Dick DeVos Is A Michigan-Based Businessman Who Cares Deeply About His Nation And Home Town

Dick DeVos now has more than one reason to fly to Washington D.C. In the past, he had flown there because his wife Betsy DeVos worked in Washington as the Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration. A man with a multi-billion dollar fortune leftover from Amway, Dick DeVos has acquired billions of dollars, and he was recently appointed to a Management Advisory Council that works for the FAA.



One of Seven New Members


During the new addition, Dick DeVos became one of seven new members added to the Management Advisory Council. Dick has always had a passion for flight, and they have worked on long-range planning and regulatory matters. This charts a strategic course for the agency. As a member, Dick DeVos will serve under this new system for three years under a term as a volunteer.



What Does He Do Now?


Dick DeVos served as the former president of Amway, which his father Rich DeVos had first founded. However, Dick DeVos now works as the CEO under his own firm, the WindQuest Group. This acts as a holding company that has several big names under it that include:



  • The Stow Company


  • Boxed Water is Better


  • Coppercraft Distillery



Influential Figure


Dick DeVos has always been an influential figure that has played a big role in local politics. In fact, he helped to turn around Gerald R. Ford International Airport and put Grand Rapids back on the map so that they would flourish as a city. During this time, Dick DeVos led a group of business leaders and organized them to convince Southwest Airlines that routes out of the Grand Rapids airport would be in their best interest. This became a big accomplishment for helping the locals because it lowered the cost of air travel and increased the number of passengers.


Jim Gill, the CEO of Ford Airport, has said that Dick DeVos will serve in a tremendous role where he will be in the position to do a lot of good for the world. Dick DeVos has roots that go deep in aviation, and he has a thorough understanding of the field. His leadership skills will also be an incredible asset to this business. Dick has a knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for flying that will serve this industry well and become an invaluable tool through his knowledge and experience.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets; a Mother’s Solution to Teething Problems


One of the toughest periods in parenting is when the baby is in the teething stage. During this time, babies tend to cry more than usual and are sleepless. This is often caused by the discomforts and pain that the child experiences.

When a child is teething, his or her mouth experiences pain brought by cutting teeth. As a result, the kid’s young gums may be sore or bruised on some occasions. This often causes too much discomfort, which the baby communicates through crying.

Teething may also cause a baby to sleep less because he or she is not able to relax. Over the years, there have been several attempts to get a solution for this, but none has been as effective as Hyland’s teething tablets.

Hyland’s teething tablets have been specifically designed to help ease the pain that children going through teething experience. Hyland’s teething tablets are very soft, which means that they dissolve instantly when administered. This enables them to penetrate quickly into the systems to help the child.

Hyland’s teething tablets offer pain relief and calm the areas of the mouth that are causing discomfort to the baby. This helps to relax and calm the baby, allowing him or her to sleep better and stop being restless.

Hyland’s teething tablets have been developed and manufactured by Hyland’s, a company that specializes in homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that uses a tiny amount of natural active ingredients to support the body in fighting illness.

In additional to Hyland’s teething tablets, the company also manufactures other medicines that help in soothing other forms of pain, sleeplessness, and stress issues. Hyland’s was established in 1903 in downtown LA by eight physicians.

Despite Hyland’s humble beginning, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic medicines in North America. In order to make the teething period easier for babies and their parents, Hyland’s recently introduced Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets.

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Agera Energy has Been Working Tirelessly to Provide Affordable Energy to Its Customers

In today’s day and age where renewable and clean energy is considered to be sought after by many, finding affordable solutions that offer its supply seems to be a daunting task.

When a company promises to make renewable energy available at affordable rates, it often has issues in the delivery and reliability aspects. And when the supply is provided without any issues, then the cost factor seems to have a big question mark next to it.

That is where Agera Energy comes in.

With its affordable renewable energy certificates (RECs), the energy supply firm provides pure wind energy to residential and commercial visitors alike. These RECs let the customers enjoy pure wind energy, ensuring that their carbon footprint is lowered down significantly.

But getting these renewable energy solutions doesn’t mean that customers have to pay with an arm and a leg. Instead, Agera Energy ensures that they remain highly affordable and accessible to the everyday consumer in its select service areas. This sets its renewable energy solutions apart from other energy supply companies that break the bank for their customer base.

The affordability doesn’t compromise with the quality either. Customers still receive the same level of tremendous service by highly trained personnel that has made Agera Energy so sought after in the first place. With that, the delivery mechanisms also remain uninterrupted, and come in a timely and quality fashion.

Through these measures, Agera Energy ensures that its services remain competitive, reliable and credible for customers from all walks of life to be able to afford renewable energy services.