Dr. Saad Saad’s Spread of Medical Information

As the school season kicks back into high gear, parents begin to become very concerned for the well being of their child. School is a setting where they have no control over what their child encounters and whom they interact with. As a doctor with over four decades of experience, Dr. Saad Saad fully recognizes the struggles many parents face. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the public sphere about the importance of various medical practices. In a recent Chronicle of the week article, Dr. Saad Saad discusses two issues parents often encounter this time of year.


The first is the medical condition known as a concussion. This can be the result of a child getting hit too hard during a sport, or being rough with their classmates. In either case, it is vital to keep an eye on any signs of damage. The effects can be delayed by several hours, to potentially a few days. Common signs are slurred speech, headaches, and in the worst cases, losing conscious. Teaching the child proper self-discipline can go a long ways in lowering the chances of an incident, in addition to showing simple safety tips. Learn more: http://drsaadsaad.com/


The second medical issue is one all parents are faced with at one point, vaccinations. The medical community widely encourages the use of vaccines, if not out right requiring them for all child. Countless school systems have added rules of ensuring a child is up to date by a certain age. A vaccine is vital because it gives a child a weakened form of a virus for their body to fight off, to build a resistance to any future intrusions. Despite what parents may think, this practice is perfectly safe and helps protect our society against the spread of deadly diseases. Parents should be research this information and be well informed before jumping to conclusions


As a well experienced professional, Dr. Saad Saad has seen it all. He worked in the middle east and in the United States with his doors open to anyone. His philosophy was to treat anybody regardless of their background. He regularly goes around to give the public important medical informational. Dispelling the myths behind vaccinations is one his primary goals.

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