With Global Economy Shaken, Smaller Economies Have New Opportunities

While Trump shakes up the global economy, this might be the prime moment for smaller market economies, like that found in the country of Canada, to rebrand themselves as a unique and perfect model for economic growth.


While countries that are home to smaller markets that are very dependent on global trade, President Trump has taken actions against what he deems unfair trade practices and has begun what looks to be a global trade war. This activity makes it difficult for smaller markets, like that of Canada, to plan their course to help their own economy thrive and ensure the welfare of their citizens. This is actually a pivotal moment for these types of economies and rather than hoping this storm passes, they should instead take action to build on this opportunity.


The best thing that can be done in this situation is to play the long game in the global economy. This landscape is ever changing, and it is a prime moment for them to rebrand themselves and build themselves into a brand that offers value and a prosperous future. Now that President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the TPP and is threatening to withdraw from NAFTA, other nations have an opportunity to swoop in and fill a void.


Some nations are dragging their feet under the assumption that this will pass, others are beginning to claim that globalism is dead, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Canada is home to the CETA, Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, which is approved and currently being implemented. It will once again establish the Asia-Europe Silk Road trade route from the past. This type of collaboration is exactly the opportunity that is there for smaller nations looking to make money in the global market. With a big player withdrawing and imposing tariffs, a new player in the game could be just what the market is seeking. For more detailed information on this topic, head to Huffington Post.

Chinese Trade Talks Amidst Revelation of Trump Business Stake

As the United States and China are embroiled in ongoing tension-filled trade talks, the Trump Organization is currently involved in an Indonesian deal with ties to a Chinese developer, raising concerns over conflicts of interest and ethical issues.


The Chinese state-owned and operated construction company, MCC Group, announced last week that it will be developing a new theme park and resort in Lido, Indonesia. The theme park is just a small component of a bigger project with ties to the Trump Organization. The broader MNC Lido City has existing licensing agreements with the Trump Organization, based on an agreement inked in 2015. The partnership specifies that Trump can put his name on the luxury resort and golf course. Although Trump has officially separated himself from the operation of the Trump Organization and its day to day business, he still owns a significant stake in the company.


The news of this association comes on the heels of more drama in the ongoing trade talk between the world’s two largest economies. On Sunday, President Trump tweeted his support to Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese state-controlled phone manufacturer ZTE, stating his intent to help the company get back on its feet by offering help from the US Department of Commerce. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is in D.C. this week to meet with Trump about the threat of sanctions on both sides of the battle. The two are scheduled to talk on Thursday.

China Increases Importation of Russian Soybeans

In the wake of the growing trade dispute with the United States, China has tripled its importation of soybeans from Russia. The United States is currently the largest producer of soybeans in the world, and was a major supplier of soybeans to China in the past. In a report released by the Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia’s agricultural agency, from last July to mid-May, Russia has exported approximately 850,000 metric tons of soybeans to China. This is a marked increase from the 340,000 metric tons of soybeans Russia sold to China in the previous growing season.


Despite the dramatic uptick in Russian soybean exports to the country, economists with the U.S. government estimate that Russian soybeans will account for less than one percent of the 97 million tons of soybeans that China will import this season. Experts also believe that the increase in exports to China will do little to help the Russian soybean industry. Daniil Khotko, an analyst at Moscow’s Agricultural Market Studies, said the agency expects the country’s soybean industry to grow by no more than 20 percent in the next two to three years.


In addition to looking to Russia for soybeans, China has also canceled numerous U.S. shipments due to fears of the impending trade war and have increased scrutiny of American fresh fruit in their ports. Concerns of a trade war come in the wake of President Donald Trump’s proposal to set $150 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. The Chinese government responded by proposing billions of dollars in tariffs on American goods.

Nick Vertucci’s Profound Insights in Real Estate Investing

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the famous NV Real Estate Academy. Having been raised from a very humble background, Nick found his way into the lane of success. His life took a paradigm shift when he celebrated his 18th birthday. This is the time he began his business venture that specialized in selling computer accessories. However, due to the challenges in business, it did not take long before hitting the rock in 2000. However, that did not become the end of his life ventures as he got into other things to keep his financial status growing. That is when he resolved to join a real estate training industry as a student in 2004.

