Getting Up Close and Personal with the Billionaire Philanthropist, George Soros

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He grew up at a time when the country was occupied by the Germans and suffered the horror of the Holocaust. Soros ran away to Britain made his way to the London school of economics. He would later become an investor and a very successful hedge fund owner. He made his big break in 1993 and then moved from the UK to the country. He has been operating his businesses from here in New York for the past close to three decades.

There is much more the George Soros than just the track record as an investor. He is one of the most generous philanthropists supporters of an open society. George Soros has given away more than $6 billion to support different charities in the past 30 years. What is even more inspiring is the fact that he has pledged $18 billion of his $25 billion empire to the open society foundations. George has released this money in the hope that it will go a long way in improving the lives of those that need their voices to be heard. It is believed that he will release, even more, money to the charities shortly. This is a man who is interested in leaving a legacy.

Soros, like all other wealthy people who have a keen interest in philanthropy, has always believed in putting his money where his ideas lie. He has supported the Liberals for the past three decades. He believes in the progressive agenda that the party pushes for, and their genuine interest in the welfare of marginalized groups in the society. Soros has always contributed to the campaigns that are put up by different Democratic candidates. He threw his weight behind John Kerry’s run for office because he was dismayed by the humanitarian crisis that Bush created in Afghanistan. He supported Clinton in 2007, and also Obama. Last year he gave more than $25 million to support Clinton’s bid for the White House.

The other causes that he has supported over the years include the Ferguson protests, the push to have a free and democratic environment in Eastern Europe, the push for reforms in the way that the LGBTQ is treated and many others. He has a University named after him in Hungary and has inspired many scholars with his ideas.

Soros believes that the country is not headed in the right direction. There has been a rise in retrogressive groups ideas which seemed to have been buried in the past. Soros believes all this is the effect of Trump being in office. He thinks that even though a Clinton win would have kept America on the right track regarding Democracy, it is still possible to keep the government in check. He hopes that the contributions he has made to the open society foundation will help create a situation where the country will not ultimately go back to the past inequalities and injustices. Soros is looking forward to leaving a legacy in great leadership and charity. and more information click here

New Colors Released For Unicorn Hair Collection

LimeCrime has recently announced that they will be releasing 4 new shades to their Unicorn Hair Collection this Fall. These colors will certainly compliment the season because they will be darker than other colors released in the collection. As with any LimeCrime product, these hair color treatments are vegan and cruelty free. They are a more natural alternative to other hair color options on the market. The new shades that will be released in the Unicorn Hair Collection are as follows: Chestnut, which is a deep maroon color; Sea Witch, which is a mermaid green type color; Charcoal, which is a smoky gray; and Squid, which is a blackish purple. These colors were designed for brunettes and darker haired people. These colors are intense and full coverage.

The Unicorn Hair Collection from Lime Crime is a range of hair color for those that are not afraid of a little (or a lot) color in their life. This semi-permanent hair color fades gradually and gracefully over time. It is specially formulated not to damage your hair. The formula is a vegetable and glycerin based hair dye. This means it does not have the harsher ingredients that most commercial hair dyes have. The color selections are intense and vibrant. And with each season more colors are being released. The formula is also easy to use and to care for. It will also leave your hair feeling super soft and smelling great. It took over 3 years for CEO of Lime Crime to perfect the Unicorn Hair Collection.

Greg Secker, Knowledge to Action group Founder.

On February 18th, 1975, an English business magnate was born in Norfolk. Graduating from the University of Nottingham, Secker undertook a course in the field of agriculture in 1997. At the moment, he is a trade titan, famous entrepreneur, and a great philanthropist. Furthermore, he is an international speaker and father as well.

His working career began at Thomas Cook Financial Services. However, he decided to swap to foreign exchange trade. Embarking virtual Trade Desk (VTD) management, Greg set up the base foundation for the real-time Forex.

Even though VTD was the first online platform to exist, it gained popularity because of its convenience level. Giving access to real-time quotes, VTD allowed trading of large amounts in foreign exchange trade.

The year 2003 saw Greg Secker starting his group called Knowledge to Action. It was composed of four companies. The capital index company was created as a brokerage firm for cities. FX Capital was a company which was set for the management of forex investment service account.

The most significant company in the group was Learn to Trade with its offices located in Sydney, Johannesburg, London, and Manila. Smart Charts was started for efficient provision of new trading technology.

Secker’s philanthropist work is seen through his Greg Secker Foundation. Its a non-profit organization whose aim is to better the lives of people in the entire globe.

The organization is a precise identification of Greg’s passion for positively impacting people’s lives through education, coaching, and support.

In Mellon Financial Corporation, Secker’s career progressed up to the position of the vice president. Brushing shoulders with famous business magnates, he was able to interact with them gaining more skills in the trade industry.

His trading account had experienced rapid growth. The success of his forex trade account resulted in him leaving Mellon Corporation. In his house, Greg set up a floor for his trading venture.

After only three months, the Learn to Trade Company came into existence. Up to now, more than 200,000 people have gained trade education through the company.

