Igor Cornelsen’s journey to Brazil’s top investment advisor

In an effort to achieve tremendous growth, people often follow the investment path. This is quite a risky path to follow and requires in-depth due diligence before diving in with both feet. If the correct choice is made, high returns are most assured. For this reason, the world boasts of millions of investment managers and advisors. In Brazil, Igor Cornelsen takes the day as one of the most renowned experts in providing investment advice.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil in 1947. He joined the Federal University of Parana to pursue a career in engineering. After two years of study, Igor switched his career and decided to study economics in the same university. He was the best performer in his class due to his excellent skills in calculating rates. After completing his studies, he embarked on his journey in investment as a worker in an investment bank. Since then, Igor Cornelsen has consistently proved beyond doubt that he has the talent right and the right skills required to make an investment successful. This granted him a promotion to join the board of directors of Multibanco in 1974 and later became the Chief Executive Officer of the same company after two years.

Mr Igor Cornelsen worked for multiple companies after Multibanco. This gathered him a lot of much-needed experience. In 1995 he started his own company. He still works in the same company as an investment manager. The experience he gathered working for other companies is a significant contributor to the success of his company today. Focus and commitment are the major factors contributing to his great growth as an investor. According to Igor Cornelsen, creativity and innovative ideas are the two biggest trendsetters in the world of investments. Also, passion is a tool that can be used to achieve greater success as well as develop positive transformations in the investment sector.

Igor Cornelsen: The Revered Investment Banker

An investment professional is an individual who works in the financial industry by offering guidance to clients in return for specific fees when the results are acquired. Often, an investment adviser has some level of authority that allows them to take action on behalf of clients without the need of obtaining formal permission before executing viable action. Nevertheless, the client needs to authorize the investment adviser to take action. For Igor Cornelsen, the world of investment has shaped his career in many ways. As a student in the only institution that offers engineering during his youthful years, Federal University in the county of Parana, Igor Cornelsen dedicated his time to understanding various markets within his scope of the study. He graduated then took a course in economics from the same education center.

That was a life-changing decision that enabled him to practice at Multibanco where he was the CEO. He also served as a board of director in the organization. In 1987, Cornelsen moved to Unibanco, one of the firms that offered investment banking services. He took over new challenges locally and in foreign countries. Today, his career reflects brevity in decision making. He believes that information technology has an impact on investment banking. Over the years, he has shared useful investment decisions with clients. Perhaps one of the most valuable insights he’s given is for people to invest in their youth.

Passive income, as he notes, is the primary objective of many people in the current era. According to Cornelsen, it entails a strategic plan that encourages investors to work less while earning more. It can be obtained in various sectors such as bonds, stocks, and business. The stock market particularly requires a sophisticated strategy when the economy is unstable. Although some of the industries can be pretty risky for an investor, they are also rewarding. Cornelsen advises investors to be cautious.

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