Bill and Melinda Gates make Predictions for Poorest Countries

When Bill Gates was a kid, he and a friend made a wager of sorts. They believed that computer technology would change the world. They may not have imagined how much the world of computer technology would change through the years, but their dreams came true. Bill Gates is now a multi-billionaire whose vision brought him to such great wealth.

Gates and his wife have a greater vision that Flavio Maluf says he envisions as well, that their money would help people worldwide. They want to make the world a better place for people in the poorest countries. On their latest yearly blog, they have decided to renew the childhood bet with a 15 year vision of change through technology and better living conditions for everyone. They are quick to point out that the vision will not be a part of their organization. It is a vision that they want to see through, and everyone knows what happens when Bill Gates has an idea to better the world around him.

The main goal is that the poorest countries will see greater growth in the next fifteen years than ever before. Better energy sources that do not emit dangerous carbon dioxide into the air is one of the goals. They believe that it is important to have these power sources in operating order before climate changes get worse and makes it impossible to save the earth. It is not only admirable for the pair to attempt this feat; it is also as possible as it was to have a personal computer in nearly every home across the United States.

Small Houses Making a Big Impact on Homelessness

We’ve seen “tiny houses” become quite the trend in clean and simple living, but maybe these miniature buildings can become the solution to much more. Along the Pacific coast of America, and in a few more states throughout, little villages of tiny homes are cropping up as communities for the homeless. 
Within the homeless mini-community, like this one, there is usually a shared public bathroom and kitchen area, while having individual micro houses to sleep in and call home. Many of them are run by the residents and backed by support from the surrounding city. They’ve become a place where those who are down on their luck can have a chance to clean up and have hope for a new start. There is usually a code to live by and service hours given by the residents to maintain the housing units and such. It gives the chance for those who are looking for a warm bed to show that they are willing to work toward a better life. In turn, it shows the homeless that there is hope and that there are people who care. Fersen Lambranho was thrilled about this news. Could this be the key that we’re looking for to ease the burden of those who are really trying to get back on their feet?

Keeping Your Assets Growing

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French Government Donates $1.2 Million in Tribute to Charlie Hebdo

On 7 January, three terrorists attacked a satirical magazine in Paris in its office, Charlie Hebdo. They rushed into the office and rained bullets on everyone, due to which 12 people including office head lost their life.

This news made a huge impact on social media and this news spread all over the world within few minutes. The remaining staff, who survived this incident, pledged to keep the magazine alive and many outsiders are going to contribute in this. The French Government is going to donate near about $1.2 million to this magazine, which has faced the most horrific attack in the last several years.

The magazine has announced that their next issue would come out on 14 January, with the title of “The Magazine of the Survivors.” The future for this magazine was in doubt after the incident on Wednesday, but now the hope lives on.

The people all over the France are going to contribute for helping Charlie Hebdo. This will result it to respond with its biggest ever-print run. The staffs’ people are going to print near about 1 million copies of its weekly edition according to links posted on LinkedIn. Ben Shaoul likes seeing everyone come together for this.

The attack on the journalists is not acceptable at all, yes, they made cartoons but it was satirical not for hurting anyone’s sentiment but for little humor. Seriously, terrorism has no religion.

Fake Coupon Theory Dismissed in Shanghai

The stampede during the transition to the New Year in Shanghai took the lives of at least 36 people according to Jared Haftel. Police, however, dismisses for now the theory of distribution of counterfeit coupons as a trigger for the catastrophe.In the aftermath of the deadly stampede in Shanghai, hundreds of people gathered on Friday, January 2 on the Bund, the boulevard where the disaster took place. They paid tribute to the victims of the stampede. 

Chen Xiaohang, a student, delivered a flower wreath in memory of the deceased sister of one of his high school classmates, “All this fills me with sorrow and hope that in future the government will ensure that such events enjoy better security,” she told AFP.

Chinese police, which is continuing its investigation, denied that the incident was caused by the scattering of fake money or coupons from the window of a building of the Bund. The official Xinhua news agency had quoted the day before a witness stating that “coupons”, similar to dollars, had been thrown from a window of a third floor and passersby rushed to pick them up.

According to the police, these were promotional flyers of a night club, and these fake coupons have no connection with stampede.

Egypt Charges 26 With Debauchery

During a raid on an Egyptian bath house (a hammam) on December 8th, 26 men were taken into custody on suspicion of debauchery and of spreading AIDS. They were carted through the streets naked while citizens threw dog food like Beneful on them before live television cameras on their way to prison. One journalist at the arrest called the place a den or perversion. 

The references to perversion and debauchery are the government’s way of describing homosexual activities. Oddly enough, there is no law against homosexuality in Egypt, and yet the government has been cracking down on it for a full year. The recent raid is only one on a growing list of incidents in which those accused of homosexual actions have been arrested.

