UK Seeking Exemption From US Steel Tariffs

UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox is traveling to the United States and meeting with government and economic officials in an effort to seek exemption from the newly announced US steel and aluminum tariffs. Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump declared that his country will begin imposing a 25% duty on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum with the goal of strengthening and protecting the internal US production of those materials. Trump believes that the US production of steel and aluminum has suffered due to unfair trade regulations and his objective is to boost the domestic market for these industries.

In a response to these tariffs, the European Union said it will be requesting an exemption of the duties for all of its 28 member countries, including the UK. Many countries, including influential China, have criticized Trump’s new trade plan, which goes into effect in just two weeks. Neighboring nations Mexico and Canada were granted a temporary exemption from the tariffs due to their partnership in the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The US risks alienating many of its most important global allies and these countries have already threatened to bring this matter in front of the World Trade Organization (WTO). On Friday, Trump tweeted an indication that he was willing to work with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to ensure that his country will not be subject to the tariffs.

Trade Expert Addresses the Additional Effects of U.S. Tariffs

The plan by President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on certain imported products has raised concerns beyond the fear that such a policy could increase costs for American businesses and consumers. One economic observer believes that a “trade war” could reduce foreign investments, resulting in even more serious consequences for the U.S. economy.

Susan Aaronson, a professor of international affairs at George Washington University and an expert on trade policy, expressed the belief that such a policy could weaken the image of the United States as a reliable trading partner and thus a good place to make an investment. This is significant when considering that foreign businesses or organizations comprise approximately one-third of the investors in the American stock market. Additionally, about the same number of foreign entities own American treasury bonds, which are used to finance the American government and its many services.

In a theory outlined by Aaronson, foreign investors may turn against the United States for the imposition of tariffs and retaliate by discarding the bonds they have purchased. The result could be a dramatic increase in the cost of borrowing, with the effects falling on the U.S. government, corporations and even American citizens. Learn more about the possible consequences of a “trade war” at

According to Aaronson, the main resistance might come from America’s closest trading partners, including Canada, the European Union and Japan. When recommending the imposition of tariffs, Aaronson said that American leaders should first consider who will benefit and who will be harmed by the policy.

Willis Tower Watson Leadership Transition Announces A New Chief Operating Officer Michael Burwell

Willis Tower Watson (WLTW) is a top global broking, advisory, and solutions firm that assists clients globally to turn their risks into a path for growth. Willis Tower Watson has been in the industry since the year 1828. The firm is proudly composed of over 40,000 employees who serve in over 140 countries. Willis Tower Watson delivers and design solutions that optimize benefits, manage risks, cultivate talents, and spread out the power of capital to strengthen and protect individuals and institutions. The firm’s distinctive perspective allows the company to view vital intercessions between assets, talents, and ideas. The great intercession is the utmost dynamic formula that drives performance in business.


Willis Tower Watson is glad to declare Michael J. Burwell as the Principal Operating Officer. Mr. Burwell will take up the position from his predecessor Roger Millay who will voluntarily retire on 2nd October 2017. Mr. Michael possess 31 years’ experience in providing professional services and financial services from PWC. Mr. Michael Burwell held various leadership positions at PWC as being the Chief Operations Officer, Head of Transactional Services in the U.S, Head of Global Transformation, and Chief Financial Officer. Still, Burwell possess over 11 years in the audit areas and over 12 years’ experience working on pre-merger, valuation, and due diligence.


The Chief Executive Officer of WLTW, John Haley, recently commented on news that they are excited about having Mike in their company’s leadership team. John Haley openly says that the company is in a serious evolution process and Mike will come in handy since he understands well how to manage, lead, and drive excellent results in a complex work environment. John Haley is also confident that Michael’s expertise in transactions, finance, and transformation is best suited to guide Willis Towers Watson to have a robust integrated system and help them in their long-term growth. John Haley is also keen to appreciate the huge contributions made by Rodger as he leaves the company.