When IdeasMench was interviewing him, he emphasized on his provision of education about Forex trade. After learning that the available systems did not offer clients with successful trading abilities, he decided to take action. In the interview, he phrases that greater success is seen in those he has taught rather than those he has not.

Rick Smith Focused on Technological Innovations at Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is one manager who understands the effects of technology innovation on the success of a company. Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and has invested all his energy and the company resources towards technological innovations. Smith, a highly talented business man, has managed to lead Securus to greater heights in the provision of technology materials to prison facilities including the criminal justice system. Securus Technologies was founded in the year 2004 and is headquartered in Dallas Texas. Smith was appointed to the position of CEO in the year 2008 because of his vast experience in technology. Smith ever since joining Securus has initiated the development of more than a hundred innovative products and services to its catalog. Rick Smith is a hands-on manager who perfectly understands his clients and knows what they want. Smith attributes the successes of Securus Technology to the highly experienced team of personnel at Securus. Under Smith leadership, Securus Technology has made huge investments amounting to millions of dollars.

Rick Smith has previously served in various capacities in different companies dealing with finance, technology, and telecommunication including business development. Before Joining Securus Technology, Smith worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc. as a Chief Financial Officer. Smith because of his focus and determination was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer in 1999, and by the year 2000, Rick had climbed to the top position of President of the Company. Smith has also spent close to 2decades working at Frontier Corp Company. It is at Frontier that Smith developed financial management skills. Smith while at Frontier Corp served in different capacities which include Chief Information Officer, President of Information Technology and ultimately the Vice President of Financial Management. Smith has also served at Global Crossing North America Inc. as a controller and Chief Information Officer In the year 1998.

Smith is a holder of an Associate Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, Smith attended the State University of New York at Buffalo where he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Smith also holds an MBA from the University of Rochester Simon School.

Richard Blair Fuels Your Journey To Financial Freedom Through Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions Inc. empowers clients to develop and protect their assets effortlessly. Richard Blair founded the company. It is a registered investment advisor located in Austin, Texas. That is to say that clients can trust the quality of service that the firm offers as well as the legitimacy of their investments.



Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair is committed to providing premier asset management and retirement planning products to suit a diverse range of client requirements. The firm employs three guiding principles in the client engagement process. Firstly, the discovery process enables the client to define their financial roadmap. During this phase, the company examines the client’s strong points, financial objectives, their appetite for risk as well as the growth opportunities available to them.



Secondly, a custom strategy is developed with the client’s goals in mind. This includes both short-term cash goals as well as long-term performance. The plan seeks to maximize the results from the client’s portfolio while reducing exposure to volatility in the markets. Thirdly, the company provides appropriate insurance coverage to the client including healthcare, life insurance, and annuity options.



Richard Blair comes from a teaching family. This in part drives his passion to educate and help families and small businesses in the Austin area. He believes education and awareness drive the confidence that people need to succeed. He launched Wealth Solutions in 1994 to enable clients to achieve financial freedom and grow their retirement kitty. He concentrates on building strong relationships with the local community and clients that encourage open communication. Learn more:



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions holds numerous industry certifications. The SEC as well as FINRA license him. Some of the professional financial certifications include Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist, Retirement Income Certified Professional and the Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, which enables him to focus on estate planning, and succession, trusts as well as wills.



The multiple certifications ensure that Richard Blair adheres to a strict code of conduct and maintains high standards of practice and professionalism in service delivery to the clients. Some of them demand recertification and continuing education, which ensures that he stays on top of the latest trends and policy guidelines in financial advisory.



The company controls over $52 million in client assets. Richard Blair attended the University of Houston ( He has previously served other firms before launching Wealth Solutions. Some of these include United Global Securities, Worldwide Ventures, and Crownbridge Wealth among others.



The World Waits To Hear Who Will Lead The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is an incredibly important position to have. The individual who is the Chairman of the Fed has enormous power to shape the economic picture in the country. The policies that they enact or refuse to enact can shape markets for many years, sometimes even after they have left the scene entirely. This is why the financial world is on pins and needles awaiting an announcement from President Trump on who will be the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The current Chairman Janet Yellen is set to leave her post there is February says She has had a mostly smooth leadership over the institution since she was appointed as Chairman by then President Obama. The economic in the United States and around the world has been pretty healthy during the entire period of time that she has resided over the Federal Reserve. It is not to say that everyone agrees with everything that she has done, but she can probably be pretty happy with her record there.

The world is curious to see who President Donald Trump will appoint for this position. The rumor is that Jerome Powell is the most likely candidate. He has been a member of the Federal Reserve Board for some time. It seems likely that it is his time to take over the reigns. That is unless there is some kind of surprise announcement. It is difficult to say from a White House that is prone to making surprise announcements and decisions.

India Is Slipping On Women’s Economic Equality

A hot topic of discussion in many parts of the world is what certain countries are (or are not) doing for women’s equality in economics. It is so important that many organizations measure how different countries are doing on a number of metrics that measure women’s equality. Sources are now saying that some countries are dropping faster down the rankings than others.

