Newark Receives Help for Summer Employment

Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, has invested a great deal in revitalizing its appeal to businesses in order to provide more employment opportunities to those seeking work and welcoming new companies to the city. As the summer season approaches, Kevin Seawright of the Newark Economic Development Corporation is taking part in this initiative by partnering with NewarkWorks to help young people find work at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

The Summer Youth Employment Plan is the initiative that is looking to pair these young people with paid work for a period of six weeks. Students will be interested in this initiative as statistics show a high correlation of college success for students who have had prior employment experience. On top on the opportunity to earn money and have a degree of social preparedness for college life, students will also receive educational training in financial literacy and management along with seminars on personal empowerment, which is being aided by key Newark figures and installations like Santander Bank and TD Bank.

Seawright has been vocal in his support for such partnerships that aim to export crucial education to students who are taking the early steps into independence and adulthood. Many of these students will be employed for the first time in their lives, and Seawright believes that being educated on how to manage their money will be crucial to managing life in college and later on in life.

Having opened up the application process through the internet, Seawirght has seen an enthusiastic response to the initiative through many interested students looking for work before heading off to college. By streamlining the process, Seawright hopes to best 2015’s number of applicants (3,000) by at least 500.

Kevin Seawight is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The NCEDC’s mission is to better develop Newark’s economy by attracting innovative business that could better benefit New Jersey’s largest city. By forging partnerships with essential Newark businesses, Seawright has personally taken part in attracting business talents to New Jersey.

Before coming to work for the NCEDC, Seawright worked as Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for Maryland’s Departments of Recreation and Parks, administering more than $50 million in funds taken from numerous governmental organizations. His skills in financial management led to a career in the world of education, where he was charged with budgeting more than $200 million for the construction of schools and the maintenance of local infrastructures, and an additional $600 million for structural development in surrounding areas. Seawright also spent time as the Director of Operations at the Collington Life Care Community, overseeing the care and quality of life of more than 500 residents on the property.

Helane Morrison’s Long And Impressive Career

Helane L. Morrison, Brooklyn-born is General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Hall Capital Partners LLC based in San Francisco. She joined Hall Capital in 2007 because she was impressed with the pioneering spirit of the organization. In this current position, she oversees that state, federal and regulatory guidelines strictly adhere to all for entities that work together with Hall Capital
As a team run by women, they put a high emphasis on flexibility and resiliency were the two main qualities for a woman to succeed in the industry. The employees of Hall Capital are also encouraged to buy shares into the company, which creates a commitment to increase its success and which makes the client happy too. Morrison has taken the diversity push at Hall Capital as a personal motivation to help women become strong leaders in corporate America.

During Ms. Morrison’s tenure on the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission as the regional director for The San Francisco Regional Office, she showed a strong passion for justice and managed many cases that included well-known names such as Hewlett-Packard, Ernst and Young and Google. She handled cases that were involved with stock options backdating, stock manipulation and fraud cases against the elderly.

It’s no surprise why Helena Morrison has received an award on four occasions the title Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector. Ms. Morrison is dedicated, assertive and unflappable, a tireless advocate defending her clients and a passion for protecting investors.

Ms. Morrison passion for the environment and animal right makes her a very active member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation. She sits on the board of the hedge fund subcommittee of the American Bar Association. In some circles, she is known as the ‘voice of change’ she has inspired to those who struggle to regain trust in the wake of the economic crisis of 2008 and with the stresses of the impending election.

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The Leading Precious Metals Dealer In America, The U.S. Money Reserve

Investors are getting clever and clever as they face repetitive economic challenges on from time to time. The 2008 economic crisis that led to the fall of investments worldwide and the devaluation of global currencies was a big lesson for the investors. The investors in the market then started to look for alternative safer investment options where they could be sure that economic crisis would not affect their investments in any way. This was when most of the investors in the market went for the precious metals investments.

Investments in gold, silver and platinum coins is not a new thing in America. Most investors who have been on the market for some time have come across precious metals investment plans. In the United States, precious metals investments are mainly handled by the US Money Reserve. This private firm distributes gold, silver and platinum coins offered by the on a contract basis. Going down the history lane, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the longest serving private firms in America.

Philip Diehl, the current president of the U.S Money Reserve, says that before the 2008 crisis most investors had a lot of faith in the normal investments. According to him, the crisis swayed investors confidence largely. Due to this, the investors put their concentration on the more stable and promising investments. Philip Diehl says that all this time the precious metals investment on has been on the market before 2008, most investors cared little of it. But currently its one of the most sought investment options by investors all over the world. Most investors now trust precious metals as the surest way to ensure your investment against the current numerous investment threats. Experts at the U.S. Money Reserve says that the precious metals investments are secure as they remain stable against harsh economic times and even devaluation. Other investment options that include asset and paper money all depreciate and thus investors investments are always at a risk.