It became the cornerstone of his currently owned academy. Through the training, he learned various topics and approaches, and from this, he received the most significant exposure to real estate investing. Without wasting time, he began practicing it from humble beginnings. He began investing in single-family rentals, buying foreclosures, renting them, rehabbing among other things. The investing became more famous when he started hosting a radio show called The Real Estate Investing Hour. Nick perfected and polished his skills in the investing strategies. That is when he launched deeper by establishing the NVREA in January 2014.

Nick Vertucci released a book that is to offer guidance and mentorship to interested parties. The book is called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” Nick is candid to share his obstacles in a detailed manner, the direction he took, and the principles that relate to real estate investments. Nick is transparent to show how he applied all the principles to be where he concerns financial stability and wealth as well as entrepreneurial freedom. He points out that the major decisions involved come from the ordinary level all the way up.

Through his book, Nick Vertucci defines the significant aspects of correcting previous mistakes and other lessons from the same. Some of these lessons captured in the book include the need for serving clients at all costs and not being at a point of self-service. He outlines how that helps one in achieving the seven figures in the book. The second highlight is how to eliminate fears and change the mindset to make one’s dreams accordingly. Finally, Nick discussed ways of raising the visions higher and how it can positively influence the outcome of your profession. Most recognized business executive and American entrepreneur, Kevin Harrington, has endorsed Nick Vertucci.

Officials Grapple with the Tax Issues Presented by Crypto

If there’s one topic that has captivated the public for over a year now, it’s cryptocurrency. However, the technology is evolving so quickly that many governments are unsure of how to proceed amid the breakneck speed. While Japan has its own official crypto, U.S. regulators and investors have been slower to adapt to a world with cryptocurrency. With big-time investors such as Charlie Munger even going as far as to refer to crypto as “evil,” it would appear that there is some serious work to be done.


With new cryptocurrencies popping up all over the planet on a daily basis, tax professionals the world over are going to need to figure out how to manage their clients’ investments, expectations and payment systems. Indeed, crypto stands poised to take over the world—and businesses should pay careful attention. Even though the whole point of crypto is that it is unregulated, we are seeing more and more regulations pop up on a daily basis—and many in the crypto space believe that this is a very good thing. After all, regulations are a sign that crypto is becoming more mainstream. And the more mainstream it becomes, the faster governments will be able to institute rules that will make it possible to buy a coffee with your crypto. In this new environment, which many have referred to as the gold rush of the twenty-first century, a multitude of people have been able to share in the wealth of these burgeoning economies.

WTO Rules in Favor of US in Airbus Case

The United States scored a win on Tuesday when the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that the European Union (EU) was loose in its compliance to cease subsidies for French aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The US Trade Representative (USTR) was arguing on behalf of US-based Boeing, alleging that many European countries had given government aid totaling $22 billion to Airbus in an effort to help the company’s launch of the A380 and A350 airplanes. The USTR said that the ruling will now open the way for countries to impose tariffs on various EU goods and services.


The long-standing dispute began in 2004 and was thought to be resolved in 2011 when the WTO sided with the US. However, the US complained further alleging that the EU and other countries were still not in compliance with the ruling. This most recent decision again places the blame on the EU and Airbus, saying that the aircraft manufacturer had not fixed the damage done to rival Boeing.


Tuesday’s decision now gives the US authorization to retaliate with sanctions against the offending countries should they choose to do so. The amount of these sanctions will be determined by another forthcoming WTO ruling and could begin as early as 2019. It remains to be seen how this decision will affect relations between the US and other European countries. Tensions between the US and various global economies are already high in light of President Donald Trump’s intention to impose a myriad of tariffs on many countries.

US Calls Out China for Strong-arming American Companies

As trade tensions continue to simmer between the United States and China over tariff threats by both countries, a new controversy is erupting regarding China’s decision to instruct foreign airlines to remove information that insinuates that Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong are not part of their country. Not happy with this perceived act of coercion by China, the White House is publicly speaking out about China’s strong-arming. The issue stems from The Civil Aviation Administration of China recent’s directive to 30 international airlines, including those owned and operated by US companies.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the act “Orwellian nonsense”, stating that China was imposing its Communist views on the rest of the global economy. Chinese government officials consider Taiwan to be a territory, while Macau and Hong Kong are widely recognized as special administrative regions. Sanders and other US officials believe this force of power by China is a reflection of that country’s desire to impress its Communist philosophies on American companies.

This is not the first act of hostile action directed toward US companies by China in relation to this issue. Early this year, China blocked Marriott’s websites and apps in its country for one week after the hotel chain recognized Taiwan, Macau, Tibet, and Hong Kong as individual countries. Delta Airlines also raised the ire of China after it listed Tibet and Taiwan as distinct countries.