Numerous sources have cited how India has dropped some 21 spots on the rankings list in just one year. The country has managed to close sixty-seven percent of the gender gap on wages, but that is far less than many of its neighbors.

Perhaps the worst news out of the report for women is the fact that it is estimated that it will take about 100 years for the gender gap to be completely closed on wages. That is more than what the estimate was just last year. That is something that has media all throughout the world reporting on this.

Iceland has proven to be a winner when it comes to gender neutrality in the workplace. They have managed to close eighty-eight percent of the gender gap in their country in terms of pay. It makes them top of the charts on this measurement for the ninth year in a row. It is a proud accomplishment for the country. Of course, bare in mind the fact that Iceland is a much smaller country by population than India, so it may be a lot easier to manage to get great things done on a smaller scale like that.

The Gender Gap Just Got Worse In 2017

It was the first time since 2006 that the gender gap between men and women increased throughout the world. Bloomberg news is reporting that the World Economic Forum showed the widening gap this year.

Perhaps the most sobering part of the whole report is the statistic that says that at current rates of development, it will take roughly one-hundred years for women to catch up to men in the four areas of concern that the World Economic Forum looks at. Those being: political empowerment, economic participation, health, and education. These are all areas of human life that make for a happier and healthier existence. Sadly, women have been held back from enjoying these things in many countries.

The United States has not been able to escape criticism in this particular area. It ranks 49th on the list of countries published by the World Economic Forum. The primary reason for such a low ranking being the lack of female leaders in the political sphere.

The economic picture for women is a little brighter in the United States as the gap between men and women has been shrinking, but not as quickly as it has in other countries. This has contributed to the slide in the rankings that the United States has seen regarding women’s equality over the last decade. Just eleven years ago the United States ranked as 23rd on the list. This list is definitely a wake up call to the United States and the world. There is still so much work left to do.

Logan Stout Revolutionizes Nutritional Supplementing Through IDLife

Excess weight increases the chances of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and other health problems. In the United States, the CDC released statistics showing that over 70 percent of men and 60 percent of women are overweight. The sad part is that people see it as an appearance issue rather than a health risk. The truth is that excess weight has a negative impact on one’s life. It may hurt the job, relationships and the regular daily routines.

With the risks associated with excess weight, new products have penetrated the health and wellness industry promising to provide solutions to the health crisis. However, people using these products are left disappointed when the products fail to attain the advertised goals. The increase in these products has pushed the health and wellness industry to a billion dollar mark. The answer to the health matters lies in personalized nutrition. It is, therefore, under the concept of nutritional supplementation that we introduce IDLife.

IDLife is a health and wellness institution that seeks to supply nutritional supplements to clients based on their specific needs. The company acknowledges that we are all different. Therefore, the requirements our bodies demand are unique and hence can’t be supplemented by one product. It is a fact that we are genetically distinct among many other factors. One fits all approach by many companies, therefore, curtails people from achieving the desired results. IDLife comes in by revolutionizing the nutritional concept by customizing nutrition based on the needs of an individual.

Taking into consideration the fact that most supplements don’t work, IDLife has set itself apart from the flock by employing the following strategies;

Changing the Face of the Supplement Market

The truth is that Americans have the desire of getting healthy and losing weight. However, most of them hardly know where to start and get the job well done. IDLife seeks to provide targeted nutrition options to people.

Powerful Executives and Investors

IDLife has the backing of a world-renown executive and a group of investors willing to help people.

Quality Ingredients

The company sources high-quality ingredients to ensure the supplements live up to their name.

Backed by Thorough Research

Studies done are peer-reviewed ensuring they are of superior quality.

We are genetically different. Therefore, our nutritional needs are different. The concept pioneered the development of personalized dietary supplements.

Logan Stout is identified as an entrepreneur, Philanthropist and the founder of IDLife. Additionally, he is a keynote speaker and leadership trainer. Since its foundation in 2014, IDLife has grown exponentially. Logan Stout formed the company with the idea of helping Americans to live long and healthy lives. In 2013, he published Stout Advice and The Secret to Building Yourself with the aim of inspiring readers. Logan is a father of two and lives in Frisco, Texas.

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China Wants To Be A Player In Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has a few different superpowers that are interested in courting it for their own political reasons. In fact, it seems as if the countries of Eastern Europe have become a favorite political pawn between the East and the West of the world as it were. Most of that game has been played between Russia and the United States, but no one should ignore the influence of China in the region at this critical moment.

The investments that China has made in Eastern Europe are small in comparison to what South Korea and Japan put into the region, but China has placed its investments into very specifically political causes within Eastern Europe. They definitely have a strategy when it comes to where their money is going.

Two Chinese government-owned banks have entered into the markets in the Czech Republic, and the government has become a major shareholder in a Czech airline as well. Basically, China is taking steps to shore up its economic and political power in the region slowly but surely.

There have been a number of official state visits by high-ranking Chinese officials in recent years says the Financial Times. Still, a lot of this has gone without notice as so much of the attention to this issue has been focused on what Russia is doing in Eastern Europe. Both developments certainly deserve our full attention, and both will certainly have impacts for some time to come on the power structure in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world.