Obama Avoids Mentioning His Deficits and Entitlement Reform


Washington, D.C. – Absent from Tuesday night’s State of the Union (SOTU) was any mention of the enormous debt load he has encumbered future generations of Americans. After six years in office, he has created $7.6 trillion in new debt and is expected to pad that figure by an addition $1 trillion before he leaves office in January of 2017. Also, he avoided discussion of entitlement reform of Social Security and Medicare. The latter program has an annual cost of approximately $550 billion with roughly $250 billion of that being in excess of what is raised from the Medicare portion of the payroll or FICA tax.

In fact, the deficits are expected to return to trillion plus annual deficits largely as a result of Medicare’s increasing spending. The GOP pointed out that rather than tackle the issue of balancing the budget, he focused on new tax increases which would be designed to spur additional government spending without regard to the budget shortages the government already incurs.

Some political pundits believe that the administration was trying not to alienate his party. Democrats are loathe to reform entitlements. Given the current GOP control of the House and Senate, the president might be able to reach a historic entitlement reform measure. However, some believe, like voters and other observers such as Marc Sparks,  that he has given up on attempting to achieve that during his lame duck presidency. However, fiscal watchdog groups pointed out that his avoiding the subject will not make the issue go away.