According to the U.S.Money Reserve, the firm has been able to make record sales from 2008, the period starting after the crisis. The sales in this period are far much above the firm’s historical sales for over fifty years before the crisis. Philip Diehl, the U.S. Money Reserve president, says that this is a show that investors are considering precious metals as an investment increasingly. The U.S. Money Reserve says that its goal is to provide American investors with good precious metals investment plans and products that will serve them well in future.

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Where’s CCMP Capital Now? Ex-CEO Stephen Murray Deeply Missed!

Private equity powerhouse, CCMP Capital thrives as New York’s premier leader in expansion capital, leveraged buyouts and PE (private equity) fund transactions. It made its official market debut back in 1986. Later, it transitioned into independent trading following its separation from JPMorgan Chase. It’s undergone notable transformations and rebranding since it launched twenty-something years ago. It ranked seventeenth among the largest top-grossing private equity partners in 2007. Today, the billion-dollar-grossing private equity manager still ranks among the investment banking industry’s most prolific heavyweights.

According to financial reports, CCMP Capital has pumped over $12 billion into securing lucrative growth equity and leveraged buyout transactions. A global private equity partner, CCMP Capital now manages franchises worldwide, including regional divisions in Tokyo, Japan, New York, Hong Kong, China and London. It approved leadership restructuring in 2008 where Greg Brenneman took up office as the group’s appointed chair. Formerly, Chemical Venture Partners, as a Chemical Bank brand, the firm operated under this trademark until 1996. With its parent, Chemical Bank acquiring Chase Manhattan, it inherited a new identity, Chase Capital Partners in 1996. Then in 2000, the bank acquired JP Morgan & Co. With this expansion, another rebranding was imminent. Chase Capital Partners assumed the new trademark JPMorgan Partners. The firm managed the following umbrella-private equity corporations, Robert Fleming & Co., Manufacturers Hanover, Hambrecht & Quist, JP Morgan & Co. and The Beacon Group. Today, the firm operates under the trademark, CCMP Capital Advisors. It represents the mixed heritage of key private equity franchises, Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital and Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JP Morgan Partners.

Sadly, CCMP Capital lost a key executive and native innovator, Stephen Murray. News on the Fortune of his passing resonated throughout the industry. The former CCMP chief executive/president has been with the group since inception. A prolific philanthropist and seasoned private equity master, Steve Murray piloted CCMP Capital to success. He joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, a native enterprise of the CCMP Capital brand in 1984. He was present during the merger of Chemical Venture Partners and private equity specialist, MH Equity Corporation after Manufacturers Hanover Corp. acquired Chemical Bank in 1991. Murray headed the JP Morgan Partners unit before becoming a co-founding partner of CCMP Capital in 2006. A year later, the board appointed him chief executive.

Murray holds a Boston College Economics degree and an MBA in business administration from the prominent CBS (Columbia Business School). Additionally, he’s cemented his role in various philanthropic endeavors, including the Metro-New York cheaper of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum and the Lower-Fairfield County Food Bank. Murray succeeded Jeff Walker, the group’s founding father and ex-CEO. Amidst portfolio commodities Steve Murray managed are Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Infogroup, Inc., Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, LHP Hospital Group and Jetro JMDH Holdings. With his recent passing, CCMP Capital executives have assigned new managers and the group expressed the deepest sympathy for this misfortune.

White Shark Media: How To Handle Complaints In Your Business

At some point, every company or businessperson has to deal with customer complaints. It is advisable to handle the situation in a professional way. When handled professionally the customer is happy and satisfied and will have confidence in patronizing the business in future. In many cases, the customer will even post testimonial or review about the company’s high quality service. By having a customer post raving reviews about your company you will be able to increase business and establish a positive profile.

White Shark Media is an established company with a high reputation in the industry. As an AdWords agency White Shark Media has clients from all walks of life, ranging from individual clients to corporations and large companies. White Shark Media has a team of qualified marketing and advertising professionals and is well equipped to handle any type of online promotion. The company has developed strategies to help clients achieve a better performing campaign and profit significantly from their investment.

Throughout the years White Shark Media has had clients reaching out to them with compliments, but the company has always done their best to address customer complaints promptly. White Shark Media has also developed a better service that customers appreciate.