The Early Career of Cassio Audi

Over the years, rock music has received its fair share of criticism. Besides, there have been questions about the best genre of music. Consequently, people have presented their opinion regarding different sub-genres of rock music. While most of these people can agree that rock music is vehemently overriding the ladder of some of the most emotional music genres, others are of the opinion that rock music is too aggressive for a typical music lover. However, Cassio Audi is of a different view regarding rock music; he found a career platform that led him to the people of Brazil. Here is a short narration of his early life, music career and delving into a career in financial services.

The Beginning of his Career

Cassio Audi was born in Brazil. At a tender age, he developed a particular passion for music. Therefore, he joined a few friends namely; Felipe, Pit, and Andre alongside Yves to form a band called Viper Rock Band. Since 1985 after the formation of the rock band, he spent most of his life initiating viable ideas that would later help him to connect with his fans more naturally. For instance, Cassio Audi chaired the formation of new songs namely; Killera, Nightmare alongside Princess from Hell.

Following his Success

Moreover, Audi assisted in composing the new albums including Soldiers of Sunset, launched in 1987. Over and above, the album was creatively structured to showcase different flavors of rock music. Thereafter, Audi contributed to the composition of Theater of Fate in 1989. Similarly, the album was vastly appreciated by their fans. From that moment onwards, Cassio’s band landed huge record deals inclusive of essential road trips to Europe and America. Other than that, Cassio Audi had strong personal links with his fans. To know more about him click here.

Joining School and the World of Business

Consequently, Audi interacted with them with the intention of understanding their personal lives. For that reason, he quit music to join the University for higher education. Having majored in business administration, he chose to help the people of Brazil with financial management strategies.

How HCR Wealth Advisors Is Able to Help Clients

Being able to work with a professional investment management firm is crucial for when you want and need to make use of this for yourself. If you have investments or finances that need managing, it is always a good idea for you to make use of a firm such as HCR Wealth Advisors. This firm is able to create personalized financial plans for their clients so that they can develop a goal for their needs. You are going to find that it can also help protect your finances in a way that you would not be able to do on your own because of all of the work and knowledge that it takes.

If you would like to learn more about the HCR Wealth Advisors firm and agency as well as what it offers, you can contact them or visit their site. This is a good way for you to get the help and trust that you need with the service that you require. Because of the hardships that a lot of people have concerning all of their finances, it is always a good idea for you to make use of HCR Wealth Advisors and have it working with you right here and now. This professional firm has worked with hundreds of clients who need experts on the different financial problems they are experiencing.

You are going to find that making use of a RIA firm and one that is registered in the investment advisory sector will help your investments go more smoothly. Plus, when you work with a professional agency like HCR Wealth Advisors, the firm can provide a type of protection that would be difficult to guarantee if you were working on the investments on your own. Now is a good time for you to make use of HCE Wealth Advisors’ professional team of experts and see if this is something that is going to help you out when it is most needed. Contact HCR Wealth Advisors to figure out if it is the right fit for you and to know what you should expect when you make use of their team of experts.

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Investment Guru Warren Buffett Thinks The U.S. Economy’s Growth Rate Is Higher Than Two Percent

For the last seven years, the U.S. economy has plugged along at a meager two percent growth rate. When that rate is compared to India’s and China’s economic growth, the U.S. is not even in the ball game. India and China’s economic growth rate is in the six to eight percent category. But the Trump administration thinks maintaining a 2.3 percent rate is good news. But something isn’t adding up, according to some economists. The unemployment rate in the U.S. is 3.9 percent, so more Americans are working, but the GDP output is not increasing. Trump wants a three percent growth rate, and according to investor Warren Buffett, he may already have his three percent economic growth rate.



Mr. Buffet said the economy grew by 2.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017. And he thinks U.S. economic growth now equals or surpasses that growth. But Buffett also said there is no way to tell what the growth percentage is, according to a Reuters article. But the president’s tax cut should help increase economic growth, according to Buffett.



The current 2.3 growth rate that the Commerce Department released last week is not what Trump was expecting. But the president believes his $1.5 trillion income tax package will do the trick once people start spending the money they are getting back from the government. That sounds like it could work if consumers spend the money instead of saving it. But Buffet feels comfortable talking about positive growth even though Trump is on the verge of starting a trade war that could negatively impact U.S. economic growth.