Michael Burwell is keen to appreciate the enormous opportunity he has been offered at Willis Towers Watson. Michael notes that he is hugely impressed by the strong leadership, inclusive and collaborative business culture, and the strong commitment to clients at Willis Towers Watson. Michael also says that he looks forward to being part of the success story of Willis Towers Watson.


Michael is a Certified Public Accountant and also holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the Michigan State University in Business Administration.Get More Information Here.

Glen Wakeman: Sharing the Secrets to Success

LaunchPad Holdings LLC was co-founded by a hardworking American businessman and entrepreneur named Glen Wakeman. It was back in the year 2015 when he thought of establishing his own company which would cater to small business owners. He wanted to mentor these new entrepreneurs and encourage them to strive for greater heights. His skills in mentoring would really help these people, and with the way he speaks with the public, Glen Wakeman is pretty sure that the business owners would do what he would instruct them, and following these instructions religiously would give them a better result.


About the LaunchPad Company

As the chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, it is the responsibility of Glen Wakeman to oversee the success of the company, and how it becomes an instrument for changing the lives of others. His colleagues inside the LaunchPad Holdings LLC have also described how he is constantly asking everyone working for the company to show their respect towards each other and their dedication to help the company grow. Glen Wakeman is also described as someone who possesses great leadership skill, which is rare to find these days. They have also stated that Glen Wakeman is one of a kind, and that they are lucky to have him around the office.

Glen Wakeman, through the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, is also helping a lot of people who have experienced the worst in managing a business. Every year, Glen Wakeman visits several entrepreneurs who have already left their dreams and pursued another career. He would sometimes plead and persuade those who have already done business in the past to reconsider their decisions. According to Glen Wakeman, being a business owner is the best occupation in the world, because there would be no need for them to study based on schedules and other burdens left on the backs of the working class.

Many people who have left their careers being an entrepreneur are somewhat persuaded by the words of Glen Wakeman. Some of them have started to trust LaunchPad Holdings LLC, and they began investing and doing business once again. Glen Wakeman is delighted that he has become a part in the transformation of the lives of other people.



Dr. Mark Holterman: Medical Revolutionary

Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical doctor who has made a career of lending his expertise to innovators of medical products and services. After arduous training that began at Yale University, he founded Mariam Global Health. The purpose of his company is to help others turn their concepts into healthcare enterprises. These initiatives are then utilized to benefit and support people around the world.

Autoimmunity and stem cell research are core subjects for Dr. Holterman and his associates (Premiergazette). However, another role of his team at Mariam Global Health is to review the proposals of medical startup companies. The goal is to recognize companies that will best thrive. Subsequently, they are awarded with the funding needed to bring their ideas to fruition. With the help of Dr. Holterman’s company, many businesses discover that they are able to grow much faster and in a shorter length of time.

The relationship between Mariam Global Health does not end with financial assistance. Dr. Holterman also provides decision-making assistance to these startup companies. He has the ability to strategically keep costs at a practical level. Investors that sometimes default on their promised financial support is something that Dr. Holterman is familiar with. Therefore, he has the ability to prepare startup companies for this possibility.

In 1976, Dr. Holterman attended Yale University which is where he began his profession. Four years later, he graduated at the top of his class with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. His education was finalized while attending the University of Virginia where he obtained his Ph.D. and M.D. degrees in Immunology and Medicine. Dr. Holterman went on to complete his residency while at the University of Virginia. His fellowship was later completed in the field of pediatric surgery while at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. Afterwards, Dr. Holterman utilized and sharpened his skills in immunology while at the Clinical Institute of Montreal.

Dr. Mark Holterman is presently a pediatric surgeon at the University of Illinois. He is a renowned medical doctor who has built a life on helping others. His training and expertise have helped many to become successful in business and medicine as a whole.


Chris Linkas and His Success and Passion to Offer Finance Advice for Young Investors

People say that when people win, they have short explanations. When they lose, they have long ones. Good thing there are only short explanations for the success of Chris Linkas, who is right now one of the leading finance leaders in the industry who were able to withstand the challenges of the times. One of these challenges today is how to survive in the investment industry without the risk of complete ruin and failure.