White Shark Media understands that the ability to effectively resolve issues or customer complaints creates a great opportunity to turn the unfavorable situation into a beneficial situation. customer complaints takes appropriate steps to ensure that customers’ complaints are resolved. The company makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

The professionals at White Shark Media take customer complaints seriously and strive to respond promptly. They listen carefully to every complaint, and allow the customers to finish. They do not get defensive, and they understand that the customer has a problem that needs to be resolved.

White Shark Media and its staff show that they care and are willing to resolve the issue appropriately. They ask questions politely and show that you are concerned, and then come up with satisfactory solution for the customers.

White Shark Media is a leader in Digital Marketing Agency, catering to small and medium-sized companies. As a provider of effective online marketing services, White Shark Media has numerous clients around the world that utilize the company’s resources and services due to their outstanding customer service.

The professional at White Shark Media have many years of experience in the field and they have the knowledge when it comes to advising and guiding businesses to achieve the best conversion rates for their PPC advertising campaigns. White Shark Media staff reviews complaints and addresses the issues promptly, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Visit White Shark Media’s website to learn more about the company.
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Disasters Avoided By Andy and Tahoe Business Owners

Recently the Reno-Gazette-Journal produced an article about winter resorts and the possibility of an incorporation with Olympic Valley. In between California and Nevada sits Lake Tahoe. Lately, the resorts of Lake Tahoe have suffered due to little cold weather. Fortunately, this year is proving to be better. The cold and wet weather are producing great weather for a perfect snowy terrain. People all over the world enjoy coming to the ski resorts for winter sports. Mother nature is being good to the people of Tahoe by providing the proper weather for a great season of skiing and snowboarding. The local businesses and resorts are very happy.

The individuals that are backing the possible incorporation were hoping to take over the holdings of the Squaw valley. Olympic Valley was lucky to sneak by when people like Andy Wirth got in on the action. Not only did the residents take control but they stopped the possible incorporation before it happened.

A disaster avoided and a new potential for the upcoming year. People that raised the money to stop the incorporation are happy learning that their taxes will not go up like they thought. These residents are happy to know that the transportation departments will be able to clean roads and continue to plow the snow away when it is necessary. When people work together, they can make a difference.

This article goes to show that people can make a difference if they speak out. One man, Andy Wirth is making a difference with the Tahoe area as well as the Reno Airport. Wirth is now acting Chairman for the airport with high hopes of increasing tourism to the area. He along with others are creating marketing ideas to help increase travelers to the area. The hope is that people will visit more often and will plan on visiting places like the casinos and the ski resorts.

Andy Wirth and others are hoping for a great tourist season in both Reno and California areas of Lake Tahoe. Not only can people come to enjoy the ski slopes, but they can enjoy the resorts as well. People that come to the area are looking forward to hitting the slopes and winning a fortune in the gambling resorts. It sure is great when everyone pitches in for a good cause as saving their lifestyles.

Charles Koch and the Myths that Surround Him

Charles Koch was born on November 1st, 1935. He has survived WWII, and the latter half of the Great Depression. Charles Koch and his brother, David, run Koch Industries. After inheriting the business from their father, who kept it strictly involved in oil, the brothers decided to expand the company’s horizons. Now, they have holds on the Dixie Cup, Quilted Northern, and Lyrca.

Charles Koch has now expanded his influence beyond the products that are bought on a day to day basis. Since 2003, he has spread his influence through the world of American politics. This is already a very hard thing to navigate, since it seems like the only people who have any influence have the money.

This network that he has set up has come under fire recently from the media. When once they were able to operate in the shadows, now they must live with the media’s ability to make rumors spread like wildfire. No one is truly free from this, no matter how much good they are doing.

One such rumor is that the Koch network operates completely separately of the Republican GOP. Along those same lines, the media also believes the network is meant to work like an entirely separate third party. This is not true. For that much influence to be given to one network, the network has to be a parasite. A parasite is any creature that cannot survive without a host.

Without the GOP, there is no Koch network. That is a very bad thing for the Republicans, since many are now agreeing with the extreme stances that the Koch family is trying to push through. They want to cut back government involvement in day to day activities of the American people.

Another thing on their agenda is to block or destroy any environmental protective measures. As mentioned earlier, Charles Koch is well known for their work in the oil industry. When measures are taken to protect the environment, it makes it harder for the Koch family to do their work.

However, with all the money the network gathers, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are many who are receiving that money. What shouldn’t surprise anyone, as well, is that the money is given out in small amounts, and is usually a one time thing.

