of interest rates, unloading of trillions of dollars into the economy, the threat of inflation and the increased prices of goods and services, will send many investors to acquire gold as a way of hedging against inflation.

Brian Bonar Asks How Efficient Is Your Organization?

As the CEO of Trucept Inc., and Delrada Financial Corporation., Brian Bonar helps companies find ways to run more efficiently. “In these economic times,” notes Bonar, “you always have to find ways to give your customers more value for less money.” By analyzing company procedures, Bonar looks for operational inefficiency, and then consults company heads on taking proactive steps toward implementing change.

Brian Bonar is regarded as financial services giant, and has spent over a decade building both Trucept Inc, and Delrada Financial Corporation into a business process outsourcing and financial services superstar. With a standard for excellence, and a penchant for continuous improvement, Bonar is widely seen as the man with the know-how to turn the situation around.

Reshaping a Business

On average, companies can save thousands of dollars every year but owners fail to perfect the process, and ignore all the inefficient time-stealers. Bonar says part of running a business is using instinct and perception, but if you never take proactive steps to identify cost-efficiency, you can’t determine if anything requires correction.

While the process may appear daunting, the tasks are not difficult, and the end result translates into organizational efficiency and most likely profit potential.

Investigate: One way to identify problem areas is to monitor employee performance. Bonar leads owners through the process at Delrada Financial Corp, a leading financial management company that identifies areas of waste in the workplace. Through Delrada, Bonar defines a problem, measures and analyzes it, and finally, shows business owners how to improve it. Bonar adds “Our process is able to quantify why the business is having performance issues, and then comes up with solutions.”

Identify the cause: Once you identify a breakdown in performance or procedures, you can come up with a solution. Consider what the root of the problem could be.

  • The company does not have the right people to do the job
  • The company has the right talent but not in the correct roles

When checking the company’s efficiency you may find the organization can become more profitable and efficient by eliminating roles or restructuring.

Perform regular audits: It’s fairly tempting to fall back into old habits, so to institutionalize the positive changes you’ve made, owners must enforce regular audits. This will build continuous improvement.

Many business owners judge the effectiveness of their organization through their profits, but remember to take a more holistic approach to minimize any internal weaknesses.

Being A Pro Art Collector Like Adam Sender

What defines a great art collector is their wisdom to collect art. This is possible by effectively researching and evaluating a certain piece of art that interests you and the capability to select a particular piece of work with the intention of amassing it with other pieces to form a meaningful collection. Typical art collectors are good at purchasing art on a bit by bit basis but do not have a clear plan for making several acquisitions in the long run or building a collection. For Adam Sender, a prominent art collector who is making history in the art world had no idea that gathering some pieces of art would land him an opportunity to loan the combination to museum shows. He was blank on what his endeavors would grow to in the future.

The 45-year-old started art collecting in the late 1990s when he formed his hedge fund prior to working for Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors LP. He resorted to investing in art for it was the best security he had identified at the moment. His collection has increased over the years and does not only comprise of simple art but rich art that has stood out among millions of others. His secret behind this was buying what he was passionate about, authentic and the best workaround. Despite his love for an excellent piece of work, Sender disclosed that he was unable to purchase the very best of Warhols but has settled for masterpieces by Richard Prince for an estimated $100,000 or $150,000.

Respectable art collectors like Adam Sender are not afraid to express themselves even when it might bring negative results. He has well documented his fine art in the Sender Collection, and this has paid him off well in the markets for older art. The Sender’s contemporary art is currently on view at the Art Basel Miami Beach and more that 400 of his pieces of art are on auction estimated to be worth $70 million. Some years back, he loaned his art to the Guggenheim and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art marking it as a breakthrough in his endeavors since he started off not knowing that he could loan his art to institutions someday in the future. His collection comprises of the best artists who know exactly what art collectors are looking for and among them are Mike Kelley, Matthew Barney, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer. Sender has also had a toll of some artworks by upcoming artists like Diana Al-Hadid, Urs Fischer, Frank Benson and Jim Lambie.

Art collectors like Adam Sender who either do it for investing purposes or for fun love to hob-nob with the best art gallery that offers them priority on what is progressing in the art world. They in turn expect the artists to be elusive in a way that benefits their prominence status as collectors.

Buy Quality Products From Qnet

People strive each day to look and feel better. We all want to get out of bed every single day ready to greet the day head and confident that we can easily meet any challenges that confront us head on without a problem of any kind. People also want to be confident that they are doing all that they can to look as if they are capable of demonstrating leadership qualities to others. The person who can successful demonstrate such qualities both at work and at home is likely to enjoy a great deal of success in life and find it very easy to get what they need and want from each day they have.

A company that fully understands their customer’s needs for such products is a company that likely to thrive in the marketplace and be able to meet any fiscal goals that the company’s founders have for their employees. One such company One such company is Qnet. Qnet sells many kinds of products that can help people look and feel better. They offer many kinds of products that can be used by people who want to look and feel better. Someone can buy their products in order to have cleaner water, purchase items that allow them to be able to accessorize any outfit they have in mind or create dinner party for a group of guests.
Company officials here know full well that their customers want to be able to pick out products that are affordable, easy to use and have been shown to provide proven results in helping people get what they want from life. This is why they have scoured the earth to look for such items from all over the world. The result is that the company can offer their customers products that have been shown to have excellent benefits and provide people with the kind of help they need when they buy such items. Staffers at this company also know that their customers rely on them to help them find items that are new and modern, offering important benefits that are based on the use of modern technology and modern methods.

Fascinating Details About the Success and Effort of Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is among the best professionals in the field of accident and injury law. He is a Florida based attorney, who has been in this industry for over eight years. His great services and skills have been a factor that has helped steer his career forward. His operates a successful law firm and his great dedication has been displayed in many of the cases he has handled successfully. Apart from offering reliable services, Dan Newlin has been honest and all his charges have been fair to all the clients he has worked with.

He began his career at the age of 20 after completing his degree programme at the Florida College of Law. He then joined the government, where he would work at the department of fire in the Florida Police. Dan Newlin is an enthusiastic individual and his efforts while at the force enabled him to rise ranks after managers got impressed with his work. He was appointed to handle criminal law and to head investigative departments since he proved well skilled to deal with groups of professionals. He has maintained work ethics since the time he landed his first position in this career. Working with the police in different departments, Dan Newlin managed to apprehend hundreds of defaulters and justice has been made accessible to many through his efforts.

After several years in the police department, Dan Newlin established his own law firm in a bid to address the many accident and injury cases that have been coming up each day. His management skills and the ability to formulate realistic strategies have enabled him to spot the right professionals to join his firm. He has hired more than 75 employees, who have helped to implement the mission of his firm to ensure all victims are assisted seamlessly to access their rightful compensation. Most of his clients have been motivated by referrals that came as a result of great services that he offered previous clients. He does not allow corrupt individuals to interfere with the process of searching for justice and has been instrumental in ensuring all victims are secured from malpractices that may make it difficult for justice to prevail.

His law firm has hired well accomplished attorney, including retired professionals who have been instrumental in offering solutions to complex cases. Up to today, Dan Newlin’s firm has managed to recover more than $100 million worth of claims that were submitted by different clients. He has always ensured his promise is realized and no delays bar the access to justice. As a result of great services that his law firms has been offering, he has acquired a new office in Chicago, where more clients can access justice and their claims addressed.