Advantages of Investing While Your Young

The truth of the matter is that investing and earning from it is simple. You just need to put some money into a conservative asset mixed with some aggressive ones and then wait for the time for it to grow. That’s when you can benefit from it when you’re young. You still have a lot of time to grow your money, and take on more risks. You have more time to recover from risks when the money you lose can just be retrieved by time.

There’s also more information today about investing for the younger ones, too. This makes it easy for young ones to get into the habit of investing the right way. With new programs and assets that come up in the economy, the young people can take advantage of them quickly. In the effort to find the right assets and funds that fit one’s needs, Chris Linkas has found it his duty to offer different fund advice and consultancy to a variety of people, including the young ones.


About Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is one of the most outstanding fund management industry leaders in the country. Based in London, he works now for Fortress Investment Group London UK and NY. He’s also been able to be part of European Head of Credit and has proven his worth by being responsible for the operations of various UK-Euro regional investment offices, including in Ireland, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Germany.

Some of the areas of business that Chris Linkas has excelled in include the industry of commercial real estate, renewables, secondary LP interest, leases and corporate securities and loans. It is also the pleasure and fulfillment of Chris Linkas to help people solve their opportunistic debt and equity real estate investments, especially those living in North America.



Industrial Fishing Depleting World Supply

A new study covered by CNBC just announced that industrial fishing has now taken over more than half of the world’s ocean surface. Although fish do not constitute a major part of human diet on the whole, the effect of commercial fishing in new territory has the potential to rapidly deplete ocean resources. Environmentalists see this as serious cause for concern about the health of our world’s oceans and the supply of fish.

In order to combat the potential for over-fishing and the depletion of the global supply of marine resources, some countries, such as China, institute periodic fishing bans for months at a time. Some corrupt companies ignore these bans, which may not be strictly enforced in any event, but this is a step in the right direction to prevent environmental destruction. Other countries have created buffer zones to try to preserve marine biodiversity in areas that are hit hardest by industrial fishing.

Even though it may be alarming that so much of the world’s ocean surface has been taken over by commercial fishing operations, there is still plenty of ocean area left that could be conserved over time. Demand for fish is more cultural and social than it is essential to maintain populations, which means that there is less of a concern that the ocean resources will be used up out of necessity. With the advancement of fishing technology, there is also potential that fishermen and their vessels will leave less pollution in their wake for decades to come.

Dr. Mark Mofid and His Unbeatable Drive To Make Cosmetic Surgery Safer

There are many doctors today that seem to abdicate responsibility when the surgery, implants, and procedures they do for their clients fail. Fortunately, we have people like Mark Mofid who are trying hard to address this concern. He offers all the ideas that could make sure that the implants that doctors make would not be harmful and would not cause more harm than good. Truly, Mark Mofid seems to agree with the fact that doctors should first not harm or in Latin, Primum non nocere.

Safer Implants

There are a lot of changes in the medical environment in San Diego, and one of them would be how plastic surgery is done. Mark Mofid is one of these people, and his interest in making sure that the top plastic surgery operations that the clients from San Diego get are all good quality and safe, and preferably non-invasive. Although these challenges from the synthetic surgery field could prove detrimental to the career of Mark Mofid, he still pushes to make the medical field better by offering safer procedures. Indeed, Dr. Mark Mofid is impressive in the effort he makes in making the cosmetic medical procedures today less risky.

The Training

All these excellent recommendations and efforts of Dr. Mark Mofid are not just things he got from the books. He’s formally and rigorously trained from his education at the Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. With such training, it’s hard to question his expertise, his knowledge of cosmetics surgery and his recommendations on how to deal with the challenges in such medical field.

In an article from The Patch, we can also learn that Dr. Mofid is known to be an industry innovator and he takes risks in making sure that his clients enjoy a safe cosmetic procedure. It’s even accurate to say, according to Patch, that Dr. Mofid is now at the forefront of the cosmetic industry, and he’s still constantly searching for ways to improve the already difficult culture of plastic surgery.