No matter what the Koch network does, its influence sure won’t go away any time soon.

New College Options For Students At Uncommon Charter

Keith Mann is a philanthropist and a highly respected businessman. He has been working at finding executives for various companies for over a decade. The company that he founded, Dynamics Search Partners, was started in 2001. For that year, the company was solely concentrating on identifying executives for companies in every industry. In 2002, Mann thought it might be a good idea to narrow their client base. He saw a big opening in private equity and hedge funds. Keith Mann realized that there was not anyone else that was helping these firms to identify potential executives.

Keith Mann jumped into this and in the past 15 years, DSP has successfully match 2 thousand individuals to firms. They are also known for having one of the largest databases of executives and firms in the world. Because of this list, DSP is able to operate globally and currently they are concentrating on North America, Asia and Europe.

Keith Mann has also been heavily involved in philanthropy and advocated for better educational opportunities, especially for low income students. This is one reason that Mann chose to get involved at Uncommon Charter High School, according to Business Wire. Keith Mann decided to start a scholarship fund at the low income school so that at least one student would have the funds that they needed in order to get a 4 year college degree.

The Scholarship is for 5 thousand dollars and any graduating senior is allowed to apply. The application requires a 1 thousand word essay that explains how a college degree would allow them to achieve their future professional goals.

The article from Business Wire explains that the goal of Uncommon Charter schools is to allow low income students to have the same level of education has high income students. They believe strongly that this will change the dynamics of poverty and race and it will also allow people to escape the claws the teeth of poverty and crime. The Uncommon School system now has 44 charter public schools in the northeastern United States area.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel launches a GoFundMe campaign for the charity organization Operation Smile

As a practicing dentist from Old Bridge, New Jersey, Avi Weisfogel has always had a passion for oral health education. Son of a cardiologist, he has lived in New Jersey his whole life with his wife and six children.

While New Jersey dentists are required to take 40 hours of continuing education every other year, Avi Weisfogel has made a point of always being at the cutting edge of dental treatments and procedures.

“If there’s a better way to do a root canal, I’m gonna learn how to do it. If there’s a better way to place implants I’m gonna learn how to do it,” Dr. Weisfogel said.

Avi Weisfogel’s experience as a father has also leant a deep concern of the well-being of children. As he sees it, it’s our responsibility to see that all children receive proper care as if they were our own. Young people need to have hope that their condition will improve.

This is what makes the GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile so important.
Operation Smile focuses on raising awareness and providing care for children suffering with cleft lip and palate deformities. Founded by Bill and Kathy McGee in 1982 after a cleft repair mission in the Philippines, they realized a deep international need for their expertise.

Affecting 1 in 700 babies annually, causes for cleft lip and cleft palate are largely unknown. This is why Operation Smile works so hard to establish chapters and foundations worldwide. They strive to make every country self-sufficient in the field of cleft surgeries, providing care for families and administering educational programs. As of now, they have provided over 200,000 free surgeries and over 3.5 million patient evaluations.

Now with Avi Weisfogel’s support through GoFundMe, the organization will be one step closer to achieving their goals. Check out Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

Video Use Helps Email Marketing Campaigns

Hello Tesla is just one of the many media outlets that have started getting excited about using videos in marketing emails. Their recent article on the subject showed that having a video in an email campaign will increase revenue by 40 percent. These numbers came from a study done by the Relevancy Group. The article went on to explain that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and they do not have the time or the patience to read through all of their emails. It has been shown that videos are the proven method to getting people’s attention.

The study from the Relevancy Group also showed that people will click through to a page with a video 2 to 3 times more than one without. They are also increasing email open rates by 20 percent. And the true beauty behind using a video is that it really doe share a brand’s personality so that customers, donors, partners, consumers, etc. can really get to know the company and what their culture is like.

Talk Fusion is one company that creates video communication solutions for businesses and individuals. Everybody has access to download the video chat application from Talk Fusion for free. It is on all major app stores. However, Talk Fusion also offers extra features like video email, community blog, live meetings and video newsletter. These features are an additional fee but are excellent tools for business use and even for personal use.

Talk Fusion also likes to give back in two ways. The first way it gives back is through the fact that it is a direct selling platform. So for individuals who would like to be there own boss and decided their own hours, this can be a perfect fit for them. It is also possible to win vacations. Talk Fusion also gives back to charity. They are especially involved in various children’s charities, like international orphanages. And because the CEO is very passionate about animal rights, Talk Fusion is very generous with local SPCAs and other animal shelters and care centers.