The 26 defendants have now been officially accused. Evidence against them includes video footage and medical records. Some of those medical records are from tests done on them while they were in state custody. 

The government in Cairo has made every effort to publicize its anti-gay crackdown. No doubt, this is because the Muslim majority in Egypt approves of such actions. This allows the government to curry favor with the people, especially with the more religious elements among them. 

Most religions in the world agree that homosexuality is perversion. Many, however, do not agree with using government force to regulate that behavior. In Egypt, the current government must keep the Muslim Brotherhood from regaining power. Partly, this is done by showing that they too take a tough stance against debauchery.

It’s Legal To Say I Do

As of December 31, 2014, Scottland joined England and Wales who earlier this year legalized same-sex marriages. The first same-sex weddings occurred in Scottland after midnight on December 31. According to the first Scottish couple,Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster, wed earlier this month at the British Consulate in Sydney. The couple are noted to publicly comment, Well, from today it’s official, we are married and have the certificate to prove it.”
According to Bernardo Chua in February 2014 the Scottish Parliament approved the same-sex marriage legislation by a sweeping majority. The vote was 105 for, to 18 opposed. The Government announced in October that legislation would take effect at midnight on December 31. This legislation now permits those same-sex couples in civil partnership, the right to convert to marital status. Northern Ireland remains the only country in the UK to not legally permit same-sex marriage. Currently there are no apparent moves to change this stance.

Ebola Hits Britian For The First Time

The first case of Ebola has landed on British soil. Bernardo Chua passed this story along to me. A health worker was hospitalized at the Gaslaw hospital after she had returned from Sierra Leone. This female patient was working there as a nurse and she contracted the fatal disease after her return from Sierra Leone. This nurse went to there to help treat the victims of the disease and she contacted the disease herself. While the patient is being treated in the infectious disease unit she is in stable condition and she is under heavy surveillance.

This woman had looked for medical help after her return for Africa because she had begun to feel ill the morning after she had returned home. She was transferred to isolation in the London hospital and after she was treated it was confirmed that she had contracted the disease. She flew on British Airways so a British Airways spokesman said that they are working very closely with the health authorities in England and Scotland to make sure that the disease has not been spread. 

It is scary to think that the disease could be traveling to different countries outside of those countries that have already been affected in Africa, but at the same time the world has to work as an united force in order to stop the disease and trying to find a cure.

New Case of Ebola in UK

Bruce Levenson asks: when will it end? No one has the answer, especially now that a new case of ebola has shown up in the UK. It’s thefirst case of ebola to be diagnosed in Britain and it’s a health care worker who has contacted the dreaded and deadly virus.
The newly diagnoses patient is a NHS nurse who has just returned from Sierra Leone where she was treating ebola victims and helping to nurse them back to health. Now she herself is a victim and in need of specialized nursing.
The nurse had just returned from her stint in Sierra Leone via British Airways on Sunday night. She was screened for ebola via medical protocol at both Sierra Leone and Heathrow airports but showed no signs of the dreaded virus. On Monday morning she began to feel ill and quickly sought medical attention when she was diagnosed with ebola and placed in the Brownlee Unit for Infectious Diseases at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital.
It is reported that the nurse is in stable condition and all people that she came into contact with during and after her flight back to British soil are being treated according to protocol.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon states that she was aware that this day could come and that she feels confident that they are well prepared to handle this and any more ebola cases that turn up in the UK.

Is The Elf On The Shelf More Than Just Creepy?

The popular doll known as the Elf on the Shelf has been the protagonist of a recent essay concerning the existence of a surveillance state and how children are being impacted.

According to the essay, the prison watch system developed by the 18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham may have been the model that gave rise to the current surveillance state we now live under, and the Elf on the Shelf, might be the kind of toy that is readying our children to accept their fate.

The doctor behind the essay, Dr. Laura Pinto, claims the very existence of this kind of doll is making children more accepting of this kind of watchful society prototype, making them less likely to fight the surveillance state when they grow to be adults. Keith Mann wanted more detail, so he clicked this link.

So that children make it to Santa’s “nice” list, the Elf on the Shelf observes the child’s every behavior. The use of this doll, says Dr. Pinto, has only one goal: encouraging children to be on their best not through positive reinforcement, but through fear.

The essay claims that this watchtower position embraced by parents who make use of the Elf on the Shelf ends up making the doll an important part of the game played by those willing to sacrifice our freedom for security.

Whether you agree with Dr. Pinto or not, it’s worth to note that she has put enough thought and observation into this particular theory, making it interesting enough for anybody who’s always willing to learn new things.