Right now, Dr. Mofid is focusing on gluteal augmentation and improving the procedures involved in this department. With Dr. Mofid’s presence, there’s more to expect in the cosmetic surgery field.


The History of Dr. Shinto

Richard A. Shinto is a well-accomplished man. Better known as Rick Shinto M.D., Dr. Shinto is the current President and CEO of InnovaCare Inc. He’s also the CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans subsidiary in Puerto Rico. He earned this title after making InnovaCare Puerto Rico’s number one provider of healthcare management.


While serving as CEO of InnovaCare Health, he’s also serving as CEO of MMM Healthcare Inc. He has several degrees; one being his medical degree, which he earned from the State University of New York. He also has a Bachelor’s in Sciences and an M.B.A.


Like all medical professionals, Dr. Shinto worked at numerous companies before finally settling at one; or in his case, two. Dr. Shinto’s career began in the early 90s, where he worked at Pulmonary and Internal Medicine. To this day, he’s a practicing pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. He also maintains medical tenure in California.


Eventually, Dr. Shinto set his sights of running companies rather than just working at them. In 1996, he became Corporate VP of Medical Management for MedPartners. He then began serving Chief Medical Officer for a number of companies, including Cal Optima Health Plan and NAMM.


Along with his great accomplishment in Puerto Rico, Dr. Shinto also proved himself to be a brilliant business strategist. In 2004, he acquired MMC Healthcare 27,000 beneficiaries and $166 million revenue. He did this by acquiring First Medical Health Plan’s advantage contracts for the InnovaCare subsidiary. Go Here for additional information.


Unlike other CEOs, Dr. Shinto strategic moves were for the benefit of the company. It wasn’t about making more money or getting his name in the papers. It was about growing the company and expanding the company’s influence.


As mentioned before, Dr. Shinto works at InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare is the leader of healthcare management revision. For years, the healthcare environment has gotten more complicated. Now, with so much focus on healthcare and managed care, companies like InnovaCare are more important than ever. That’s why people like Dr. Shinto are answering the call to action.


Along with Dr. Shinto, InnovaCare believes in putting patients first. When working in the healthcare industry, the patients’ overall health is the most important agenda. That’s why InnovaCare places so much focus on building stronger patient-provider relationships. Using relationships, InnovaCare staff and physician can provide quality medical care.



A Review of Lime Crime’s Diamond Dew Eye Product

If you are a person that loves glitter than there is a product by Lime Crime that you must try. They have a product called Diamond Dew. It is extremely shiny and perfect for all glitter lovers. Here is some information about Diamond Dew, and about the company that makes this wonderful product.

Diamond Dew is a eye shadow topper. This means that it’s glitter that can be applied on your eye lids. You can apply it over eye shadow. You can also wear it alone without any eye shadow. The choice is yours.

There are many different colors that you can choose from. They have blue, pink, brown, white, teal, and many more. Just about anyone will be able to find the perfect color for their eyes.

This company has instructions on their website on how to apply this eye lid topper. You should first get as much as you want on the applicator. Then you apply to the eye. Next you should use your finger to mat down the glitter. This will make it sparkle even more. When you do not want to wear this eye makeup anymore then you should use a makeup remover to take it off.

If you are looking for a great eye shadow to go under this eye lid topper then you should check out the rest of their website. They have several different products that go on the eye that would be perfect under this eye lid topper. You can also apply this eye lid topper to other parts of your body. This includes your cheeks and body.

Lime Crime is a great company. This company is cruelty free. They do not test their makeup on animals, nor do they apply makeup on animals. They are for the fair treatment of all animals big and small. They even have a certification from PETA stating that they are a cruelty free company. They are also a Vegan company. So if you are looking for a great, glittery eye lid topper you should check out this product. You will love all the beautiful glitter.

Find out more about Lime Crime: