Seymour Segnit Gained Selling Insights In Early Job at Photo Lab


Before Seymour Segnit was prowling California’s, Silicon Valley and leveraging a $25 million start-up venture, he was a college dropout who was tackling a number of odd jobs as he sought his way in the world.

One of those earing positions was managing a ski resort and also moonlighting as a technician in a photo lab. It was there that Seymour Segnit began to gain key insights into what makes the minds of customers click. He found out that if you went the extra mile to give photographers an extra special deal on photo development work, they appreciated it to a remarkable degree.

Seymour Segnit learned then and there that making a customer say “Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!” not only meant they would be a happy customer but could be converted into repeat buyers.

Seymour Segnit would learn more lessons on selling by taking jobs with major advertising firms, including Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. He later became attuned to public discourse and mass communication by becoming a host for a radio show with British top-rated Capital FM. View Additional Info Here.

Segnit’s numerous jobs across an array of industries prepared him well to enter the realm of start-up entrepreneurs. After jobs in the U.K. and South Africa, he eventually found his way to the United States and Ground Zero of high-tech development, Silicon Valley.

He launched several companies, including SPEEDILICIOUS, a firm that offered a way to make websites work faster. He also got involved in various forms of internet marketing and online advertising. Go Here for related Information.

Seymour Segnit’s current venture is MAGFAST. He predicts it will be his biggest. It’s an all-in-one charging system that can juice up all the devices we use in our lives every day, from smartphones to computer tablets. MAGFAST was launched with a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and has generated unprecedented interest.


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MAGFAST Charger – Speeds That Will Floor You

The notion of utilizing a wireless charger is becoming more and more prevalent in the mobile world. Charging on-the-go is a progressive movement that reduces the need to find a power source or a wall socket. The versatility involved with a wireless charger keeps you moving without having to stop and find a powering source.

MAGFAST Chargers are some of the most compatible devices on the market. With the involvement of many different wireless companies, models are being pumped off the pressing lines at an alarming rate. In order to keep up with the production analytic, you often have to buy a new charger to support your device. With MAGFAST, this practice becomes a thing of the past.

One of the greatest techniques that MAGFAST chargers hold is their ability to power-up any device types. No longer will a user have to search for a charging port that fits the proper USB sizes. The magnetic powering source simply allows the user to place and wait. The charging speeds associated with magnetic chargers decreases overall wait time for a full charge. Get Related Information Here.

This reduction helps to power you up in a short period of time. The wireless capability keeps you grounded wherever you are, making the MAGFAST charging port the perfect fit for anyone leading an on-the-go lifestyle. MAGFAST is owned and operated by Seymour Segnit. See This Article for additional information.

Segnit takes all of the different production models and mirrors their charging ports into a workable force with the MAGFAST charger.

The MAGFAST team explores many different avenues of phones, ensuring that all models are compatible with the device. With the release of new models around the corner, MAGFAST stays ahead of the curve by pre-releasing additions to their chargers that will support new development types. MAGFAST is one of the most revolutionary charging companies on the market today.


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Improve the Brain’s Cognitive State with Prevagen

When it comes to Prevagen, the company has amazed many with how much support they have given our seniors. There are happy, health-driven 90-year olds who are running marathons. We should be inspired by these super-seniors and serve as a reminder that the human body can age well.

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The key to this healthy lifestyle is being active and having balanced nutrition. This is also where Prevagen comes into play because the supplement can help with cognitive function.

An Improved Cognitive State

During a placebo-effect in a controlled clinical study, Prevagen showed to improve some aspects of cognitive function that lasted during the 90-day period study period.

In this trial, one subgroup consisted of adults with mild, age-related cognitive impairment and were given one Prevagen a day for 90 days. During the 90 days, that subgroup showed memory related improvement.

Exercise the Body and Mind

Everywhere you turn or tune into says how much exercising can help you not only physically but also mentally. This is because of the hippocampus that is considered the core of the brain’s learning and memory functions.

This function also links with the cardiovascular system that plays a part in boosting the cognitive function. Comparing this physical exercise with those of children who had 20-minutes of aerobics-style fitness with lessons, showed that their attention span was boosted.

In another controlled trial a look into the effects of daily after-school activities over the course a school year raised attention spans as well.

The only different was that there was minimal effort. Doing just 10 minutes of bouncing two balls gave the same benefit. Another form of activity to help mental as well as physically is dancing once a week for six months.

This is why paired with Prevagen, experts say to join a dance class, take a brisk walk outside, take up swimming, or travel via a bike.

Get Rid of the Stress

A major part of why many do not want to exercise or get out is because of stress. It is a mental thing that many of us have to deal with and the truth is, one way to deal with it is by getting some Vitamin D and working out your limbs.

Think about when stress levels and anxiety are elevated, your body develop tension spots that become sore, heart palpitations are more frequent, and your attention span lasts for a minute.

All of this happens as a part of the “fight or flight” sensory in the body that you can control. Several research studies have proven that a 5-10-minute yoga session has a calming effect on the spirit, mind, and body. In 2010, participants completed eight weeks yoga and meditation sessions on a daily level.

Researchers with Prevagen have discovered that keeping the brain active allows it to build a supply of brain cells and a network of links between them. It may even be possible to grow new brain cells.

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Many experts have considered that the extra academic mental activity may be protecting the brain because of its strengthening components. All of this shows that it’s worth the consideration of taking a nutritional supplement like Prevagen to stimulate and improve your brain, body, and health.

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